Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dance Moms Gone Wild

Two days ago, I came across Sia's Chandelier music video and was introduced to Maddie Ziegler. I found out that she is a dancer on Dance Moms. Oh gosh, I found my new guilty pleasure! Dance Moms is a reality show about the explosive dynamic relationships between the mums of a group of talent young dancers and the egomaniac dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller. Truth be told, the show is uber ridiculous, controversial, over-the-top and obviously abusive - who shouts at children at the top of their voices constantly and have shouting matches in front of a group of impressionable young girls?!

But I cannot stop watching! Oops!

P/S: I have been reading amazing things about Maddie's dance in the music video online. My personal opinion is that while there is no doubt Maddie is a technically strong and emotionally versatile dancer, I cannot help but being reminded of Ju-on in the video. The way she moves, the way she looks, the way she stares into the camera, the way she crawls, everything...

PPS: It is Mother's Day today. I guess I should be grateful to mum that I was never forced to take dance lessons while I was a child!

Update: Midway through Season 2, I begin to see an emerging pattern - hysterical dance teacher, fighting dance mums, crying little girls and then some trophies. Honestly, it's beginning to get boring and it's within a weekend. Yawns...

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