Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Camping on Campus

It's always nice to meet friends from back home while you're travelling - a sense of familiarity and being able to speak in your own slang. I wish more people would come visit me while I'm in Europe!

Anyway, over a too-expensive dinner with Gabriel (and his friends/colleagues who are on the same business trip), I was asked "Who are you staying with in Stockholm?"

It's a long story.

Piotr had to move to his new room in another apartment today. And his new landlord wasn't too keen on having guests around. This meant I was left behind in the old apartment with his flatmates.

And understandably, the new guy who was moving in needed to agree to me crashing. If not, I'd have to camp on campus (I'm staying near the university now) like some students who didn't manage to secure a room during their new semester year.

In Stockholm, there are 80000 students and 30000 student rooms. This meant a surplus of 50000 students who all clamour and rush for any available accommodation, no matter how crappy, they can find in the city. This also meant there are many students who are left stranded and have to camp on campus while flipping hopelessly through the classified. It is quite a sight to see tents in the middle of school grounds. There are not enough hostel rooms to go around too. The same thing year in, year out. Amazing, isn't it?

I thought human rights, such as one to have a shelter against the elements of nature and it IS cold here, is supposedly a huge concern here...? Or was it just a nice picture that is painted for the rest of the world for PR purposes? Or maybe students, who helped contribute to the economy, are seen less than humans and not worthy?

In any case, to answer the above-mentioned question, I'm staying with the ex-flatmates of my friend. And I might be camping on campus soon, if the new guy is unkind.

Good thing I'm all familiar with the whole camping thing now. Maybe not quite the same sense of familiarity I am looking for.

Monday, 30 August 2010

When In Stockholm, Do As Swedish Do

What can be more Swedish than world renown IKEA?

So Alan and I paid a visit to a huge IKEA store in the evening after strolling in the city for a good few hours.

We were goofing around in the store by making a looooooooooooong shopping list of what we wanna buy for "our" house. When there wasn't enough space to write, I told him "The neighbour's selling. We'll just buy their house and put the rest of the stuff in there".

Then we continue making our shopping list for the newly-acquired second home.

Same Same But Different

Others go home from IKEA with bags with furniture and homeware.
Alan and I go home from IKEA with bags of meatballs, sausages and dessert.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Monday, 23 August 2010

What Lovely Weather

Only in the UK, you can say "What lovely weather" and one never knows if you are being genuine or sarcastic.

Dhjee's Singapore

Whenever I meet Dhjee, he'll mention Desmond and Diana's hen party. Those seemed to be his fondest memories of Singapore.

I meant other than having the fortune of meeting me, of course.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

At The Sin Club

Finally, some clean and hilarious good comedy at Sin club. The irony.

Wynnii the Pooh

I think I may have been a bear in my previous life. When it's cold, I just wanna sleep and hibernate.

No, it's just not maybe. I was.

No prizes for guessing why I'm named Wynnii after the Pooh bear.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

I Love You Even Before I Met You

I thought I didn’t know anything Irish before I visited. Turns out, I was quite acquainted with the country ages ago.

Let me count the ways…

I almost forgot my favourite author is Irish! Eoin Colfer is the author of Artemis Fowl series which I adore. I should try to pay him a visit now that I’m back in Ireland and I imagine this history-changing moment.

“I’m your biggest fan, Mr Colfer! Yes, I am! I always replace the books on display with copies of Artemis Fowl just so Artemis gets more exposure. The word of Artemis must be spread! And I flew all of 2000 miles here to meet you. It will be an honour if you could name one of the villains in your next book after me, Mr Colfer!”  
“Who the hell are you? Speak quickly for my Guinness is getting warm.”    

One of my favourite necklaces is a three-chain four-leaf clover one and little did I know the four-leaf clover is the national symbol of Ireland. I never fail to get compliments whenever I have it on. :)

As you may be well aware of, I have an affinity for Baileys and whenever I return to Singapore from an overseas trip, I’d be sure to buy a bottle of Baileys. I’ve lost count to the number of Baileys bottles I have back home. Strangely enough, I don’t even drink at home but that’s beside the point.

The Corrs’ music always has me singing along. Their concert in Singapore is now just a memory and I wished they would make more music!

It’s no wonder I felt right at home in Ireland. The flowing drinks, notwithstanding.

It's A Miracle!

When hearing Ralph, Killian, John and the boy talk about their travel tales, only one thought came to mind "How did they survive a trip together? It's a miracle".

The boys must have lady luck on their side at all times!

Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

You know what they say about keeping your rules? You don't expect to still keep them at an Irish wedding.

Rules about no drinks.

Rules about sticking to my diet.

All have gone out of window.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Lover Acts Up Again

This morning, the tube stopped on the tracks for a good 15 minutes for "disruptions on the Circle line".

I have a feeling London is trying to prevent my departure again. 

London London London, what did I say about loving someone and letting him or her go?

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Changed Person

Did I actually arranged for half of my travel for the next one and a half months? My my my! I'm a changed person! :)

I Miss

Saw a Singapore Airline plane at Athens airport makes me miss home...

Monday, 9 August 2010

Five Minutes Too Late

Missed the train from Copenhagen to Berlin by five minutes! Of all places, I am stuck in one of the most expensive cities! BUT all things happen for a reason. :)

This means I can party one more night in Copenhagen city! Woohoo~

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

Happy 45th Birthday, Singapore!

I miss you so and I hope you, me! :)

Tuesday, 3 August 2010