About Moi

A small city girl with big dreams to see the world. And I did. ;)

After completing my 7-month trek from April 2010 to Dec 2010 across Europe, Dominican Republic & Dubai, I'm back home in sunny Singapore. For now.

I love penguins, fashion, travelling, food, ferris wheels, reading, laughing, ballet and good design. And I'm most definitely not ashamed to say I'm Lovin' It - McDonald's my favourite fast food. Also, I have TOO much love for Coke. Full-sugared Cola, not the damned diet ones.

I read mostly children's books. I might just write one someday. Some fine day.

I hate having a wardrobe full of clothes and a cabinet full of shoes but finding nothing to wear to work in the mornings. Ah, such is life.

While in sunny Singapore, I earn my travel fund in the recruitment line working for ermm... the company that powers this blog.

I can be contacted via EmailInstagram; Twitter.