Eat, Party, Love

One of Wynnii's childhood dreams was to travel the world. She went to school, grew up, started a career and got sidetracked.

After taking her solo trip to Australia in May 2009, Wynnii suddenly remembered her forgotten childhood dream. "Whatever happened to me?" she asked.

In April 2010, Wynnii took steps to embark on an epic journey around the world (namely Europe, Dominican Republic and United Arab Emirates) till Dec 2010 when she had to return to Singapore for one of her best friend's wedding. 

"Eat, Party, Love" appeared to a good line to sum up her entire trip. She ate all the yummy food she laid eyes on; she left her footprints on countless dance floors; and she unexpectedly found love in the city of Warszawa. It turned out to be more than the journey she'd envisioned and she couldn't have asked for more. Read about her (mis)adventures here.