Monday, 27 August 2012

Textbook Answers to Recruitment Challenges

When I told the recruiter at FB that one of the biggest challenges the recruitment team will face is countering its bad image in the press. The press is nothing than less critical about every minute change that FB had introduced - the privacy settings, the timeline documenting one's life, among many others. I could feel her rolling her eyes and I can hear her incredulous tone over the phone, expressing her disbelief at me giving an non-textbook answer.

Yes, I could have picked the vast differing cultures in APAC, the need to convince candidates they are making an impact even as one individual in a global company, the rapidly raising salaries in emerging countries, the limited talent pool in emerging countries and the fight among MNCs for this limited pool, the need to manage new hiring managers since most would be new to the culture of FB, and speaking of culture, as with any American MNC, the need to educate our counterparts on how things are done differently in APAC as my need-to-impress answer but I have always depended on non-academia for my education. Note: The last point should only be voiced if one is absolutely sure that he or she had aced the interview, for no American company thinks it needs to be educated by anybody but itself, if at all.

I present to you Newsweek August 13, 2012 edition where on page 17 (second last paragraph of the Newsbeast Tech article), my theory is second by Rob Cox. A tarnished company image does wonders to recruitment. Not.

As I mentioned earlier, Americans don't like to be educated differently. Maybe that's why I'm wasn't made an offer. God forbid if there is a non-Ivy League educated among the preppy-dressed.


Wii: Why do you put up with me?
Des: Because I like you.
Wii: Why do you indulge me?
Des: Because I love you.
Wii: Why do you love me?
Des: Because I owed you in my previous life.

Everyone says "Awwww..."

Monday, 20 August 2012

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Mounting Mount Krakatau

A National Day long weekend getaway saw me hiking Mount Krakatau, snorkelling for the second time in my life, and using the wits to get us a non-stop 2 hour bus journey on one of the public buses. "Tidak berhenti" saved the day. 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

That Ship Has Sailed

A 15-min chat on ping and then it hit you - that ship has sailed.

But wait, doesn't the ship always return to the harbour...?

Monday, 6 August 2012

Clean Bill of Health. For Now. :)

A visit to the doctor last Tuesday has me on my edge waiting for the results for the past week. The four hundred dollar doctor's bill didn't help.

This morning, I decided to bite the bullet and called the clinic to get the test results. If it's bad news I'm getting, I might as well get it fast, get into the OT, get it removed and get it over with - after four surgeries in a year, I'm quite familiar with what to expect by now.

I jumped with joy, quite literally, when I heard the good news over the phone - no surgeries, or at least till the next check-up in Oct! Woohoo~

This clean bill of health is one I'm more than happy to receive! ;)