Friday, 6 February 2015

10 Years Till Antarctica

While celebrating Faz' birthday with a bunch of wanderlust-ers at Potato Head Folk (yes, the same folks behind Potato Head in Bali!), the topic of travel is bound to come up. 

We spoke about a trip to Antarctica. I was overjoyed! Do you know how many penguins there are over there?

Faz: Okay, let's visit Antarctica in 10 years. 
Wii: Yay! Yes, let's all go! But when exactly?
Faz: 10 years.
Wii: But when within these 10 years?
Faz: In exactly 10 years. I have a baby coming so we can only do it in 10 years .

Oh, he meant 10 years exactly. I guess I have find new travel mates for Antarctica!

Nevertheless, Happy Birthday, Faz! May you have many more awesome birthdays with awesome friends (like us)! ;)

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