Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Oh My, Miss Anne Hathaway!

If anyone still thinks The Dark Knight Rises is just another sell-out Hollywood franchise for the masses, still feels that the movie trilogy does no justice to the comic series and still refuses to handover some benjamins to the studios executives' fat wallets, please have that person take a good look at the above picture. I'd even encourage him/her to scrutinize the picture to the last detail.

And if you happen to the that person, you cannot be more wrong than hoping to find weapons of mass destruction (read: oil) in Iraq. The Dark Knight Rises is about actors and actresses pouring their heart, body, soul and sweat into perfecting their craft and making sure that you are entertained for a good 165 min. Now, go watch the movie and ogle at Anne's bounty bountiful acting skills. And you know exactly what I mean.

Oh yes, the cat will get your tongue too. ;)

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