Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New Look

New email signature! Of course the mobile number is displayed in full in actual signature but I don't want all (read: one) blog reader to be calling me non-stop. ;)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Don't Quote Me

I don't believe in violence. Not with my own hands, at least.

I'm funny. People are just too stupid to get my words.

Don't stereotype me. I hate to be stereotyped. I'm different and unique, just like everyone else.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


The phone rings...

Wii: Hello.
UOB: Hello, can I speak to Miss Wynnii Lu?
Wii: Yes, speaking.
UOB: Hi, Miss Lu. I'm calling from UOB and today, you're selected to participate in our funds transfer special.
Wii: Do you mean transferring the balance from one credit card to another?
UOB: Yes, that is right.
Wii: I only use UOB credit cards, so this would mean transferring from UOB to UOB.
UOB: Okie, have a nice day.

The bank must hate me for not being able to cheat more money out of me.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Fashion. Forward.

I really should stop shopping for clothes, shoes, bags... ASOS promises not to tell on me. Woohoo~

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Mémoires d'Oubliettes/Sehnsucht: A Double Bill Singapore by Nederlands Dans Theater I

Even if I didn't fully understand the techniques of the dance moves or the story it was trying to convey, I got my money's worth with the 13 half-naked bodies standing still just five rows away from me. The rippling muscles, the piercing gaze, the wet slick hair, the controlled deep breathing, the dripping perspiration, the arched calves, the twitching brows - I loved every moment of it. 

Oh, and the cheeky turning cube room - that's an absolute delight! A new height for props, especially the table and chair. No pun intended.

And isn't that white pants clad guy the white swan among the group of black pants clad swan sisters and brothers? The lack of elaborate costumes had me, for once, just admiring and appreciating Beethoven's masterpiece and the synced dance moves. I'm not sure how Tchaikovsky would take to it though.

Watching the two Asians on stage among the others, I wondered why I didn't have the courage to pursue not what society demanded of me, but what my desires demanded. All is not in jest, the dance has fulfilled its agenda - sehnsucht. 

New Interface. New Beginnings.

New interface on blogger.com. Gosh, I really haven't been diligent at all at maintaining this interestingly uninteresting life. Scheisse!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Everyone Knows I Want A Penguin

Watching Mr Poppers' Penguin meant having to watch someone else like Jim Carrey hating having penguins in his house. At first, at least. 

Why don't I know anyone who'd send me some penguins?

I.Really.Want.A.Penguin.So.Badly. :(

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Unorthodox by Wretch 32 ft Example

Yea, I got a good heart
I was born on beat that’s a good start
I had a feeling I pushed past
And now I feel like I’m the reason I should last
And I move like my shit don’t sink
But I’m all in a trance no hit no assist
This is all from the heart intro no script
I’m just about writing it down
So now I don’t sleep man I miss those nights
I take planes like trains I don’t miss no flights
I’m the type of guy that will have no life
Just so I can shine like this gold life
And that sounds sad but I’m happy
And the only plans to stay scatty
Yea unorthodox, I made the bar so I call the shots
We don’t follow no crowd, they follow us
Don’t follow no sound it follows us
Go sit in hell, look down that wishing well
Unorthodox, we call our own shots
Yea I got a good vibe
I ain’t trynna be bait with my hook lines
I had a feeling I could fly
Before I hopped on a plane or a new sky
Yea I’m a good guy
And if you heard otherwise it’s a true lie
I’m hype I don’t do shy
I bark up every tree and I do bite
Syke I’m only playing
We all got freedom of speech I’m only saying
I ain’t got time for beef I’m on the way in
So the 8th day of the weeks my own lay in
And that’s sounds said but I’m happy
But the only plans to stay scatty
Yea unorthodox, I made the bar so I take the shots
No one can hold us down again
No one will touch our crown again
No one can hold us down again
No one will touch our crown again
[Chorus x2]

This song is stuck in my head! In a good way. :)