Monday, 31 August 2015

Family's Summer Trip to Europe!

So this happened in late July/early Aug...

Anyone who knows me knows I hate planning for travel. Yes, I have been to a few far-flung places but I didn't plan everything meticulously. And my colleague will attest (quite angrily) to a recent incident where a supposed planned trip to Vegas didn't materialised due to my lack of will to plan - I pled not guilty and points the finger to another colleague who needed me to be around in the office.

But I do NOT want to digress.

Since 18 months ago during Chinese New Year, my aunt has been asking if I would visit Chewy in London. I nonchalantly responded "Yes, perhaps with Papa in the Summer".

To which my aunt gleefully replied "I have not been to Europe. Maybe I can go with you?"

"Sure" came the too quick response. I am always all for people to join me on my travels.

Little did I realise that I'll end up planning a family trip for two elderly, two cousins, one cousin's boyfriend and myself. This trip will take us to London, Paris, Marly-le-Roi, Lisbon and Porto. My lack of planning caused us a trip to Iceland but I guessed there is always another time to visit, especially when Chewy gets her other place - hopefully, I won't have to pay for accommodation anymore!

Now, let us take a trip down memory lane on this amazing, surprised-filled family trip...

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