Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Little Monsters Gaga Over Gaga Monster

Three months after the agonising experience to get my hands on tickets to this long-awaited concert, Lady Gaga has finally landed in Singapore!

Appearing on the stage on a horse (that's what called making an entrance!) to changing costumes almost every song to her very-human confession+chase-you-dreams moment, she definitely put on quite the show!

You can't really see it but Chewy helped Jess and I with our Mickey hair-do.

Madonna's concert in a few days' time! Woohoo~


A surprise delivery to the office from the bf who is far far far far far away in Cyprus, which explains the many xoxoxoxoxo. :)

(And if anyone is curious, the sg-bkk-dxb dictates my journey to catch the Queen of Pop in Abu Dhabi soon!)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Look, Ma! An Android Is On My Phone!

Isn't this the cutest little thing that you can have on your lousiest little phone? I love my new Android toy! :)

Update on 3rd June: Android went missing in less than a week. Waaaaaaaaa! :(

Damn Good Story of My Life

I went flea-market shopping with Chewy yesterday and came across this amazingly gorgeous charm bracelet that aptly depicts the story of my life. The charms are of a camera, a vintage phone, a trolley luggage, Eiffel tower, fries from McDonald's, a globe and a windmill.

As one knows, I go snap-happy with my digital camera with its amazing 16X OPTICAL zoom while globetrotting with a trolley luggage* to faraway lands that I wished I have more time for. Interestingly, both of my previous trips to Europe begin and end with Paris and Amsterdam respectively. My vintage Samsung phone then helps connect me to the people back home while I'm on the road.

And as one may have guessed, all the globetrotting efforts but for the hunt for McDonald's to complete my McJourney! Haha.

I'd say that this is the one charm bracelet that rules them all because it tells a pretty damn good story of my life. ;)

*circumstances do sometimes force me to carry a bagpack but I plead not guilty

Monday, 21 May 2012

After This. I Promise.

I have to stop shopping online. I really do. I promise I will stop after I make these two online purchase. Or four.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Brain Mash Plans Got Mashed

Just when I thought I could I could be turning my brain into mash this Sunday with the 20 episodes of trashy tv, I remember bf and I had a day of comedic theatre, romantic dinner and stayover planned. Yay and nay?

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy Ex-Birthday?

Of course if she's around, we'll be going out for dinner to celebrate her birthday. Happy birthday, or should I say Happy ex-birthday?

Friday, 4 May 2012


OMG! In light of my recent poor health and my subsequent multiple house arrest episodes (which I'm still the female lead of), I have missed my usual Public Holiday travel plans - Good Friday, Labour Day, Vesak Day.

I AM supposed to be making up for my missed McDonald's meal in Hong Kong this very week! Poof goes the roasted pigeon and trip to Disneyland as well! I am not happy with myself.


Update: Annie got some best seats in the house and caught Lady Gaga's concert for only HKD480! Real cost of best seats: HKD1580. I am now angry with myself! :(

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Chewy's Oracle

Chewy: Why are there only three members left in Girl's Generation?
Wii: Chewy, I know you see me as your oracle and answer to all questions you have, but sometimes, the oracle fails too. This is K-pop you are asking me about. My powers doesn't reach that far end of the world. What you should be asking me instead is what has possessed you to be listening to K-pop.
Chewy: ...
Wii: Wait a minute! I think I read somewhere that that it's common for large girl bands in Korea and Japan to form smaller sub-groups, so that they can explore and experiment with different music genres. I think that explains it. So I AM your oracle after all!
Chewy (continued): ...

Men & Shoes = Hard Work. Pun Intended.

Can't agree more! Not that I haven't found a good man, I just haven't found the pair of shoes that look and feel good.

Men & shoes = Hard work, I'd say. ;)

Sidetrack: Happy Labour Day, y'all! If you are a corporate slave like I am, I'm sure you appreciate the day of rest to "celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers". Wikipedia's words, not mine. Yeah, like we need a day to remind us of the work that's going to get piled up today and awaits us tomorrow. Boo.