Friday, 27 June 2014

Six Six

Six weeks countdown to six week rotation to MTV! I cannot wait to see everyone in MTV and San Francisco. Oh, and the outlet shopping. I am drooling already... Woohoo!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Penguin Pizza @ Ocean Park, Hong Kong

While sorting my Hong Kong travel pics from May, I came across this. I didn't realised the camera was on video mode when I passed the phone to Samantha and this funny moment was captured. 

This is Murphy's law at work!

I did finally get a decent picture with my very own penguin pizza! x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

All of 301 Square Foot of Space

28m2 worth of space furnished dark cherry wood cabinet, marble tabletop and toilet counter top, electronic digital safe, 46” Samsung LED smartTV, mini bar fridge, leather upholstered armchair, vanity light mirror, Grohe bath tap, heated toilet bowl, Japanese electronic bidet

You know what would make this? Another 5-day stay at the Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. 

Rude Shock

When I checked my particulars on the hospital admission slip yesterday, I got the rudest shock yet from my age. Am I really that old?! Usually, it's just stating your DOB so I don't think about the number. I mean I know my age but I didn't think it was that big a number! I honestly didn't expect myself to give myself such a sense of stupefaction. Hey, it's all in the head right!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Only Thing In Common

I love you. You love me.
You asked: What if that’s the only thing we have in common?
I responded: Isn't that enough?

Evidently, not to you.


This was a suggested video after you walked out of the house. I believe in fate. 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Another Pretentious Spot in Singapore!

Lunch at yet another pretentious spot in Singapore. I can just see myself hanging out more often at Sofitel, and the close proximity to the office definitely doesn't hurt!

It was 11.30am when we arrived and I was informed "Let us check the tables" by the waiter. Thing was there was only 2 occupied tables @ Xperience Restaurant. Need to check, yeah right...

Nevertheless, the pork belly and brownie dessert are to die-for and I highly recommend them! 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Date Night

Date night with a nice yummy hammy, pineappley, eggy pizza~

We finally went to Spizza which had eluded us for quite a few months! x

Monday, 9 June 2014

Taylor Swift Paints the Town Red

I missed getting tickets to her 12th June concert (there really wasn't a chance for me to compete with her million fans), and I jumped on a wagon when a friendly invitation came after the announcement for the added 9th June show. As we all already know, I love trashy pop and attending concerts, so this gig is right up my alley.

Funny thing was the moshpit was pretty empty and thus, I see the organisers sending fans into the moshpit 20 min before the show started. If I were younger, I'd jumped at the chance to wave my 10" lightstick in Taylor's face. Yes, the lightsticks were long enough for me to poke her enviously-long legs. But I digress.

I'm sure you'd be able to read a million reviews about the concert so all I wanna say is belting 13 songs and blazing six costume changes within 90-min, Taylor Swift painted the town red and did an amazing job at bringing the house down! 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Lunch with Chantel

My goddaughter is growing up so fast and so happy! The ice cream pancake must be helping!
No pun intended.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Tsukado Nojo Bijin Nabe Dinner

A few colleagues and I went for dinner at Tsukado Nojo for its famous collagen hot pot dinner aka Tsukado Nojo Bijin Nabe (塚田農場 美人鍋) @ Chinatown Point. I haven't even heard about this famous hot pot meal till three weeks ago when my colleague came back from lunch to say she has placed a reservation for 6 of us. I had thought they just wanted to get out of the office to have a nicer lunch (well, nicer than our already very nice office lunch).

When I told Joey a few days ago that I'm going to Tsukado Nojo for dinner and she exclaimed, "Wow! How did you get a reservation?" after telling me that it's usually an hour long wait. I was honestly taken aback and it definitely piqued my attention to the upcoming dinner.

When we arrived at the restaurant, there was no queue and I was suspicious of this long queue I have been informed of. When the collagen pot was served, I didn't know what to make of the pale yellow gelatin-like substance that's piled up in the center. When the gelatin melted slowly to become the soup base, I eagerly await to sink my teeth into the ingredients that was delicately arranged on the pot by the waitress.

Within 30-minutes into the dinner, I saw a snaking queue outside and I was convinced about the insane crowd at this place. This place is so crowded that every table is allowed 45 min dining time and as soon as the 40-min mark is nearing, the waitress comes around to "gently" remind you about the end of this quite wonderful experience. We didn't even have time for desserts!

Oh, and the collagen? I can feel its effects already! ;)