Saturday, 20 April 2013

Between the Lines

This message received over CS made my day for the right reasons - makes me laugh out loud and confirms (yet again) that most guys are stupid. 


This message is the result of me on a bored evening browsing CS and then I saw your profile, and I had to reach out.

You see, I want to take you out for the first time, and have us make silly conversations just because thats what 2 strangers do, and secretly revel in the fact that I could make you smile. And then a sweet cosy dinner, nothing fancy. Just because I don't wanna impress you that way.

I am self-made man in my mid 20s, well-groomed and well, fit. I'm quite the geek too. One with a healthy disrespect for societal norms.

Having that said, my life is an open book. This is why there between the lines of this email, it really is a proposition for well, casual sex.

If you are able to look past the sheer randomness and forthcomingness of this message, I do mean it, I will love to take you out :)

What do you say? Send over a reply to , since I rarely login to CS.


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