Monday, 15 October 2012

You Might Have Told Me

You might have told me
You weren't comin' back
Instead of lettin' me believe
I still had a chance

And you might have told me
You found somebody new
Cause it was quite a big surprise
When I saw her and you

You could've mentioned
It was over
You didn't love me
Ain't nothin' colder
Than findin' out the one you need is gone
And now you're sayin'
This conversation
We've had a thousand times
Well I must have lost my mind
Cause I can't get it through my head
But now that I think about it

You might have told me
But like some heartbroke fool
I've conveniently forgotten
The sad and painful truth

And you might have told me
It was gonna to hurt this much
It might be the very reason
I've been so out of touch... out of touch

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