Sunday, 15 January 2012

I Don't Mind Growing Old But I Mind Growing Up!

The early birthday celebration with two cakes in a day! Thanks for the penguin cake, Stalker dear! I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

Party people, if I dare say so myself, I think we have outdone ourselves. We totally owned the dancefloor in Filter! Even though the DJ won't play Britney, we epitomised "Oops, I Did It Again". Britney's spirit flowed in our intoxicated blood. ;)

I'm grateful for this epic day and night with people I love and love me. And I cannot think of a more awesome group to celebrate my birthday with!


Friday, 13 January 2012

Monday, 9 January 2012

No Love For Singapore

Katy Perry is performing in Jakarta and Manila in January 2012!

Jessie J is performing in Petaling Jaya in January 2012!

Why are they not stopping over in Singapore? Why is there no love for Singapore? :(

Misplaced Fear

Chewy: I want to show you this video where this guy placed different food of McDonald's in different jars. All the food, except the fries, rotted! I am not going to eat McDonald's fries anymore.
Wii: Chewy, you have found the elixir for immortality and you are running away from it?
Chewy: You are crazy...

I can't believe this is coming from the girl who has nightmares about sharks after watching the movie Jaws. Best thing is she has just booked us on a shark cage diving tour in Cape Town on my birthday. Talk about misplaced fear.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


As I was transferring my clothes into the self-designed newly-built wardrobe, I asked myself, "WHO SHOPS THIS MUCH?! Seriously!"

Friday, 6 January 2012

Margin Call

When you pick a movie, Margin Call, directed by a novice J.C. Chandor over a movie, War Horse, directed by powerhouse Spielberg, you know you are taking a gamble. It's a risk that if you are willing to take, you must prepared to face the consequences.

Margin Call is an agonising slow movie which tries its darnest (and failed its darnest) to dramatise the events happening in an investment firm preluding the 2008 financial crisis with uninspiring dialogues delivered by  a mismatched cast of veteran actors (whose sizzle have faded with time) and unknown actors (whose actions seems forced and at times, even failed to realised they are in frame); with an out of focus plot that had retrenchment being the only blips on the Holter monitor; with a rocket scientist who fell for the cliche money trap instead of helping mankind devise a way to live on Mars; with a table of people who hadn't slept a single wink throughout the night and yet could think on their feet once the clock strikes 9am; with the only female executive taking the hackeyened fall when shit went wrong. Seriously, how does this movie even get slapped with a M18 rating in Singapore? Nothing's mature about this movie. So many things gone wrong - even an orange Kevin Spacey can't save it from crashing.

What would I do differently?

More scenes of desperation from the board when they know the music has "stopped", more moral contemplation from the board (yes, one may argue nobody in the finance industry has a heart, and therefore morals, but it's a movie, so one can try!), more pressure - instead of just using money - applied on Sam (Spacey) to make him do the "right thing" for the company, more crazy numbers being thrown around just for the sake of throwing numbers around in a show about money, more frantic selling by the floor to offload EVERYTHING they can and must, more discussion on the ramification their actions would bring about, and finally, more argument by Tuld (Irons) about this is just the way the world is and how money makes the world go round. 

I saved the best trashing for the last - Spielberg's name is misspelled in the "Special Thanks" section of the closing credits. I gambled, I lost, I faced the consequences of 109 wasted minutes of my life.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Of Docs And Not

I'm surprised I don't dread trips to the hospital. Yet. Afterall, I have had my fair share of surgeries since 2008 and my fair share of hospital stays since then. Also, I'd lost mum and grandma in two consecutive years in different hospitals. I guess it's all about up to oneself to make herself comfortable and even enjoy hospital stays.

Today, I am admitted into Thomson Medical Center again for another minor surgery. The last time I was here in May 2011, Maciek delivered then-devastating news of a break-up. Yes, he couldn't wait till I stepped foot out of the hospital – that girl must have been devilishly hot. I don't blame him and I don't not blame him. Things (read: shit) happens. It's on his conscious, not mine. I hope she was worth it because what goes around comes around. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter and I am not trying to sound bitter. I had a good relationship with him, till it ended. All good things come to an end, no?

But I digress.

So here I am sitting on my bed, having come out of the OR over an hour ago. If you are faint-hearted, you should stop reading now because I'm going to write a little about the surgery.

Once I changed into my operating gown (going commando underneath! :)), I was wheeled into the OR (do I really need to spell this out? Fine, OR stands for operating room. In some hospitals, they are called OT which stands for operating theatre. If I have to spell everything out, I can't possibly finish my blog entry!) Anyway, as the nurses prepping me, they proceeded to prop my legs up in the air. It wasn't my most glamourous moment, that much I can tell you. Interestingly, I had a small monitor screen (offered to me) from which I can view how exactly Dr Caroline Khi would extract sample cells from... what would be the best word to use here... I guess, my inner body. Dr Khi took her place at the usual spot where I can't see a single thing she is doing and then it begins. A splash of cleaning agent, a prong, a dollop of anaesthetic, a pair of pincers that went once, twice, thrice, an application of anti-bacteria cream and it was all over in less than 30 minutes. I had glanced to the monitor screen from time to time, imaging it's just a horror movie. But I don't even watch horror movies... Phew, that wasn't too scary or too painful.

Given I haven't had a meal or drink since 6.30pm yesterday, I asked for food as soon as I was out of the OR. The staff nurse commented, “Wah! You recover fast”. I chuckled. When I was transferring from the recovery room to my ward, I can overhear babies screaming their lungs out and I saw a newly minted dad fussing over a snugly wrapped newborn. I then imagined the happy ending of the horror movie. Once I am next to my bed in my ward, the nurse chuckled, “Oh, Happy Feet is waiting for you!” I had Linguinii waiting for me on the bed, right next to the pillow.

And that's how I came about to making my hospital stays fun – with penguins and a good imagination. Most hospitals are about misery and sadness, the one I am in is about welcoming tiny fragile beautiful lives into the world. Maybe that's why I am still not dreading my hospital stays.  

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

All of 15 Words

Just two lines of short text, all of 15 words, meant so much.

"I have a big situation in office. We lost over 2 mil today. Chat later."

In a warped way, I think you've changed. In a good way. :)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

I Just Came to Say Hello 2012

As I always say: "How you spend your new year's eve is how you spend the new year". I spent mine with a bevy of gorgeous ladies onboard a gorgeous yacht with plenty of vino. There could be a more awesome start to the year  (with Stalker dear and D as additional company) but I ain't greedy. Gorgeous girls for company so I can't really ask for more eh. ;)

Happy 2012! Now, let the birthday month celebrations begin! 

Note: My 30-min behind the helm brought us from Keppel Bay to Marina Bay and brought back awesome memories of Langkawi. Everyone should address me as Skipper from now on.

Bright Future

Let start the year right. ;)

This girl will grow up to rule the world.