Sunday, 16 November 2014

Jac and Kelvin Ties the Knot (and Some Other Tales)

The Event: A Matrimony
The Bride: Jacqueline aka Jac
The Groom: Kelvin
The Bridesmaid: Wynnii

The Day and Day After:
5am Woke up to get ready to go to Jac's house
6.30am Arrived at Jac's house
7.20am Kelvin's groom party arrived at Jac's house for gatecrashing and to pick up bride
9am Arrived at Kelvin's house for couple's tea ceremony for his family
10.30am Went for outdoor photoshoot with the wedding party
1pm Arrived back at Jac's house for couple's tea ceremony for her family
2.45pm Left Jac's house to head over to wedding dinner hotel
3.45pm Checked in on behalf of Ying to take a nap in her room
5.30pm Woke up from nap to get ready to attend couple's wedding solemnisation
6pm Fulfilled unannounced wedding receptionist duties
8pm Started enjoying wedding dinner
8.30pm Took photos with Chantel and Joey (Chantel is three now!)
11pm Friends of newlyweds gathered in bridal suite for more merry making
1.35am Left bridal suite
1.55am Arrived at Pan Pacific hotel to meet friends for a night of dancing @ Bang Bang
5am Got into taxi to make 30km trip to home

May the newlyweds be blessed with many years of blissful and happy moments. 
Happy day all in all! :)

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