Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I Used To

I used to be overly-excited about writing my travel tales and spilling it all to the unbeknownst stranger who'd have the bad luck (well, life's a box of chocolate) of sitting next/near/behind/in front of/basically within 50 metres of me, and the even worse luck of having to hear inconsequential and non-sequitur tales of my search for penguins, ferris wheels, McDonald's, ballet and the sorts in the far corners of the globe. I mean, whether a place has penguins is seriously one of the factors I take into consideration when I pick a place to visit.

But now, I take off without a bleep on the radar, I go on ferris wheels/foiled attempts to steal penguins/indulge in McDonald's/admire graceful ballet dancers without a bleep on the radar, I step into the different offices to work during the week without a bleep on the radar, I arrive back in Singapore without a bleep on the radar. A usual 9-day trip would go past and it's back to normalcy in sunny ol' Singapore.

Is it my mojo for travelling or writing that I've seem to have lost recently? I mean, do you even know about my trip to Taiwan for its glorious food and gorgeous view from my office at Taipei 101? Or the crazy 26-hour journey to UAE for Madonna's concert?

Update: I have finally written about the trips to Taiwan and UAE! And I use the word "written" very loosely. Haha.

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