Saturday, 27 February 2010

Valentine's Day

When Joey and I stepped into the theatre, I saw a chase scene where some people were running for their lives from a Minotaur. I was thinking "Hmm.. I thought we're watching Valentine's Day, a romantic comedy? Or is the movie a horror show with a real sweet title?"

Turned out, we were in the wrong theatre. Percy, his mum and Grover had me there for a minute! Phew~

Friday, 26 February 2010

The Disappearing Act

Recently, a long-lost friend from secondary school "found" me on Facebook. Of course, I was surprised. Then I started to remember what good friend we used to be. In fact, Joey, Eugina, she and I used to be best friends. We would hang out after school, go bowling together, go shopping together etc. We even had this silly heart-shaped token of friendship that said "Friends" and "Forever" on each half. I guess that's the folly of youth. We should have known that a lousy scrap metal won't last, much last forever.

After we moved onto different tertiary institutions, she started making excuses for not wanting to meet us up. Slowly and surely, we stopped asking her and have never heard from her since. Joey, Eugina and I used to speculate what were the reasons behind her disappearance but we never come to a conclusion. Oh well, we still have the three of us.

The point to everything I've written above - Nothing lasts forever, well, except diamonds.

For Those With Brains

If you understand what the above is about, I'd love to meet another smarty-pants. ;)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief

Didn't deliver. I took the effort to spend four hours to re-read the book before heading to the theatre. I wished I didn't read the book now.

At least I won't have to keep say "It doesn't happen like that in the book".

The Land of the Rising Sun

Do you know what's the one thing I'll miss the most about the trip?

In the two degrees C weather, fanny gets well taken care of with toilet seat warmers. When fanny's happy, I'm happy. Haha. :)

More pictures here and here.

PS: I did see penguins and had lots of macs. Too bad I didn't get to ride on a ferris wheel. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I Laugh

Whenever I see the ridiculous prices of flights to Melbourne now, I laugh. No, not only do I laugh; I laugh out real loud.

Who the hell would pay $763 for Emirates, $1200 for Singapore Airlines, $910 for Qantas, or $993 for Jetstar?

Wait, $993 on Jetstar?! They'd better be serving shark's fin for dinner! Or throwing someone out of the window for my amusement.

Why do I laugh?

I paid $402 previously. Round trip. So I laugh.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Happy Birthday to Stalker Dear!

It's a very important day today! It's Stalker dear's birthday! 

And here are pictures of us on our honeymoon with six other girls being the "lightbulbs".

Happy 21st birthday, Stalker dear! Stay Forever 21~ :)

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Happy Birthday to Fadz!

Happy birthday to Fadz - the one and only who can tear up the dance floor for a longer time than I do!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Holy Shit! Where Are the Balls?

Before you get the wrong idea, Alvin is saying to find a guy with balls. Okay, now surely, you would get the wrong idea.


After a visit to the vet, a sticker is stuck on Ah Boy's cage by the vet.

Ah Boy: "But I'm not fierce...." *gives puss-in-boot eyes*