Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hong Kong and Its Misses

Since Annie is taking forever to load her wedding pics, I'd figured I'm ain't waiting no longer. These happened during the two weekends in HK back in Dec... ;)

I miss HK for...

Its never-ending escalator up mid-levels where I had the best luck of being put up; the crazy mini green bus ride where a 30min journey took only 15; its 6am parties which are followed by 4am parties the next day; the roasted pigeons which eluded me for soooo long; its uninspiring H&M where for once I didn't break the bank despite two visits to the store; its awesome dim sum which I had multiple helpings of without feeling guilty cos they are too darn good; its chilly weather which meant my hair never gets frizzy and my makeup stays on forever; the magnificent view of IFC outside of my 1.5m X 2m puny room; the Hot&Spicy Calbee chips in the now beloved HK Google office; the overpriced crystal floor cable car ride which saw us walking past the 70-min waiting line - best decision money can buy; its 7-eleven stores where you can top up your pre-paid card and octopus card and basically do everything in the world except buy a decent orange juice; its condensed milk covered toasted buns with sugary milk tea; its HKD2.50 famous star ferry ride across the very foggy harbour; the 10-metres apart SASA stores where I bought two combs - a useful and a useless one; its crazy Christmas eve parties where I showed Alex, a MTV Googler, how one should roll on such special days; its horse races on a Wednesday night in Happy Valley which I had to walk around to get to the public entrance - bad bad design; the racks of cheap shoes and the two pairs of green and blue flats which my shoe cabinet has absolutely no space for.

And other random things that happened...
I cannot believe I forgot to eat McDonald's in HK. I walked past it everyday but I favoured dim sum everytime. Ronald's going to be so mad at me. :(

I met a Mongolian on my way to the airport! My first and hopefully, not my last.

How HK airport is named best airport in the world is beyond me. You take one train to arrive at T2, another train to arrive at T1, yet another train to reach your gate which is back at T2. Can someone reassure me the results of the best airport survey is not rigged like our general and presidential elections?

So another trip to HK soon? You betcha!

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