Friday, 31 December 2010

And The New Beginning Begins

Happy 2011! At the stroke of midnight, let the month-long birthday celebration begin! :)

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Such A Tease

I watched Tron thinking these hot babes will be in the movie and I was sorely disappointed. What a waste of my 11 bucks!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Finally, Someone Agrees!

Finally, someone is as smart as I am to realise size matters. I have always been an advocate!

However, it seemed like my 32" love is too tiny in this day and age...

Telly Saves Souls

I sure hope it'll save mine!

The Tourist

The Tourist movie is set in Venice and stars my all-time favourite actor, Johnny Depp!! I miss Italy so much now!

I wanna be the tourist!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Serbian Wedding

I got invited to a Serbian wedding for next October. Better brush up my Serbian then! Da!

Soon, I Promise

I promise to post all the travel tales soon - after I am done with facing reality and job hunting. Soon, I promise. :)

Friday, 10 December 2010

Be On Top

How the hell did Arsenal get on top of United?

If you want to be on top, make sure you can pack and handle the heat, Gunners!

Change Is The Only Constant in Life

I sense a change in direction, course, tone and heart.

I thought I already knew change is the only constant in life?


Sometimes, I think if you are thinking about me. Sometimes, I think too much.

Let's just hope they are not the same times.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Friday, 3 December 2010

There Is No Place Like Home

The dearest people greeted me when I came home today. And some penguins.

Home Sweet Home

It feels so good to be home and back to the same old routine of disturbing my cat the moment I step into the door! :)

Singapore, I'm back! Woohoooooooooooo~

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Nothing But Sand & Sense

Sitting on the sand dune and looking out into the sun making its way slowly below the horizon, you can help but feel a sense of tranquility. It's just a reminder of how life can be simple and yet, very beautiful.

You welcome the serenity that overwhelms you, only to be broken by the occasionally whiff of camel dung brought by the unsuspecting wind.

The desert truly beholds many wonders.

Dubai Mall & More

The first time I felt uninspired when I stepped into H&M. :(

I thought Dubai is supposedly a shopping haven where inspiration ebbs and flows.. How disappointing!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

You Don't Hear That Too Often Around Here

I'm not leaving the desert till I master snow skiing! Yes, that's one line u don't hear too often around this region.

Snow in Desert

You know what's the best thing about skiing in Dubai?

Actually, there are a couple of best things.

First, you can ski till 8pm and there will still be light.

Second, you won't have to fear bumping into trees.

Third and most importantly, once you step out of the ski center, your ass ain't freezing no more!

Skiing on snow in Dubai - who'd have thought?

We Skied and Skidded

Ian and I headed to Dubai Ski for some action. No, not that kind of action, you dirty little thing. Some ski action!

At the rental counter...
Staff: So what level is your skiing proficiency?
Wii: I'm a beginner.
Staff: And you, Sir?
Ian: Expert.

With that, we proceeded to the death slopes and attempted to conquer my fear of height by going on the ski lift. I cannot think of a braver way to die.

The main activity of the day: Ian skied, Wii skidded.

More Buildings

In Dubai, there are buildings everywhere and they are building more buildings everywhere!

It's like SIM city, only life-size...

Monday, 29 November 2010

But She Lived

Two years ago this day, my mum was taken away from my family. She was 50 years old. Everyone said she was too young and taken too soon. But she lived. She travelled, she saw, she smiled, she lived. If only she could see how I'm following in her footsteps to explore the world.

Rest in peace, Mummy. I'm coming home soon to see you.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

We Showed No Mercy

27 minutes into the United vs Blackburn game and it's 3-0 already! Wooohoo! Eat that, Chelsea!


African safari is exotic.

Italian handmade leather bags are exotic.

What the hell do you mean by I'm exotic? I'm not something. I'm a person.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

In The Berlin Zone

2.37am - Arrived @ Panorama bar in Berghain
2.51am - First drink
3.09am - Attempt at grooving to electro beat on the dancefloor
3.43am - Second drink
4.08am - Another attempt to join the trance
4.59am - More drinks
5.16am - In the zone
8.22am - Walked to metro station
9.11am - Arrived home 

This is why I love Berlin even when it's a freezing 6 degrees C.

Friday, 19 November 2010

It's A Good Day

I came online and found both my dears online. So I got to talk to both of them and I can't stop smiling to myself.

Milosz got to talk to the girl from Amsterdam online too.

It's a happy day for everyone!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Rain rain go away
Come again another day
Wynnii Wynnii wants to play
Rain rain go to Spain
Never show your face again

If it would just bloody stop raining in Berlin!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Missing My Missing Radiator

He wasn't around to hug me to sleep and be my radiator for the night. I woke up in the middle of the night, shaking all over and having to pull two blankets over me. Then I woke up in the morning with a running nose. :(

I miss my radiator!

The Last Leg

Last leg of travel before returning home.

Cold Berlin - cold Amsterdam - cold Rotterdam - cold Paris - warm Dubai - SUNNY Singapore! Woohoo!

What A Waste

Stayed in bed the whole day, not with a lover but with a running nose. What a waste of good sheets! ;)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Which Half

A smart man believes only half of what he hears, a wise man knows which half.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

All The Good Things

I dreamt of mummy last night. And food back home in SG. We were out travelling and eating steamboat buffet. All the things I miss dearly.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Trust Me

I had some thread fiber in my left eye. Maciek held open my eyelid and said, "Trust me".

And he proceeded to lick my eye.

If that is not trust, I don't know what is.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Monday, 8 November 2010

It Takes Getting Used To

You can tell that he's not used to having a girl around the apartment all the time. You just get this vibe from him.

It's funny. In a good way.

Simple Does It All

This is not a conversation.

This is a narration.

I write, you read.


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Stars Be Gone!

What the hell is this star rating thingy doing under every post in the new template? Aargh!

Maybe I should have paid more attention in programming class so I can freaking remove them in the html code.

I watched "The Social Network" today at the cinema. If I had paid more attention in programming class, I could freaking be a billionaire by now. Or well, at least remove the damn star rating thingy.

7 Nov 2010

I wonder if I'm a hippie at heart. Deep down at heart. I have huge disdain for unfairness.

Friday, 5 November 2010

What Is Love?

Love is when he allows you to colour his Calvin & Hobbes comic books - some of his favourite.

And he even offers colour pencils.

Smoking Is Not Allowed

Overheard at Birmingham New Street station today, "Please note that this is a non-smoking train station and smoking is not allowed on trains and platforms."

I turned around to Maciek and asked, "What if the person is smoking hot?"

He didn't laugh. He must not have comprehended my attempt at British wit.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Three Happy Faces & A Dozen Sulky Ones

A 12-hour return flight delay from Dominican Republic to Birmingham meant a free resort room, more time in the pool, getting fed quite nicely and more drinks. Wooohooo! Seriously, dare anyone complain about the free drinks?

Igor, Maciek and I were jumping for joy while the rest, who have had been staying in resorts, were pulling long faces.

On the last day of our Dominican Republic adventure, we finally stayed in a resort, and for free!

Of Tea & Coke

We have adopted the corner petrol kiosk as our default meal location because that's where Maciek can get his black tea fix. I have no issues with the kiosk because they serve up a real greasy meal of dodgy chicken meat burger, but Maciek is quite horrified by the dripping oil. That's how much he loves his tea though.

If he could live on a tea farm, I think he would. It's the same as if I could live on a Coke farm, I would.

Houston, we have a problem.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Democracy Is Over-rated

While watching the results of USA elections in our Love Motel* in Dominican Republic...

Me: That guy's cute! I'd voted for him too.
Maciek: You are voting for him only because of his looks?
Me: Absolutely!
Maciek: It's a good thing there is no democracy in Singapore.

*No kidding, the name of the hotel is called Love Motel.

2 Nov 2010

I had both sweet dreams and a nightmare last night. I dreamt of McDonald's. I dreamt I was swearing off McDonald's.

That's one hell of a sweet nightmare, I tell you.

Friday, 15 October 2010

It's Not Milan

I had very high expectations for Italy - guys in suits and girls in dresses, despite the freezing cold. But I'm freaking better dressed than half of them. WTF?

I guess I shouldn't expect it to be like Milan...

The Way It's Done

Wii: Too much drinks last night! Can't remember a thing.

Erkan: So you don't remember what happened last night eh?

Wii: Well, if I don't remember it, it must have been not good enough to be remembered. *wink*

That's Erkan trying to be cheeky and Wii showing him the way it's done.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Just One More

So many new trashy telly shows, so little time. I wished there is one more of me - kinda like what Calvin did.

Except they'd listen to me. 

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Explanation

Lazar says guys often mistook friendship and attention as affection. That would explain a lot!

Neither First Nor Last

Got off at the wrong train station for Florence.

Deja vu! Not the first time. Won't be the last! Haha.

Dehayim! The Sequel

Erkan: A few months ago, my best friend was visiting me from Turkey and we went out for dinner with a good friend of mine here. We were having dinner and 30 minutes into it, I realised nobody was talking to me anymore.

Wii: Let me guess. They fell for each other and are together now.

Erkan (apparently frustrated that I've worked the story out): Am I telling the story or are you?

Wii: I can't help it. Dehayim.

You should have seen the look on Erkan's face when I said the magic word. ;)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Just Because

Just because I like to look presentable while travelling doesn't mean I'm afraid to break a nail.

Why do people keep having this wrong impression of me?

Fresh Out of The Oven

If you had been paying attention, you'd realised I have written quite a fair bit for July. New bits! But who cares, really?

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Everyone Turns Red

I have a feeling Premier Wen is stalking me. I was in Athens last week, he was too. I am in Rome, he is now too.

And on a related note, the colosseum is lit red tonight because Premier Wen is visiting the city. It's unbelievable the extent everyone in Europe goes to make sure China's boot is well-licked. And very well-licked at that.

Now, this begs the question "Shouldn't they be sucking up to me instead since Wen is stalking me?"

PS: On another related note, we shall wait for Premier Wen to show up in the Caribbean in two weeks. Ermm, yes, my travel plan has gone off-tangent and I'm headed to Dominican Republic in a fortnight.

When In Rome

I'm finally in Rome! The delayed flight and bus ride meant instead of reaching the city center at 5pm, I arrived at 7.30pm. My initial plan of dropping my bags at a hotel and sightseeing got thrown out of the window quickly.

So I figured the best way to cheer myself up is with a McDonald's apple pie and vanilla milkshake. And it worked!

Then I made my way slowly to Giovanni's (my host). He told me he'll be home between 8.30pm and 9pm. I took a chance and arrived at 8.35pm. He didn't show up till 9.30pm. Oh well.

At 10.45pm, he decided we should go for a walk to the city and we did. It was nice to see all the buildings, obelisks, which I remember so fondly while playing Caesar in my "I really should be getting back to the books but I can't stop playing this game" days.

The Trevi Fountain turned out to be smaller than I thought it would be. I had imagined it to be a huge, I meant really huge, fountain. We walked to Trajan Market, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Plaza Venice, Pantheon, Parliment House, Plaza Navona, Church of Saint Bridget, and many more gorgeous sights.

We walked till about 1am and Giovanni said there is no point waiting for a bus, so we walked home. It took us 40 minutes to reach home. Yes, Wii is walking a whole lot now and she's quite enjoying it. Let's just put it this way - she knows she has to do something if she wants to be able to enjoy all that gelato in Italy.

More walking tomorrow around the city! :)


Why is the fucking SGD sliding like down a waterslide and going "Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" against the Euro?

Does it not know I'm still euro-tripping? Aargh!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Wasted Time

Ralph knows I'm on the Greek islands, and he wrote to say "Don't spend too long in the sun, it's wasted time at the bar!"

Trust Ralph to give the "best" advice...


I saw the most beautiful sunset in Santorini yesterday and I wished you were here with me. I miss you, M&M.

The Countdown Begins

I can't believe it's already October! I have two months left before I go home and face reality.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

He Really Likes Me

He said, "I know how we can meet each other".

I asked, "What do you mean?"

He replied, "I'll go to Rome next weekend to meet you there".

I think this guy really likes me. :)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Lousy Date Night

I watched Date Night last night. Such a pity that two great comedians put up such a lousy show. The storyline was too far fetched. The comic timing was bad. The cinematography was not well thought. Shoots which should have been panned are upclose and vice versa. Tina Fey still has lipstick on at the end of the night! I think the director is largely to blame.

Such such such a pity. The movie had so much potential.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Quite The Start To The Day

It was quite a morning, I tell you.

This morning, I woke up at an ungodly hour of 5am and was out of the house before 6am. I really hate waking up any time before 11.59am in the morning.11.59am is still technically morning!

The reason behind sleep monster's (that's me) sleep disruption is me having to go to Piraeus Ferry Terminal to catch my ferry to Ios.

Yes, I'm finally doing what I came to Europe for - the Greek island-hopping honeymoon without the elusive husband.

But before I go on, I have to relate what a morning it was.

So I got out of the house at 5.55am in the pouring rain, waited impatiently at the bus stop and finally, the bus arrived at 6.10am. Given I had to transfer 2 metro trains, I had hoped the train will arrive as soon as I stepped foot on the platform but it was an eight minute wait for the train and at 6.35am, I boarded the first train. Then it was just one metro stop before I alighted to transfer to another train. At 6.42am, the train arrived and I was getting quite confident of making the ferry since the train ride is going to take me 20min. And you know how Murphy's work - the train decided it would be another 5min before it takes off. By now, I was getting worried. I know the gate of my ferry is at least 10min away from the metro station.

At times like these, you can only do one thing - you pray the rain gets heavier and the sea is choppy and thus, the ferry will get delayed. Yes, the only one thing you can pray for.

When I arrived at Piraeus metro at 7.15am, it was a mad rush to the gate in the now-even-heavier rain. The gate turned out to be further than it really was and I can tell you I've never ran so hard in the rain before. At 7.25am, I finally stepped onto the ferry.

The time for my ferry departure? 7.25am.

I told you it was quite a morning, didn't I?

Friday, 24 September 2010

Raw Nerves

I hate that whenever you write, you always hit some raw nerves with your subtle underlying sacarstic remarks. I shouldn't let you bother me like that, really.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Amazing Race

Standing on Charles Bridge and looking at the statues, I remembered the amazing race was here!

Friday, 17 September 2010

A Day To Give Thanks

I give thanks today to Maciek who gave me some polish currency when I arrived, the man who pointed me to the right direction of the bus stop, the guy on the bus who gave me change for the bus ride, the girl who helped me ask for directions on where to alight, the couple who told me where to alight, another girl who asked for directions of central train station for me, the guy who told me where the central station is, the girl who told me the code for my super cheap ticket to Krakow, the guy who carried my hand luggage and ran to the right train platform with it (with 2 minutes to spare before the train took off), Chewy who texted me Marcin's address, Weihao who texted me Marcin's phone number, Marcin for offering his spare apartment for my stay in Krakow.

Today, I have a lot of things to be thankful for. :)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Truely Bloody

True blood is getting more and more grotesque, bloody and twisted. Just the way I like it. ;)

Monday, 13 September 2010

Travelling Is Hard Work

Wii: But I have no time for everything. I've been so busy!

Milosz: You're travelling! Why are you busy?

Wii: You have no idea. So many things to do even though I'm supposed to be relaxing.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

I Scratched Your Back But You Didn't Scratch Mine

9 Sept 
Wii email to the girls and guy...
I MISS YOU GIRLS!!! AND GUY! (WH always makes it more troublesome.)

Ying, sorry I couldn't be there for your birthday party. And didnt' send you msg too. Oops. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! But I wrote something on the blog and unfortunately, I'm waaaay behind on publishing posts. I will publish that one right now!

I wanna see pics! Who has them?


11 Sept
Jacqueline's reply...
Oops no one brought camera so there isn't really any pics. Only those who attended will remember what happened. Hahaaaa=P 

12 Sept
Wii's response
What! No camera! I take pictures for you guys over here and nobody thought about me hor.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

I Call It Foresight

Last night, I wore my heels and party dress onboard the bus from Copenhagen to Berlin for the seven-hour bus and ferry ride.Yes, I was carrying my backpack as well whilst in heels.

 The bus was scheduled to arrived in Berlin at 11.30pm on Friday and "good luck" has it that the bus missed the ferry from Denmark to Germany and it was a two-hour wait for the next ferry. I didn't step foot in Berlin till 2am. This meant I had to drop my bags off and head straight to the club. No time to be wasted!

So yeah, some would call me wearing my heels and party dress onboard the bus crazy, I call it having the foresight. ;)


September 11, 2010

Everyone remembers what he or she was doing on this day nine years ago.

I most certainly do.

New York city was my dream city. I longed to visit The Big Apple for as long as I can remember. I never wanted to visit Tokyo or London or Paris or anywhere else before I stepped foot into NYC. No other city had interest me or lure me to its charms in such irresistible ways.

In this alluring city stood two impressive blocks which overlooked the Hudson River.

The twin towers were the symbol of America's wealth, power and what dreams are made of. The land of opportunity awaits anyone who dared to dream and dared to dream big. As the song Empire State of the Mind suggested "These streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you".

On this fateful day, I was watching a NBA game on the telly with E. It was the wee hours of the morning. The runner on the bottom on the screen wrote "Plane crashed into Twin Tower". My first reaction was that it must be a hoax. Nothing of such a scale can be true. No, it's not even remotely possible.

The hoax turned out the be the real deal.

My dream city has been devastated. Amid the destruction, the situation quickly became a matter of skin colours which spiralled out of control.

How can such things have happened?! Many asked the same questions. Many received no reply.
I cried uncontrollably as I stayed glued to the news channel. Finally, exhaustion from grieve took over, I closed my eyes and drifted off the dreamland. I woke up with a jolt, thinking I had the worst nightmare.

Turned out, it was the worst nightmare.

P/S: Five years later, I finally found myself on a plane to NYC. It was an unsettling flight. I couldn't have had more butterflies in my stomach and I felt like I was eating flowers. The week spent in NYC was one of the best time I had in my life. Tourist is as tourist does - I stood eight hours in the freezing cold standing in Times Square while counting down to 2007.

Carp Diem, New York City!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

"You're a beautiful lady," I was previously told.

Hey hey hey, it doesn't mean I get my way everytime. The train left without me today.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

It Becomes Dearer

The places I've visitied get dearer to me.

If you think Singapore is expensive, that's because you haven't been to Paris.
If you think Paris is expensive, that's because you haven't been to London.
If you think London is expensive, that's because you haven't been to Stockholm.
If you think Stockholm is expensive, that's because you haven't been to Tokyo.
If you think Tokyo is expensive, that's because you haven't been to Copenhagen.

I miss Singapore dearly!

Thank God, No

While walking around Copenhagen to find a city bike station, I asked a guy if he could point me in the right direction.

Guy: I'm not sure. You don't have an Iphone to check?
Wii: No, I don't.

And Wii was thinking, "Thank God, no."

Monday, 6 September 2010

It's Not That

It's not that I have not written anything. I am just lazy to edit and post. Backtrack to 23 June 2010. Oops.

All The Times I've Cried by Sharleen Spiteri

You don't come around no more like you used to do
Oh god I miss your company
Your innocence you know just like
Yeah like it used to be
And how I need you here with me

You just kept on asking why
Never wanting to really try

Cause all the times I've cried
All this pain I've tried to hide
What am I supposed to dream
When nothings ever what it seems

The pain it drifts from day to day
And it makes think
That how I wish it would subside
To smile again all the fears be gone
Find my self respect
There's nothing done with that effect

You just kept on asking why
Never wanting to really try


You never were the one
You never were the one


Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Weather Fight Begins

Stockholm is warmer than London. Imagine that!

I walk around with my dresses and no leggings!

Happy Birthday, Ying!


I miss you and the girls so badly!

I promise to drink here on your behalf and it's as if I'm celebrating your birthday with you! ;)

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Camping on Campus

It's always nice to meet friends from back home while you're travelling - a sense of familiarity and being able to speak in your own slang. I wish more people would come visit me while I'm in Europe!

Anyway, over a too-expensive dinner with Gabriel (and his friends/colleagues who are on the same business trip), I was asked "Who are you staying with in Stockholm?"

It's a long story.

Piotr had to move to his new room in another apartment today. And his new landlord wasn't too keen on having guests around. This meant I was left behind in the old apartment with his flatmates.

And understandably, the new guy who was moving in needed to agree to me crashing. If not, I'd have to camp on campus (I'm staying near the university now) like some students who didn't manage to secure a room during their new semester year.

In Stockholm, there are 80000 students and 30000 student rooms. This meant a surplus of 50000 students who all clamour and rush for any available accommodation, no matter how crappy, they can find in the city. This also meant there are many students who are left stranded and have to camp on campus while flipping hopelessly through the classified. It is quite a sight to see tents in the middle of school grounds. There are not enough hostel rooms to go around too. The same thing year in, year out. Amazing, isn't it?

I thought human rights, such as one to have a shelter against the elements of nature and it IS cold here, is supposedly a huge concern here...? Or was it just a nice picture that is painted for the rest of the world for PR purposes? Or maybe students, who helped contribute to the economy, are seen less than humans and not worthy?

In any case, to answer the above-mentioned question, I'm staying with the ex-flatmates of my friend. And I might be camping on campus soon, if the new guy is unkind.

Good thing I'm all familiar with the whole camping thing now. Maybe not quite the same sense of familiarity I am looking for.

Monday, 30 August 2010

When In Stockholm, Do As Swedish Do

What can be more Swedish than world renown IKEA?

So Alan and I paid a visit to a huge IKEA store in the evening after strolling in the city for a good few hours.

We were goofing around in the store by making a looooooooooooong shopping list of what we wanna buy for "our" house. When there wasn't enough space to write, I told him "The neighbour's selling. We'll just buy their house and put the rest of the stuff in there".

Then we continue making our shopping list for the newly-acquired second home.

Same Same But Different

Others go home from IKEA with bags with furniture and homeware.
Alan and I go home from IKEA with bags of meatballs, sausages and dessert.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Monday, 23 August 2010

What Lovely Weather

Only in the UK, you can say "What lovely weather" and one never knows if you are being genuine or sarcastic.

Dhjee's Singapore

Whenever I meet Dhjee, he'll mention Desmond and Diana's hen party. Those seemed to be his fondest memories of Singapore.

I meant other than having the fortune of meeting me, of course.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

At The Sin Club

Finally, some clean and hilarious good comedy at Sin club. The irony.

Wynnii the Pooh

I think I may have been a bear in my previous life. When it's cold, I just wanna sleep and hibernate.

No, it's just not maybe. I was.

No prizes for guessing why I'm named Wynnii after the Pooh bear.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

I Love You Even Before I Met You

I thought I didn’t know anything Irish before I visited. Turns out, I was quite acquainted with the country ages ago.

Let me count the ways…

I almost forgot my favourite author is Irish! Eoin Colfer is the author of Artemis Fowl series which I adore. I should try to pay him a visit now that I’m back in Ireland and I imagine this history-changing moment.

“I’m your biggest fan, Mr Colfer! Yes, I am! I always replace the books on display with copies of Artemis Fowl just so Artemis gets more exposure. The word of Artemis must be spread! And I flew all of 2000 miles here to meet you. It will be an honour if you could name one of the villains in your next book after me, Mr Colfer!”  
“Who the hell are you? Speak quickly for my Guinness is getting warm.”    

One of my favourite necklaces is a three-chain four-leaf clover one and little did I know the four-leaf clover is the national symbol of Ireland. I never fail to get compliments whenever I have it on. :)

As you may be well aware of, I have an affinity for Baileys and whenever I return to Singapore from an overseas trip, I’d be sure to buy a bottle of Baileys. I’ve lost count to the number of Baileys bottles I have back home. Strangely enough, I don’t even drink at home but that’s beside the point.

The Corrs’ music always has me singing along. Their concert in Singapore is now just a memory and I wished they would make more music!

It’s no wonder I felt right at home in Ireland. The flowing drinks, notwithstanding.

It's A Miracle!

When hearing Ralph, Killian, John and the boy talk about their travel tales, only one thought came to mind "How did they survive a trip together? It's a miracle".

The boys must have lady luck on their side at all times!

Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

You know what they say about keeping your rules? You don't expect to still keep them at an Irish wedding.

Rules about no drinks.

Rules about sticking to my diet.

All have gone out of window.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Lover Acts Up Again

This morning, the tube stopped on the tracks for a good 15 minutes for "disruptions on the Circle line".

I have a feeling London is trying to prevent my departure again. 

London London London, what did I say about loving someone and letting him or her go?

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Changed Person

Did I actually arranged for half of my travel for the next one and a half months? My my my! I'm a changed person! :)

I Miss

Saw a Singapore Airline plane at Athens airport makes me miss home...

Monday, 9 August 2010

Five Minutes Too Late

Missed the train from Copenhagen to Berlin by five minutes! Of all places, I am stuck in one of the most expensive cities! BUT all things happen for a reason. :)

This means I can party one more night in Copenhagen city! Woohoo~

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

Happy 45th Birthday, Singapore!

I miss you so and I hope you, me! :)

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Best & Worst of Greece

You know what's the best part about being in Greece? Having a brand new camera to capture it's beauty.

And the worst? Forgetting to replace the battery after you've charged it.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

We All Do Stupid Things

Stupid people do stupid things, like smoking too much shisha and getting a bad headache.

And guess what? I intend to do all the stupid things before I reach the next decade of my life. Of course, I'm not saying what decade is that - a girl never reveals her age.

Better Than Man U? You Wished.

Emin: Galatasaray is a better team than Man U. When Champions League first started, Galatasaray won Man U.

Brown-nii: And that was 500 years ago?

Emin: That was in 1992. I was 11.

Brown-nii: Yes, you were a young boy and a virgin. Times have changed.

The Wind Blows in A Different Direction Today

I feel different today.

The past week hasn't exactly been the best of my trip. I'm in Istanbul which is supposedly one of most exciting cities to be in but I have so much on my mind that I didn't enjoy the city proper. There is so much more I could have done in the city but I spent a good amount of time indoors. The extreme heat and humidity didn't help at all. On top of everything, I lost my camera and money. I'm heading to Athens tomorrow without a camera. The one place I want to go most in the world and I can't capture its images the moment I arrive. Just great.

After being on the road for almost three months, you'd think I'm immune to such bad luck. I guess things like that always happens when you let your guard down. As the saying goes "When it rains, it pours".

But you know what? I feel different today. The weather was lovely - hot but not humid. I stepped out of the house and realised I forgot my sunglasses and I didn't curse when I had to walk back to get it. I do feel different today.

One a totally unrelated note - I sent some cay to daddy today. The tea cost me 15 lira and the postage fee, 22 lira. Aargh! That's some expensive cay. I wonder if daddy has drank the previous tea I sent back and if he smoked the Cuban cigars already.

Anyway, I went to Istanbul Modern this afternoon. I know, I know, I said previously that i am staying away from modern art.

This is different; there was a fashion exhibition of Hussein Chalayan's works from 1994 to 2010. I can't miss a fashion exhibition, even if it's in a place I swore off! I didn't pay attention to Chalayan's works in the past and my oh my, I have missed my change to be acquaint with a genius! He's not just a fashion designer, he's truly a genius! Clothes with mechanism that change form, installation which combined fashion and art seamlessly - he gave me a tight slap and a wakeup call. Marc almost seems boring now.

Come to think of it, I have been so disconnected with the real world, and by real, I meant fashion, I needed to feel inspired again! This exhibition provided just that. Then again, Chalayan seemed obsessed with flight, motion, futuristic voyages and integration of these with fashion - with all the flights I've been on these three months, I feel him.

I have already said this but I'm saying it again. I am flying off to Athens tomorrow. That's another reason I feel different today. :)

McD Everywhere

Everyone is waiting for me to visit their country for McD.

Case in point - message from Poland

Monday, 26 July 2010

And We Made It To Bebek.

Today, I was resolved to go to Bebek for a visit.

At 4.30pm, Ania and I met and while walking to the bus terminal, saw our bus 40T driving off from the terminal. We're not off to a good start. After 20 minutes of trying to figure out the exact spot to board the bus, we found ourselves on another 40T and were on our way to Bebek. I had expected to wait up to an hour for the bus so maybe the winds had changed.

The 50-minute ride in a non air-conditioned bus had us gasping for air when we finally alighted. A view of matchbox houses, lush mini forest, busy traffic on the Bosphorus strait greets me. Ahhh, so that's the Bebek that has me wasting some hours on my "youth" on for the past few days.

Ania and I strolled down the promenade and found ourselves standing in front of The Fortress of Rumeli.

"The museum is closed but you can go in for an hour", the guy behind the ticketing booth said.

We handed over 3 TL and eagerly stepped into the fortress.

While ascending the steps to the amphitheatre, we heard a voice behind us. "Are you from 2010?"

What kind of question is that?

"Are you from 2010?" a fat Turk repeated his question which had been directed to us previously.

I was tempted to say "No, I'm Neo from the Matrix and I'm here to save your world" but instead, Ania replied "What do you mean?"

"The museum is closed. Why are they letting you in?"

"We were told the fortress closes at 7pm."

"All right. There is a performance in the amphitheatre later. They shouldn't have let you in."

"Well, we have paid. Don't worry. We won't break anything."

With that, Ania and I hastened our pace to the amphitheater, just to see what the heck was the fat Turk so protective over.

There were at least a thousand pair of glasses lying on the circular ground of the amphitheater. Whatever they were for, Ania and I could only guess. We stole a few shots with our cameras and moved onto to other parts of the fortress.

On top of the fortress, the breeze was strong and it provided much-needed relief from the scorching sun. We sat comfortably on a bench, overlooking the walls, tower and more of the strait, and couldn't ask for more. I also figured out what 2010 meant. Istanbul is the European Capital of Culture for year 2010 and the guy had meant to ask if we were part of the team. Geez, now I wished I had said I'm Neo and I'm from the future.

The silence was broken by an old balding man shouting at the top of his voice at some journalist. He must be the director - they are allowed to be eccentric and curse at anyone as and when they prefer. He had managed to shepherd the journalist from one end of the road to the other and then back with his over-the-top shouting and antics. I wanna grow up and be a director in the future - I can be mean and nobody can say nothing.

With 7pm approaching, the security guards wanted to chase Ania and I out of the fortress.

"We're with 2010" I told the security guard and we proceeded to the amphitheater where I had every intention to catch the performance (which we had later learned would start at 9pm). I learn fast. ;)

It was unfortunate that rain poured down on us at 7.15pm. Ania and I made a made rush for the shelter under the gate of the fortress. We decided it wasn't worth the 2 hour wait in the rain for a performance that involved a crazy director and back to Taksim we went. So Bebek remained elusive to me still, just like how women are always to men.

Chris and I met up for dinner and gosh, is he in bad shape or what. He suffered from food poisoning this morning and all I can say is he looked like a truck ran him over. We grabbed a quick burger at McDonald's and I thought that'll cheer me up but it provided little comfort - for reasons known only to me for now, and hopefully, good reasons. The rain poured down on us again. Boo! We took shelter at an electronic store and after answering some of my questions about a 32Gb micro-SD card, the staff asked "Are you married?"

"No, but my boyfriend is over there"  I said, while holding back my laughter, and pointed to Chris. I walked quickly over to Chris and muttered "You are my boyfriend for two minutes, Chris".

Outside the store, I realised I should have said "No, but that's my husband over there". After all, Chris is now the new stalker.

I always have the most fun. :)

The Ex-Hubby Catches Up

So Chris and I travelled to Sofia together, then through Bulgaria with Slav, Vihra & Bibi for a whole week. His entourage of wives must have made him a very happy man.

As much as I am a fan of Big Love (the telly series), I don't fancy myself in a polygamy relationship. So I left the lesser wives and hubby to head for Istanbul.

Now, six days in the hot, humid city of Istanbul, I got a message and it was Chris telling me he's coming to this city too.

Too soon, the ex-hubby catches up. He must know that I am where the fun is. ;)

I Don't Care For A BMW

Mo: When are you coming to Beirut?
Brown-nii: Maybe August.
Mo: I might be in KL, still not sure.
Brown-nii: It's okie. I will go out with your friends
Mo: Hehe. Ya, I will inform them. You'll like them a lot.
Brown-nii:  Are they cute? I only want to go out with cute boys.
Mo: They are ugly and boring and smelly.
Brown-nii:  Yikes, then i dont wanna meet them.
Mo: Mmmm.. I'll tell my best friend. He has a car. BMW.
Brown-nii: I have told you before.. I don't want BMW.
Mo: It's the latest model and new.
Brown-nii: BMW is too small for me. I want aeroplane.

I didn't lie. I don't care for a BMW.

The Woes of A Traveller

A email from Chewy.

Hi Pi,

You still have tax balance outstanding, quickly go pay..

Also, every time u draw cash, there's a $5 surcharge, should budget a bit to prevent the surcharge, will add up to a lot..

Travel safe, miss you!

My reply
Me no money to pay. Make them come to Istanbul to find me!

Istanbul has 70 million residents. Let's see how resourceful our government is.

Here I am trying to save some money to extend my trip and there the IRAS is trying to make me pay income tax. Aargh!

They must understand I have no income now!

Their Weddings, My Schedule

While chatting on msn, Minnie (whose real name is Chitmanas but she is dearest Minnie to me) mentioned something about Annie's wedding photo...

Brown-nii: So, when is your wedding?
Minnie: This year, this year. When will you be back in SG?
Brown-nii: Which month? I go back in Nov.
Minnie: Maybe Dec.
Brown-nii: Oh ya, you mentioned it before. And I told you it cannot be Dec 11 because my best friend is getting married on that day. I cannot attend two weddings in SG and Bangkok on the same day. Hee.
Minnie: 18 Dec? Can?
Brown-nii: Make it Christmas period. It's special.
Minnie: Yes, maybe.
Brown-nii: Okie, so Christmas period. I will not go anywhere but Thailand.
Minnie: Okay! *smiles* 

Everyone around me plans their weddings around me. ;)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

How Can I Help?

"How can I help u spend your money?"

The above is the best line I've ever heard from any sales person. And this I hear in Istanbul.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

We Grew Up Together

Sylvana and I felt like we grew up together. Just on different continents.

The Sun Follows Me

I brought the sun and it rained non--stop in Singapore. And the sun shines like there's no tomorrow in Istanbul.

I feel like I'm back home, only without the Singlish.

Same Old Shit

I left Europe to find myself back in Europe-wannabe. Aargh! Should I book myself a flight to Iraq just to get out of the zone?

Friday, 23 July 2010


I learned to play Backgammon against "the best player in Europe and Middle East" today!

I won my first game of Backgammon against "the best player in Europe and Middle East" today!

Dehayim! :)

One of The Few Times

And I keep forgetting YouTube is banned in Istanbul!

One of the few times when I want to watch something on youtube and I can't... Aargh!

Thursday, 22 July 2010


I got my ears pierced today at the pharmacy - a second set of ear holes. It was more painful than I thought it'd have been. And I have a high threshold for pain, for crying out loud!

I must have been that bored in Istanbul. No, just kidding. No, maybe not.

Mrs Wayne-To-Be

When Annie sent this picture over, I told her "OMG! You didn't get married without telling me first!"

Turned, out, she didn't. They were trying on gowns at an event.

Phew! I wanna attend an HK-style wedding so badly!


How the hell do we end up where we are now?

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I Stand & Stare

There were 300000 vehicles, 200000 pedestrians, and one Wynnii lost among them all in Osmanbey.

The traffic on the street was chaotic and a policeman was trying to direct traffic with his oh-so-useful (read: useless) whistle. I cannot help but stare at the vehicles, pedestrians and street vendors - none of which obeyed traffic rules.

Welcome to Istanbul!

The Full History

With the above image Emin drew, you will be able to fully comprehend the history behind the Ottoman Empire, Turks, Kurds and religions in Turkey.

And if you don't, you need to go back to school. I mean, seriously! How much clearer must it be?

The Sleep Monster

The sleep monster never waste an opportunity to sleep.

I sleep on bus rides, car rides, train rides, plane rides, ferry rides.

That will explain the love I have for my inflatable travel neck pillow. :)

Russian Bus Roulette

I have this bad habit of not noting down the plate number of the coach I'm travelling in when we make pit stop for toilet break. And what happens?

When I get back from the toilet, I stand on the pavement and ponder for about a minute before I pick the coach which colour I liked best. Then I pray very hard it's the right one I've picked.

So far, this method has worked and I've reached my destinations without mishaps.

Yeah, I could have been so good at Russian roulette.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A Watery Farewell

It is said that in Bulgaria, when someone goes away to foreign land, you would splash water on the ground and the person has to walk across the water. This symbolises a smooth sailing journey for the voyager.

Today, it poured heavily two hours before I have catch my bus to Istanbul. Vehra said my journey will be perfect, given the TORRENT rain.

The irony of a smooth journey. The rain flooded the roads.

Unexpected Efforts

Sometimes, the most unexpected thing happens and the person you don't expect to rely on makes the most unexpected effort for you. We are even now. :)

My Body Is Angry

I don't know if I told you already but I've started eating vegetables since early this year. Not only those in burgers now but real tomatoes, leafy greens and many more. Yikes!

I ain't kidding you. Case in point.

You'd think eating greens is good for the body eh. Mine is angry!

And We Go Away From Europe

The rays of the evening Sun burst through the cotton candy that hangs aimlessly 2000 feet above the puddle of rainwater I just stepped into. I am on my way to Istanbul!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Death Wish

Email thread between crazy Brown-nii and a crazier Irish

Just been on to Shine, two prime seats reserved! So, all organised.

I recommend getting some good sleep before coming to Ireland again. Also, get some hiking in. I've plans for us on the morning after the wedding! I think we've seen enough castles! 

Hiking after the wedding? Are you out of your mind? I don't think we will be sleeping till 10am the day after the wedding!

What is it with everyone making me go hiking? Tell me, who let the "secret" about me desperately wanting to conquer every mountain out of the bag?

Who said anything about sleeping?

Trust me about the mountain, I've got plans. At least I'm not going with one of my Swimming nude under moon light idea, although behavior like that is sporadic and unpredictable. 

Trusting you and your plans is like jumping into the shark-infested water with bloody fish strapped around me - a death wish.

Something along those lines.

Shake It Like You Mean It

In Bulgaria, one would shake his head while saying "Da", which means yes.

I asked Vihra why that is so.

One of the theory is that when the Turks invaded in the past, they wanted to convert everyone to Islam and they do so by holding a knife across a person's neck. It's then logical that one would shake his head while saying "Da" for fear of getting his neck cut if one nodded.


I still have so much to learn about the world!

Wink & Smile

I recall your wink and I smile.

The Million Star Hotel

Today, for the first time in my life, I'm camping on the beach. When I lie down and look up, the view is beyond amazing!

I see the milky way, the dipper and countless shooting stars.

The waves beating against the sandy shore is strangely comforting and calming. I felt at peace. This is exactly what I needed to clear my head and be rid of the recent troubles.

Another curveball from life, another homerun from me. :)

PS: Slavyana calls it the "million star hotel". 

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Glee in Greece

Day trip to Greece from Bulgaria today!!! Now, I can die happy. Wait, Italy awaits still. Maybe after Italy.

Speaking Greek

You know how when you dont understand someone and you say the person is speaking Greek? What happens when the person is really speaking Greek?

I'm in Greece for the day! :)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Message In A Bottle

Something like a message in a bottle. You are desperate and you write it and you throw it into the ocean, hoping it would get somewhere and do some good. Even though you know it most probably won't, because the ocean is too large and you are too little. And you do your best not to hope, like a fatuous bastard, that there may, one day, be a sequel. Or even a trilogy :P

Monday, 12 July 2010

Don't Act Smart

Google always collects information about my whereabouts and then changes the language of the sites I am at to "suit" my locale and with that, confusing me because I can't freaking read Serbian!

As the saying goes "Being smart is one thing, acting smart is another".

The Love Story

A mosquito buzzed around my ear and I tried to slap at it. Then he told me this story he heard in Africa.

A very long time ago when Ear was a beautiful woman and ready for marriage, there were several suitors wooing her. There were big creatures, there were small creatures. There were fast and sleek creatures and there were slow ones. But they all professed their love for Ear and demonstrated their skills – and there was such an impressive array of skills that Ear had a difficult time making a decision. Then along came mosquito.

"I would like you to be my wife", proposed Mosquito.

Ear was so offended by this affront. "Look around you!" she cried. "Of all the people and creatures in the whole world, what makes you think I can entertain such a thought?" Ear was distressed. "Marry you?!!" she continued. "You will be dead before the week is over. You're not strong, you're weak and I will never marry you!"

Ear was exhausted from this tirade and she fell into her seat, fanning herself vigorously like she was trying to get any image of Mosquito out of her head. Meanwhile, Mosquito was really hurt by all that Ear said. It was very embarrassing to be talked to like that in front of all the other creatures who were whispering to each other and giggling. Apparently, they all agreed with Ear. "Dead before the week is over," thought Mosquito as he slunk away. "We'll see about that."

And from that day forward, whenever Mosquito sees Ear, he flies up to her and says "Emi re, mi o ti ku", which in English means "Here I am, I am not dead."

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Hostelworld Announces World’s Best Hostels

Hostelworld announced the winners of its coveted Hoscars (HOStelworld Customers Annual Ratings) recently in Dublin, Ireland. The 8th annual Hoscar awards ceremony took place to recognize the best hostels in the world, voted for by 1 million Hostelworld customers in 2009.

For the second year, running Lisbon’s Travellers House Hostel received the top honor as the best hostel in the world. Rossio Hostel and Lisbon Lounge Hostel received the second and third place spots on the list. Five of the hostels in this year’s top 10 world’s best worldwide hostels are located in Lisbon, Portugal, indicating that Lisbon is a customer favorite when it comes to best value budget accommodations.
More than 23,000 properties from around the world featured on were eligible for the awards. Voting for the awards was based on six criteria: character, security, location, staff, fun and cleanliness. The winning hostels were voted for by those who matter the most: the customers who booked their accommodation online and rated and reviewed the hostels after their stay in 2009. 

Here’s a list of the world’s best hostel winners from the 2010 Hoscar awards:

Top 10 Worldwide Hostels


Top Ten Hostels in the U.S.



What If I Don't

I logged into FB and I was told to answer a few security questions because I'm logging in from an unfamiliar location.

One of the security feature involved me having to pick the correct person from a displayed list to match the picture they show of a friend.

Geez! What if I didn't recognised my own friends?

Not For Me

Don't make my decisions for me.

I have a good head above my shoulder. Okay, maybe not a good head but still, don't make my decisions for me.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Watch & Learn

Michal sent the link to this youtube video over and wrote "Watch and learn".

Yeah, I'm sooo going to be awesome at Salsa after watching this, Michal. Watch out when I come back to London!

The Great Escape

Alvin wrote "In any case, enjoy your great escape!"

Wii replied "I like how you call my travel "my great escape". Haha."

Monday, 5 July 2010

Warwick Avenue by Duffy

When I get to Warwick Avenue
Meet me by the entrance of the tube
We can talk things over a little time
Promise me you wont step out of line

When I get to Warwick Avenue
Please drop the past and be true
Don't think we're okay
Just because I'm here
You hurt me bad but I won't shed a tear

I'm leaving you for the last time baby
You think you're loving
But you don't love me
I've been confused
Outta my mind lately
You think you're loving
But I want to be free
Baby you've hurt me

When I get to Warwick Avenue
We'll spend an hour but no more than two
Our only chance to speak once more
I showed you the answers, now here's the door

When I get to Warwick Avenue
I'll tell you baby that we're through

'Cause I'm leaving you for the last time baby
You think you're loving
But you don't love me
I've been confused
And outta my mind lately
You think you're loving
But you don't love me
I want to be free
Baby you've hurt me

All the days spent together
I wish for better
But I didn't want the train to come
Now it's departed, I'm broken hearted
Seems like we never started
All those days spent together
When I wished for better
And I didn't want the train to come
No, no

You think you're loving
But you don't love me
I want to be free
Baby you've hurt me
You don't love me
I want to be free
Baby you've hurt me

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Valley

When u stepped into Vienna, one of the most beautiful city in the world, and u are not excited by its world-class architecture, u know u have hit a rut.

After five weeks on the road, after five weeks of breath-taking scenery, magnificent ancient and modern architecture, after five weeks of listening to Lady Gaga and Kesha over and over again on the radio across ten different countries, I am feeling a little tired from all the beauty. :(

This is just a valley, and the peak will come after. Soon, I hope.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

We Ban Gum for Good Reason

When I stepped on a piece of gum in the main square of Bratislava, I exclaimed, "This is the reason why we ban gum in Singapore!"

The foresight of our oh-so-fabulous government!

I Feel Silly Again

Sitting at a café and writing about mum and I started tearing. How very silly.

Thank goodness I am the only patron.

Just an Accident

Stalker dear has decided to accidentally dialed my mobile phone at 12.53am in the morning.

I am sitting here in front of my computer in Bratislava when the phone rang. I was thinking that she got the different time zones mixed up again and called her back via Skype.

"I called you accidentally", she said.

Some habits die hard.

Monday, 28 June 2010

I Thought Wrong

I thought I have attended some awesome parties since I started travelling. I thought I have meet some awesome people since I started travelling. I had honestly thought I have.

Last night, everything I thought I knew was thrown out of the window.

The night lasted till day. I found myself enjoying McDonald's breakfast at 8am and lovin' it. Then later, I walked barefooted home. The heels dug their tentacles into my feet deep and I was having none of it no more. Chris didn't blink an eye when I took my shoes off but the Hungarians took more than a second look.

"The crazy Asian girl is at it again" must have popped into their heads.

Friday, 25 June 2010

We Read Each Other's Mind

This morning, I logged into Skype and finally saw Stalker dear online. Without hesitation, I proceeded to call her and we finally "saw" each other over the webcam after almost two months.

15 minutes into chatting with the love of my life, I picked up my phone and saw a message that she had sent earlier in the day to ask when is a good time for her to call and catch up with me.

Our love runs deep and we truly are connected on a different level. We read each other's mind even though we are thousand of miles apart. This is what true love is made of. ;)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

If I Did

Yvonne asked why I haven't uploaded (onto facebook) pics of the cute guys I've met on my trip.

To which I replied "If I did meet any, I won't have time to post pics". *wink*

One Love After Another

Rode on a ferris wheel in a salt mine!

Followed by Toy Story 3D movie is a luxurious cinema!

Ended the day with watching a ballet performance at the Romanian Cluj National Theatre!

My day is complete even if I have to brave the rain again. :)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A Rainy Day


Lost in Translation

While at a cafe in Cluj, Brown-nii only had a hundred Romanian Lei note for a bill of 9 Romanian Lei and the waitress said "Don't worry. That gentleman over there took care of your bill".

So my good luck continues! :)

Monday, 21 June 2010

Let's Play Hide & Seek

Pit stop at Sighişoara while driving from Sibiu to Cluj was a delightful decision. I loved strolling, exploring, and getting lost in small towns alone.

The only thing that's missing? Dracula with real fangs jumping out of an alleyway to complete the adventure.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

I Wonder Why Do All Good Things Come To An End?

Why do all good things come to an end?
Nelly sings it well.

Honestly, what will become of me?
I don't like reality
It's way too clear to me

But really life is dandy
We are what we don't see
We miss everything daydreaming

Flames to dust
Lovers to friends
Why do all good things come to an end?

Flames to dust
Lovers to friends
Why do all good things come to an end?

Come to an end, come to an
Why do all good things come to an end?
Come to an end, come to an
Why do all good things come to an end?

Traveling I always stop at exits
Wondering if I'll stay
Young and restless
Living this way I stress less

I want to pull away when the dream dies
The pain sets it and I don't cry
I only feel gravity and I wonder why

Flames to dust
Lovers to friends
Why do all good things come to an end?

Flames to dust
Lovers to friends
Why do all good things come to an end?

Come to an end, come to an
Why do all good things come to an end?
Come to an end, come to an
Why do all good things come to an end?

Dogs were whistling a new tune
Barking at the new moon
Hoping it would come soon
So that they could die

Dogs were whistling a new tune
Barking at the new moon
Hoping it would come soon
So that they could die

Die, die, die

Flames to dust
Lovers to friends
Why do all good things come to an end?

Flames to dust
Lovers to friends
Why do all good things come to an end?

Come to an end, come to an end
Why do all good things come to an end?
Come to an end, come to an end
Why do all good things come to an end?

Well the dogs were barking at the new moon
Whistling a new tune
Hoping it will come soon

And the sun was wondering if it should
Stay away for a day ?til the feeling went away
And the sky was falling
And the clouds were dropping
And the rain forgot how to bring salvation

The dogs were tune barking at the new moon
Whistling a new tune
Hoping it would come soon
So that they could die

Such A Lovely Couple

We paid a visit to Astra and I was bowled over by the traditional Romanian houses and old school bowling alley. No pun intended.

I've snagged myself a Mister Dracula! We do make such a lovely couple, don't we? ;)

I believe we are getting married in a castle - just like how Joey had wished for me.

If Only She Could See What I See

She must have loved travelling as much as I do.

A family overseas trip was an annual affair – she’d made sure we were rewarded for studying hard. Chewy, Owen and I would always get so excited about where we were going - Australia, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand. We were even excited just to go to Malaysia.

I wished she had the chance to see the world like I do but fate dealt her a cruel hand.

Mummy, thank you for giving me the travelling bug.

And Thy Plant The Seed

A live Tango-jazz orchestra concert in the courtyard of the Brukenthal Museum takes me back to when I was 12.

A violin teacher came to my primary school and took the stage. After he finished playing, I knew I wanted to be able to do exactly what he did. When it was announced that violin lessons would be introduced as a paid extra-curriculum activity (which was unheard of at that time) in school, I jumped at the chance. I still remember I had to persuade dad and mum for days to allow me to join, even promising to study even harder. My persistence paid off and I was the first to sign up for the violin class in school.

A year of piano lessons the year before meant I could read music notes already and I learned quickly. A few students were chosen to perform at a school concert and I was one of the lucky few. You can’t even begin to imagine my excitement and joy. I remember one of the songs we played was Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.And at this point in time, I should smugly mention that I performed at a school event with the violin.

Alas, it was the year of PSLE. Mum pulled me out of violin class after half a year to concentrate on my studies. I cried my eyes out. Ever since, I have always wanted to pick up violin lessons again but you know how it is like – you get distracted with everything else in the world.

On hindsight, the lessons are the catalysts for me falling in love with the arts. I love Europe for its arts and more arts.

And maybe violin lessons again when I return to Singapore…

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Big & Small Square

We drove to Sibiu and our host's (Ovidiu) place is two steps away from Piata Mare also called the Big Square. I am loving my luck! The city center is gorgeous and like Bruges, it's surreal.

In true Romanian tradition, Ovidiu welcomed us with a drink of rajika. I love how everyone in the Balkans have their "home-made, from the village" rajika for their guests! If it ain't home-made and from the village, it ain't real rajika.

Delicious dinner of mushrooms and palenta at a restaurant near sister Small Square filled my tummy. I miss the food back home badly! I am going to eat so much chilli crab when I get back home.

The McDonald's not in the city's Big Square though. Boo! How will I survive? No, seriously.

A Different Kind of Pedestrian

If you see water buffaloes roaming the street and motorway that you're driving on, you know you are not in familiar territory.

Waaaaaay out of comfort zone! Wooohoooo!

Welcome to România!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Make A Wish

Shooting star above fortress of Petrovaradin in Novi Sad. I closed my eyes, made a wish and saw the future - an extremely happy one. :)

Don't Rain On Carmen's Parade

Today, Serbia performed a miracle and beat Germany in the World Cup Group-D game.

I would like to claim all the credit for this. Ivan (our host) was reluctant to head out for the night because he couldn't drink (he's on some antibiotics). I told him that I will pray for Serbia to win and if, by miracle, Serbia does, he couldn't say no to going out. Serbia won because of me, or rather, my strong desire to go out dancing.. ;)

I spent the afternoon strolling the street of Novi Sad alone and stumbled upon a few surprises - a ballet school, a bookstore which has my one of my favourite books (Eragon) in Serbian and falsies at an incredibly irresistible price.

In the evening, Carmen was being screen across Europe from Valencia, Spain in Trg Slobode as part of Viva Europa 2010. It poured 15 minutes into the screening and everyone ran for their lives. The storm wouldn't let up and I missed a great Opera performance. Damnit!

It is also today that I met my evil twin, Dragana. This girl's awesome sense of humour has me thinking that there could be more crazies like me out in the world. I just need to look harder to find them.

Later in the night, Tijana, Maya, Ivica and I danced till the sun comes out. With that much fun, I have decided to come back for EXIT festival in a few weeks!

Novi Sad is certainly a small town with huge surprises!

I Pick Phones

It seems like I can pick phone for a living.

I have this natural ability to find phones in the ladies' toilets, especially when I'm travelling.

One in KL, two in Tokyo, one in Bled.

I might have enough to open a mobile phone shop by the end of the year. But I always return the phones. If you lost yours, you'd want it back, don't you?

Sand & The City

The ominous dark clouds stood at a distance with a threatening stance. A strong gust of sudden wind blew up a sand storm. Sand storm in the city. That's a first for me.

The Balkan shows its true colours.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

I Have A Good Reason For My New Shoes

A bus tour around Belgrade took Andrew and I to the major sites in the comfort of the topless bus. I picked a strapless to to ensure I get to even out my tan. Haha!

In the afternoon, I continued my pampering regime and a pedicure ensue. I even bought a lovely pair of sandals. Look, it was absolutely necessary that I got myself a pair of new shoes so as not to ruin my pedicure. ;)

In the late afternoon, a supposedly one-hour drive to Novi Sad turned into two when I realised I had stupidly left my phone at Raymond's. Andrew must be hating me for that now. Oops.

Upon arriving in Novi Sad, I caught up with a bunch of CS-ers at Gusen restaurant. I have a feeling I am going to make a lot of new friends here - they are almost as crazy as I am. Just almost.

The Greatest Invention Ever

I have always said the microwave is the greatest invention ever.

The microwave explains half of my existence - I survive solely on McDonald's and instant noodles "cooked" in microwave. Now, the thing about me "cooking" is another post for another time.

It is said that what makes a great invention is how universally known it is..

Today, while at a petrol kiosk in Serbia, I wanted my sandwich to be heated up.

After 10 seconds of futile trying to tell the girl behind the counter what I wanted with my limited Serbian vocabulary, I paused for a moment. The next second, I told her "Ding!"

She understood me immediately and we, from two vastly different parts of the world, were instantly connected by a tiny but holy household appliance.

The greatness of the microwave rears its mighty head again!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I Bring The Party

As I keep reminding Andrew "I don't go to parties. I bring the party".

Kesha says the same thing about her. We'll make such good friends!

Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy (Hey, what up girl?)
Put my glasses on, I'm out the door - I'm gonna hit this city (Let's go)
Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack
'Cause when I leave for the night, I ain't coming back

I'm talking - pedicure on our toes, toes
Trying on all our clothes, clothes
Boys blowing up our phones, phones
Drop-toping, playing our favorite CD:s
Pulling up to the parties
Trying to get a little bit tipsy
Don't stop, make it pop
DJ, blow my speakers up
Tonight, Imma fight
'Til we see the sunlight
Tick tock, on the clock
But the party don't stop, no
Woah-oh oh oh
Woah-oh oh oh

Don't stop, make it pop
DJ, blow my speakers up
Tonight, Imma fight
'Til we see the sunlight
Tick tock, on the clock
But the party don't stop, no
Woah-oh oh oh
Woah-oh oh oh

Ain't got a care in world, but got plenty of beer
Ain't got no money in my pocket, but I'm already here
Now, the dudes are lining up 'cause they hear we got swagger
But we kick 'em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger

I'm talking about - errybody getting crunk, crunk
Boys trying to touch my junk, junk
Gonna smack him if he getting too drunk, drunk
Now, now - we goin' 'til they kick us out, out
Or the police shut us down, down
Police shut us down, down
Po-po shut us down
DJ, you build me up
You break me down
My heart, it pounds
Yeah, you got me
With my hands up
You got me now
You got that sound
Yeah, you got me

DJ, you build me up
You break me down
My heart, it pounds
Yeah, you got me
With my hands up
Put your hands up
Put your hands up

No, the party don't start until I walk in

The Whitest Boy Alive

Serbia has this rule that all visitors must be registered with the police by owner of the residence they put up at. Raymond (our host) couldn't register us because it's his school which rented his apartment for him and thus, Andrew and I spent the whole afternoon getting lost and trying to get a hostel to register us for our stay in Serbia.

If Singapore has no such rule, no other country should. We are the strictest country in the world, for crying out loud! We ban the sale of chewing gum! Beat that!

Anyway, finally, after getting a hostel to register us for a "token" amount, I needed to lift my spirits. And with that, I pampered myself with a manicure. I decided to go red this once, just for the fun of it. :)

In the evening, a big group of us headed out to a music concert held at Kalemegdan Fortress. The Whitest Boy alive turned out to be quite green and he put up quite a performance. Thumbs up!

After getting ourselves in the party mood, we headed out for some more merry-making on the boats that lined the Danube. 

Belgrade has a reputation for a party town and it definitely lived up to its reputation. Can't stop partying! Woohoo!! :)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My First Serbian Ballet

Andrew and I drove into Belgrade, parked the car, found the National Theatre and got ourselves two tickets to the ballet.

My very first ballet on the trip!!

To make the deal sweeter, the ticket was less than 15 euros. I have always paid exorbitant amount in Singapore!

Have I mentioned I adore ballet?

Monday, 14 June 2010

I Cried & Laughed Myself Silly

The Sarajevo Tunnel tour reminded me of Vietnam's CuChi tunnel tour. Again, the tears flow and I felt like so silly.

Exploring the streets of Sarajevo took a couple of hours and the scorching sun won't let up.

Later in the night, Alma, Andrew and I bumped into Alma's friends at a bar and we spent the next couple of hours laughing ourselves silly.

The better kind of silly.

Sense of Humour

Croatia has a good sense of humour. I like.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Let The Arts Fest Come To Me

Brown-nii is in Bosnia. Who would have believed that? Get out of here! (I love this line.)

It gets better. Brown-nii met three Singaporean guys (Azri, Terence, Terry) while she was getting supper at a pizzeria.

Then it gets even better, remember how I was saying I'm missing the Arts Fest back home? The three guys are part of the Arts Fest group which is representing Singapore! They are performing in Bosnia on Wednesday night. Such a pity, if not, I could say I caught the Singapore Arts Fest in Bosnia.

But the trio might be headed to Berlin in July. Who knows, I might just get to catch them in action then.