Thursday, 20 September 2012

Some Ups & Downs

This week, I extended three offers and all of them accepted! This brings me a huge step closer to my hiring target for the quarter - I can finally move slightly away from the edge of my seat. A HUGE breath of relief! One more hire and it's bullseye. After that, a trip to NZ might materialise. :)

Speaking of work, I have had three candidates being rejected at final stages of interviews. Given our infamous lengthy recruitment process, it's a miracle as it is that they made it to the final stage. Now, all efforts down the drain. Let's restart the engine and plough through another few hundred resumes in search of that one gem. :(

Collected my F1 tickets finally! I'm not a fan of the race so one might think it's warped that I bought 8 tickets for the event. Well, the Candy Queen aka Katy Perry is lending her sweetness to the event and is performing on Sunday at the race! I cannot wait for her crazy onstage antics to hit our shores. And I would also add dismissively that Jay Chou and Maroon 5 are performing on Fri and Sat. :)

Despite the quirky tapas and cozy decor, a date night at Esquina ended up to be not much of a romantic one, given the prolonged silence and knife-can-slice-it atmosphere. I thanked god for the delicious wine and the very salty foie gras burger - more for the former than the latter. I even forgo dessert. :(

I guess the saying "Life's a roller coaster ride" is true after all. Bring it on.


Jasmin said...

Hi Wii,

First of all, you're freaking hilarious! Love your blog! I found you by googling the following: "noogler to googler" (My boyfriend would call this my 'anal searching skills'.)

Secondly, I'm commenting on this post despite it being almost 3 years late because this is probably my most favourite one. Your 'Bring it on' attitude is inspiring! Also, this post would be the most relevant one for my question - which is:

In the process of 'ploughing' resumes, would it hurt an application if the format of the resume/CV attached is in PNG?

Would really appreciate your answer. I have sent my application on Sunday (and it's Wednesday now) for an Account Manager position in Google Manila. I've been kicking myself for sending my resume in PNG format. :(

Penguin love and thanks,

Penguin Lover said...

Hi Jasmin,
Thanks for writing. We welcome resumes in all format as long as they are legible. Good luck with your job hunt!