Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dance Again with Jennifer Lopez!

As you may already have guessed after reading the blog for a while, I love the atmosphere of a live event, be it concerts, F1 races, rugby matches, football games, theatre and dance.

So when Jennifer Lopez is having her inaugural concert in Singapore, guess who got all I-can't-wait-to-get-my-hands-on-some-tickets? 

However, it didn't seem like my close friends and colleagues were on the same page as me. When I announced excitedly to everyone that JLo is coming to Singapore, all that I received were disinterested stares. I must have asked at least 20 people if they were interested to go to JLo's concert with me and all I got were "I'm not a fan". Nobody cared for JLo's infamous ass! How is that even remotely possible? Hello, people? I am not a fan too but one would jump at the chance to view that derriere in person, or so one would think! 

When Nadia told me a few days ago that she could get me tickets for $99 (promotional price which I never got to enjoy cos nobody wanted to go with me), I was determined to find that someone who'd go with me. As a last ditch effort, I posted on FB.
This is what happens when you post on social media - nobody treats it seriously. To cut the long story short, I did manage to "convince" three others (namely Winnie, Rudy and Jasper) to go with me. Honestly, $99 is a bargain for an international act like JLo! 

So big day has finally arrived today! It started raining at 6pm this evening and this is a rain or shine event. SAY WHAT?! Yes, it was an outdoor concert like Madonna's and the F1 concerts. As the time approached 7.30pm, I kept saying "The rain will stop. We don't need umbrellas!" But Rudy refused to believe me and I took shelter under the umbrella while waiting in line. I was secretly pleased that I didn't have to brave the rain or my non-waterproof mascara would mean I'd make a bigger entrance than JLo. Haha. In the end, we were handed ponchos (umbrellas not allowed into the premises) and by 8pm, the rain stopped! Woohoo~ 

The not so good news was that the rain made the concert arena muddy and that didn't bore well with my suede leather shoes. In the end, someone (read: me) had the clever idea of me wrapping my shoes with the plastic poncho. Well, since it wasn't raining anymore, I might as well put the poncho to other  and better use - to protected my beloved shoes. I think I made quite a fashion statement in these poncho-wrapped wedges. Marc Jacobs should soooo be stealing this idea for his Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Some other strangers, upon seeing my clever contraption, followed suit. With such superior cognitive ability, I wonder why I haven't already found the cure for cancer. I know right!

If my veteran concert-going experience had taught me anything, it's that ALL concerts always start an hour (or more) later than scheduled. While waiting with a beer in my hand, I was thinking the show better be worth my time. It's a Tuesday night and I have pull myself out of bed to go to work tomorrow...

My oh my, JLo put on a show that exceeded my expectations by a mile! Or many miles, for that matter. She sang, she danced, she shook her booty, she screamed, she laughed, she flirted, she changed many times(!), she talked, and she performed liked how a diva should! I had so much fun grooving to her previous #1 hits that she belted throughout the night and I was surprised by how many of her songs I knew. I am totally impressed! By myself and her.

Sidetrack: So many awesome concerts this year - Jessie J, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry, JLo. Whatever would I have to do next year to fulfil my concert lust? Sidetrack end.

The night concluded with me posting the kind of non-serious stuff which one would post on FB "Dance again with JLo! That's one fine piece of ass! *yumz*— with Winnie Lin and 2 others at The Meadow @ Garden By The Bay." 

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