Monday, 18 February 2013

In Five Years

This is funny! And such inspiration for whenever one has an interview. ;)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Grow Old 2013 Series

If anyone thought the epic trip around Zimbabwe and South Africa for my birthday last year was epic, then we'd need a new word that is more epic than epic to describe this year's 3-week birthday trip across Europe, Africa, and UAE. I should be so lucky! :)

Anyone reading this would be proud to know that I bought my air ticket to Paris via Dubai at 5pm on the day before I’m due to leave sunny Singapore. It’s typical of me to buy my air ticket the week before I fly – case in point, I bought my air ticket to Hong Kong on the Tuesday in the same week of Friday when I flew out.

The thing is I know I’m going away. I know what I want to do. I just didn’t get around to purchasing a ticket. I told everyone I’m flying Friday after midnight and I have a decent  ideaof my route – Singapore, Dubai, Paris, Tignes, Oslo, Tromso, Marrakech, Paris, Dubai , Singapore. This time though, it’s partly because of a potential family trip to Taiwan during the first week of Chinese New Year.  However, Daddy’s passport didn’t get renewed in time and thus, I have three weeks in Europe instead of just the originally planned two. But hey, I’m not complaining since I’m paying for a flight ticket to Europe anyway.

I had actually even packed my part of my backpack on Tuesday, knowing that I won’t have enough time on Thursday and I’m flying after work on Friday. I had intended to attend Shaoxiang’s wedding on Friday evening then head to the airport for my 12.30am flight (Saturday) but I figured last minute that I will be spending too little time at the dinner and I would hate to have to lug my backpack all around Singapore. In the end, I changed my flight to a 9.35pm one and was off to the airport I went.

I’ll have something exciting about the flight which I shall not reveal at this point. ;)

Grow Old in France: Paris & Tignes. Business class backpacker on Emirates, Snow everywhere, Real Skiing, Mount Blanc, Paris office with geeky and very nice SWE intern, Raclette, Too much cheese, Ladurée macaron, Being snubbed at Hermes.

Grow Old in Norway: Tromso & Oslo. More snow everywhere, 5-hour wait in the cold, Northern Lights off bucket list, Narnia, Pretty neat library in Tromso,  Amazing Fjord bus ride, Lion Seal scare, SGD10 bus ride in Tromso, Ski simulator in Oslo.

Grow Old in Morocco: Marrakesh. Warm weather - smiles, Tagine, Citron chicken, Dry Medina, Beautiful raid stay, Snow capped Atlas Mountain, Waterfall trekking in heels, Camel Ride, Psy in night club, Haggling at souk, Too much ice cream. 

Grow Old in UAE: Dubai. Always a wild party with Ian in Dubai. Nuff' said.

I grow very old and very happy. :)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Live & Love!

Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovebirds out there!

Live a little, love a lot~ :)