Sunday, 1 November 2009

One Lucky Girl Turns Unlucky

Remember what I wrote about me being lucky? Turns out, I AM truly lucky!

I received a pair of tickets to Victor/Victoria in the mail and was jumping for joy! I had wanted to buy tickets to this show way back in July but Joey stopped me. She said something along the lines of "You're getting from bad to worse, Wii. You should see a doc about your obsession with buying tickets before having company for shows!" (But I know she still loves me.)

I was just going to pencil the show into my cal when I realised the tickets are for 11 Nov - I'LL BE AWAY ON MY BIZ TRIP!

It's like deja vu! I got tickets to Hossan Leong last month and I had to go for driving lesson. I sent Ying and Joey along for the show. I got tickes to Victor/Victoria and I had to go for biz trip. I am sending Chewy and Alex along for the show.

People around me are going to the shows I want to go on my very behalf. Don't I feel generous? 

Now, I feel I am unluckily lucky. Boo.

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Qiujie said...

Don't worry, the musical sucked, you didn't miss much :)