Sunday, 28 October 2012

Ode to Dance! Ode to Love!

"Dance is the language of the soul." - Martha Graham

This year's Da:ns festival pays tribute and delved into the deepest and most intimate aspects of the human heart - love. 

Aspects of Love: An Evening of Ballet (23 Oct)
10 acts. 9 famous love stories. Romeo & Juliet, The Little Mermaid, Don Quixote, Swan Lake, Who Cares?, Manon, Jewels, The Lady of Camellias, Among the Stars. Newly paired dancers from world famous ballet troops. How long did they get to rehearse? Sadly, chemistry is lacking through and through. Dark Little Mermaid - she was going to swallow him whole! Tan Yuan Yuan, Huan Qi - the Chinese have taken center stage. Gents leap and ladies twirl. Conclusion: I prefer full-length stories instead of separated acts. 

Flamenco sin Fronteras by Paco Pena Flamenco Dance Company (28 Oct)
Stereotype - colours, high energy, clappers. This was another kind of journey. Brings one back to time when Spain was a huge influence in South America. No colours on costumes - muted black and white. No distraction! 4 principal dancers - 3 from Spain, 1 from Venezuela - doesn't seem fair a banter, even if it was a friendly one. Ferocity was contagious. Burst button. Pot bellied tucked out shirt. Yellow accent under white dress - love. Solo performer saved the day with his guitar performance when the other were having technical difficulties. I called him the "Guitar Hero". Turkish music makes a delightful change.

Ode to dance! Ode to love!

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