Sunday, 27 May 2012

Damn Good Story of My Life

I went flea-market shopping with Chewy yesterday and came across this amazingly gorgeous charm bracelet that aptly depicts the story of my life. The charms are of a camera, a vintage phone, a trolley luggage, Eiffel tower, fries from McDonald's, a globe and a windmill.

As one knows, I go snap-happy with my digital camera with its amazing 16X OPTICAL zoom while globetrotting with a trolley luggage* to faraway lands that I wished I have more time for. Interestingly, both of my previous trips to Europe begin and end with Paris and Amsterdam respectively. My vintage Samsung phone then helps connect me to the people back home while I'm on the road.

And as one may have guessed, all the globetrotting efforts but for the hunt for McDonald's to complete my McJourney! Haha.

I'd say that this is the one charm bracelet that rules them all because it tells a pretty damn good story of my life. ;)

*circumstances do sometimes force me to carry a bagpack but I plead not guilty

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