Monday, 30 November 2009

Are You the Next Lucky Birthday Girl/Boy?

It's been a while since a birthday celebration and I'm getting bored of the no wild celebration situation. Whose birthday is coming up soon??? I wanna paint the town red!

Then again, do I need a reason to party?


Kids ran amok in the office on 25 Nov - all 54 of them.

I was taking charge of 23 kids, making sure they were entertained and fed.

Colleague: You got along very well with the kids!
Wii: Only when it's come to playtime.

Wii didn't want to add that she's a big kid herself and thus, will have no issue with understanding what makes a kid happy - happy meal, presents, lots of snacks and cartoons.

Look at Antoine working hard at answering phone calls. Of course we made the kids work - we won't say no to free labour! Haha.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

A Year Down The Road

It sounds so cliche but time really flies by in a blink of an eye. It's been a year since Mummy took her last breath with us at her bedside. Two weeks of non-stop crying and praying and hoping and pleading didn't work, and she left without saying goodbye.

With a last-minute request, Weihao came through (like he always does) and fetched Owen, Anmari and I to "visit" Mummy at Choa Chua Kang Columbarium. The columbarium was very empty today. No pun intended.

Weihao: This is quite a good place to hang out.
Wii: Do you know how morbid that sounds?

Only Weihao can come up with such idea. But I guess the "occupants" won't mind the company.

I do miss her but I know she's in a better place now. I don't wanna send everyone into a panic when they read this (especially you, E), but I do cry sometimes when I think of her. The tears flow uncontrollably and thankfully, this usually happens when I'm home. When the tears dry, I say to myself "She led a good life" and a faint smile will spread across my face. Wherever mummy is now, she'll be very pleased to know that Owen has grown up to be the man she would be proud of.

Now, you (yes, you in front of the screen) go make tea for your mum who has worked tirelessly to take care of your every need.

PS: Weihao, thanks for the ride and the educational talk on the "secrets" of the military. You know now that the military is after you right?

Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Stars Are Not Saying Much

Usually, at the beginning of each month, I will message a few people or one person and have them choose numbers corresponding to the numbers of days that month has. Then, I will post what the stars say on the chosen dates. No idea why I didn't do it for Nov. Maybe I didn't feel particularly close to anyone this month?

Source of Misery

My left shoulder has been aching for the past couple of days and the ache has turned into pain. I have finally identified the source of this misery. It's the guitar! I was carrying it around for a good 30 minutes on Tuesday night.

The things I do for the things I do. Damnit.

Forget the Mistake

When you make a mistake, forget the mistake but not the lesson.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Quote a Quote

Came across this quote online "Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, it doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have". 

Everyone has their own idea of what love is, right? The next time you wonder if your significant other loves you, just remember he or she may be loving you in his or her own little ways.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Countdown to D-day

In less than a month, Wii is getting her driver's licence!

I didn't write much about the driving lessons but I clocked 38 hours behind the wheels from 19 Sept to 14 Oct. That's an average of 12 hours/week. I don't even put that much hours into my studies!

The roads of the world awaits my arrival in a stick shift~

The legal arrival. ;)

Friday, 20 November 2009

Penguins Are Friends, Not Food!

An idiot who shall remained unnamed sent this over, thinking I'd appreciate the fact that leopard seals are making friends with human beings. Penguins are the friends, NOT seals!

I need a bowl of eternal happiness now! And I'd better not let Linguinii see this video...

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Vegas in 2012

When I watched 2012 (the movie), it's amazing how I can recognise the damaged buildings of Vegas as they fall apart and into the cracks of the Earth's crust.

"That's the Wynn! And that's Caesar's palace!" I cried out in the theatre.

Oh, how I miss Vegas and great ol' USA.

She'd Be Proud

Ben said Mummy would be proud of me. I didn't realised I have mentioned her at least a million times during the course of these couple of days.

It's 29 Nov soon, I guess that's why.

A Bowl of Eternal Happiness

I believe I have found the recipe to eternal happiness.
  1. Add one part Honey Os
  2. Add one part Frosties
  3. Add two parts fresh milk
  4. Stir mix gently for 10 seconds
Voila, recipe for eternal happiness!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Speaking of Death

A certain someone close to me has been talking about death non-stop. He has been feeling ill for a couple of weeks and when I suggested a visit to the doc, he resisted the idea as if the act of visiting the doc is death itself.

"Then what are you going to do?" I asked.
"Wait for death lor", came the reply.

I hate to have to listen people talk like this. These people clearly have no idea what's death or what it meant to lose someone close to them, which is why they can only talk shit. Death is no joking matter and life's too short to be kidding about such things. If you don't give a shit about feelings of the people around you having to listen to such depressing talk, I'd suggest you to zip it. And talk is cheap. Have some balls to do something about it.

Only boys can be this stupid.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

But I've Got Balls

Overheard over a Indian lunch of yellow rice, spicy chicken, some suspicious-looking unspicy mutton and really spicy prawns...
Ben: It's difficult to explain to you because you don't have testicles.
Wii: I don't have testicles but I have balls. *wink*

PS: Nope, the food had nothing to do with the conversation but I thought I'd make the conversion a little spicier. Haha.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Speak Perfectly

I think I can speak pretty perfect Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia now after a trip to Penang/Langkawi and Jakarta/Bandung in two consecutive weeks.

Nasi Lemak, Mee Rebus, Mee Soto, Soto Ayam, Gado gado, Ikan... The list goes on. :)

The most important of all - Saya tak tahu.

All Well's That Ends Well

So I arrived in Jakarta in the morning of 7th with no plans, no contacts, no accommodation (I can just imagine the look on E's face when he reads this. He must be panicking on my behalf. He used to tell me "I'm concerned that you're not concerned". I believed he still thinks of me as a little kid, which I am at heart but not physically. One can only yearn for eternal youth but I digress).

I tried to look for accommodation online but my laptop had to die on me at this critical moment. I thought the four-leaf clover is supposed to make me super lucky? I almost slammed the ThinkPad on the floor but then recalled that it won't do any good cos the hard disk will be able withstand the impact but I'll have to explain to the IT dept why the screen is cracked.

I then decided I should just head to Bandung and not have to wake up at an ungodly hour the next morning to rush to Bandung. I paid Rp100,000 for a mini-van ride (which departed at 1pm) and three hours later, I stepped foot on Bandung. Upon recommendation by a staff at the terminal (note that the word "terminal" is used loosely here cos the terminal is really just a small little office), I checked myself into a hotel/residence called Cherry Homes which is not exactly a proper hotel. Well, for Rp188,000, I get a pretty clean room and my own bathroom, so I'm not complaining. But I'm definitely looking forward to my stay at Sheraton from tomorrow night onwards.

After dropping my barang (I'm tempted to type "parang") in the room, I decided to head out. Not knowing what I could do, I asked for recommendations by the hotel staff. They suggested I visit Paris van Java, which is supposedly an outlet mall. Seeing as the sun is about to set soon and I have no other plans, a visit to the mall sounds good, although I wasn't planning to shop. Turns out Paris van Java is a really nice mall and I loved the many lovely outdoor restaurants that lined one end of the mall. The weather in Bandung is much cooler due to its geographical location - it's in a Valley - and I can imagine myself hanging out in the alfresco dining area with my friends at Paris van Java, trying out a different restaurant every week.

After wandering around the mall for two hours or so, I met up with L (Vienna was so worried about me not knowing a single soul and pulled all stops to put me in contact with her friend, L - who wishes to remain anonymous).

A snippet of our conversation in the hour-long crazy traffic jam.
L: Are you here alone?
Wii: Yes, alone for two days before my colleagues arrive on Mon.
L: You're very brave. My Singaporean friends never dared to come here alone.
Wii: Hmm... I don't feel unsafe at all. The people here are quite friendly.
L: Also, my Singaporean friends usually hold onto the seatbelt when they are on the roads.
Wii: What? Why?
L: Because they are scared of the traffic here.
Wii: Traffic is a little crazy here but you're driving and you know the roads here, so I'm not worried. (Just as I was saying this, two crazy riders came too close for comfort beside the car. I wonder how many accidents there are a day.)
L (asking for the 3rd time): Okay, are you sure you want to eat roadside stores? My Singaporean friends usually won't want to eat at such places. I don't want you to get sick and miss your meeting
Wii (chuckling): Yes, I really wanna try some local food at those stores. Now that you think I'm brave enough to come here along, I'd be brave enough to eat at such places. Don't worry. I won't hold you responsible if I get sick from the food.

Upon my insistence, L brought me to an area near Braga for dinner. I had some Ayam Soto and fried tofu with sweet sauce. Then we had dumplings in ginger soup for dessert. The ginger soup brought back plenty of childhood memories of mummy preparing this dish when the weather turned cold.

After dinner, we make our way to Ciwalk to catch Astroboy the movie. It was a premier theatre and it's similar to our Gold Class theatre here. You get your own reclining seat and your mineral water come served on a silver platter. Pull the drawer next to you out and voila, you get your own blanket. Now, I really understand the appeal of business class air travel. No wonder they named coach as cattle class

Guess what? I actually woke up to have breakfast. I'm guessing it's because of the time difference (Bandung is an hour behind SG) and thus, waking up at 9.30am (SG time) means I'm in time for breakfast in Indonesia!

After breakfast, I made my way to Sheraton and was pretty pleased with my huge-ass room and bathroom. I can't wait to watch the match of the season later that night, Man U vs Chelsea on the huge-ass telly.

A check with the concierge revealed I don't have enough time to visit the volcano crater. It was also too expensive for me to head up to the crater alone. That was a disappointment! I had planned to ride a horse up the crater and take some nice pictures of me jumping at the crater. Next time, perhaps.

In the late morning, I paid a visit to the hotel L is working at. It's a really odd to see a modern, glass-facade tall building alongside a row of dilapidated buildings. I love the executive suite with its own dining area, mini kitchen, and of course, the outdoor balcony - the perfect place for a gathering with lots of booze! Very frou frou~

After the visit, L brought me a the Nanny's Pavillion for a late lunch. It's a cosy little eatery which exudes lots of old-school charm. With its painted rattan chairs, vintage teacups hanging off wall-hooks and oh-so-cute menu, I can't help but fall in love with this place. My chocolate ice-cream waffles and chocolate milkshake makes me a very happy Wii for the rest of the day.

L then dropped me off at the real outlet malls and I spent the next hour being bored by the lousy fashion and retail offering. I just am not into shopping anymore. So I decided to pamper myself a little and went for a massage. The coconut milk and lemongrass body scrub left me smelling perfect for the day. I went back to the hotel and after a change of clothes, I'm out again!

This time, I'm having dinner at Blind Restaurant @ Ciwalk with Dimaz. This is a concept restaurant and the concept is to have customers eat in pitch-blackness. The idea behind it is that with all distractions and attacks on our sensory system in today's busy life, one forget to savour the food we put into our mouths, so by eating in the dark, and thereby, taking away our sense of sight (which is the most depended sense), we are forced to use and focus on our other senses. 

Before we were led into the dining room on the second floor, we were instructed to remove all mobile phones, watches and illuminating objects. Then we were led into a very, very, very dark corridor and into a very, very, very dark room. We had to place our hands onto the shoulders of the person in front of us and walked very, very, very slowly to the seats. 

Silly Wii realised she made a very silly mistake of ordering chicken chop with mushroom sauce - she can't possibly touch the food with her bare hands and thus, have to poke at the food blindly! No pun intended. Surprisingly, she managed to finish her chicken chop, fries and managed to avoid the carrots altogether! The waiter confirmed this. Blind or not, she ain't putting no veggies in her system!

I loved the experience and the concept of this place. I could really taste the saltiness of the mushroom sauce and slightly burnt chicken skin. On top of that, the blind get employment opportunities. How cool is that! 

One thing though, we went into and left the dining room without a chance to see how the room looked like. I could have been eating with cockroaches running around my feet for all I know...

After dinner, Dimaz took me on a mini tour of Bandung, where I saw the Museum of African Conference, hotel where Charlie Chaplin once stayed, very retro train tracks and some other buildings. He said my trip is complete since I have a picture of me in front of the museum. Yeah!

After that, it was back to the hotel for the match of the season. Dimaz is a huge Chelsea fan and you can imagine the tension between the both of us when we watched Man U and Chelsea in action. After a humiliating defeat and Dimaz' non-stop gloating, I kicked him out of the hotel room at 2am in the morning (not literally, of course). 

Look at the view outside my balcony! I met up with Dimaz after training and we headed to a cozy little bar for a drink with his friends. Dimaz is convinced that all Chinese know Kungfu and are very familiar with the culture of Chinese zombies. He wants me to write him a yellow tailsmen for protection. In blood, no less.

After that, we headed to town for a game of pool. It's interesting how whenever I meet new friends, I somehow end up playing pool with them. It happened in Australia, KL, Singapore and now, Bandung.

Good thing I can hold my own against the boys. ;)

Dimaz sent me back to the hotel on a 100km/hr motorbike ride on the bumpy roads of Bandung and  I'm convinced I wanna get my rider's licence after my driver's licence. 

While at dinner @ The Valley, I had some insightful chat with my colleagues and it's nice to know all of us have connected over the course of a short few days and are 

Dinner was followed by a night of merry-making @ a bar named Cloud 9 with my colleagues to mark the end of our 3-day training event (on the next day). I am overjoyed that I laid my hands on two Indonesian Cola bottles! I've been trying to buy them off the street vendors but none are too willing to sell me. 

I'm not telling how much we've had to drink that night but let's just say, I broke my personal record of 4 tequila shots. And there were some very discriminating pictures of everyone!

I had so much fun interacting with and getting to know my Indonesian colleagues over the course of three days. Most of the time, I don't understand what they are saying in Bahasa Indonesia but they still make me laugh my guts out! I know I'm going to miss them when I'm back in SG.
On Thursday morning, I went into our Jakarta office after a good night's rest at Intercon Jakarta. Another huge-ass room and a huge-ass bed and a huge-ass bedroom. Seriously, do I need all this space?

After lunch, it started to pour cats and dogs and soon, the roads were flooded. In Singapore, when one says the roads are flooded, he meant the water level is ankle deep. In Jakarta, when one says the roads are flooded, he meant the water level is KNEE DEEP. I wished I was able to capture some pictures of that through the car window but visibility was very poor and I most certainly don't want rain flooding the car if I were to wind the window down. Good thing the expressway was not flooded too badly or I won't have made my flight back to Singapore. But I'm not complaining if I didn't make it. Haha. 

Note:  There are so many things I want to do but didn't get a change to - ride a horse up to the volcano, ride on the green bus and shout "kiri kiri", eat at Macas, visit the strawberry farm. I'm so going back to Bandung to get these done!

PS: I think this is the first time in a long time that I've typed so much about a trip. :)

Monday, 9 November 2009

You'd Better Not Be a Chelsea Fan

Watching Man U lose to our archenemy in the comfort of a Sheraton suite doesn't make it any comforting at all. Boo.

I'm kicking the next Chelsea fan I meet.

Friday, 6 November 2009

I Think I've Just Become Crazier

I'm flying out to Jakarta tomorrow morning with no plans, no contacts, no accommodation booked. I think I've became just that bit crazier.

Wait, I do have a plan! I am going to Bandung to drink bandung. The question is really "How to get to Bandung..."

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Missed lunch bus. Headed to hair salon instead. Half an inch. Snip. One inch. Snip snip. Five inches. Snip snip snip.

I thought I said one inch? I don't remember the last time my hair was this short!

People are consoling me by saying I look "fresh". Does that mean I looked "preserved" previously?

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Wii Rocks On

First guitar lesson today and I attended without a guitar. I am thinking if I can rock it out on Guitar Hero, it shouldn't be too difficult or too different from me rocking it out on a real guitar.

Wii will, Wii will rock you~ Wahaha...

Eight Crazy Girls over Five Crazy Days

Selamat Datang to Penang!
Penang Hill funicular ride reminds me of  Barcelona's. Temporary henna tattoo for the summer love that won't last (read below). Foggy view of the city didn't impress. Just as was the lunch at Ayar Itam.
Two hour journey to firefly tour operator has our butts hurting from the 1½ hr bus ride. Being able to hold a firefly in my palm - priceless. Disappointing supper at Gurney Drive. I thought Penang was a food paradise?
Highlight of the day - Fucking pigeon pooped its whole intestines on my dress. I hereby swear to eat more roasted pigeon in vengeance. Another reason to visit Annie in HK. (If only Annie had flown in to join us for this trip...)

Selamat Datang to Langkawi!
Too early ferry ride to Langkawi (Joey and I suspected the ride was timed to arrive when the lousy movie ended). Why do I have to wake up so early when I'm on vacation?!
Long trek up Seven Wells waterfall for a splashing good time. When the girls wanted to visit the waterfall, I'd thought they meant "arrive, take a million pictures, leave". They were thinking "arrive, go into the water, take a million pictures, leave". Well, not quite on the same page...
Cable car ride which didn't scare the wits out of me despite being 600 feet above sea level. Level up for me. Woohoo~ Segway all the way! It's just like driving - too easy. I really, really, really want a Segway! Joey, Ying, Weihao, are you listening? Sunset cruise and I'm inspired to get my boating licence. Loving the colourful ensemble of the ladies. Look at Yvonne's Jetstar-worthy jump! And I was really steering the yacht! I was asking the captains where the sharks were (wanted to bring the yacht there) cos the girls were in the water. Hee.

I have a fear of heights but I love ferris wheels, hot air balloons and cable cars (Joey would call it "fan jian"). I decided to try my hands on something else - parasailing. Yvonne and I don't know how to swim and we felt like we are falling into the water every other second (again, Joey would call it "fan jian"). A visit to the rice museum has Joey becoming a farmer and we'll get free rice for the year! Four-leaf clover is going to make me lucky again. Yeah yeah yeah~
Selamat Datang back to Penang!
Dao Sau Piar hunt across Penang has got me caught up in the buying frenzy! Finally tasted some good ol' Penang laksa on this non-stop eating trip. Love lane for the two lovers pretending to be very much in love. ;)

Ahhh, eight crazy girls over five crazy days... Let's do it again again!

Sunday, 1 November 2009


My Tibidabo watch fell onto the ground and nOOOOOOOOooOOooOOOoooOOOOOOoooO!!! *wails* I wanna go back to Barcelona to buy another!!!

One Lucky Girl Turns Unlucky

Remember what I wrote about me being lucky? Turns out, I AM truly lucky!

I received a pair of tickets to Victor/Victoria in the mail and was jumping for joy! I had wanted to buy tickets to this show way back in July but Joey stopped me. She said something along the lines of "You're getting from bad to worse, Wii. You should see a doc about your obsession with buying tickets before having company for shows!" (But I know she still loves me.)

I was just going to pencil the show into my cal when I realised the tickets are for 11 Nov - I'LL BE AWAY ON MY BIZ TRIP!

It's like deja vu! I got tickets to Hossan Leong last month and I had to go for driving lesson. I sent Ying and Joey along for the show. I got tickes to Victor/Victoria and I had to go for biz trip. I am sending Chewy and Alex along for the show.

People around me are going to the shows I want to go on my very behalf. Don't I feel generous? 

Now, I feel I am unluckily lucky. Boo.