Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Cracked the Writer's Code

I always thought I shouldn't use big words unless I'm a published writer. Yet, I cannot be a published writer unless I use big words.

Well, that's what I'd thought till now.

I think I have cracked the code to this conundrum!

I know a Polish writer who claims he doesn't use big words. I (over)analysed the reasons behind this and realised Polish words (each being 25 characters length at least) ARE all big words. So if I start TRYING to write in Polish, I could and would be a published writer in no time!

So here goes.

To jest pierwsze zdanie mojej pierwszej powieści, i dopóki chcesz przeczytać ostatnie zdanie, będziesz nadal na pierwszym zdaniu.*

P/S: I don't think Google translate does a good job at translating "This is the first sentence of my first novel, and until you'd read the last sentence, you'd be still on the first sentence."

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