Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Maria Pages Turns a New Page

When the curtains lifted, I saw some huge jersey curtains draped across the stage. "What is going on?" I thought. Before I had any chance to guess, they came onto the stage.

The global economic crisis has hit everyone and the arts industry isn't spared. Maria Pages' company must have affected as well because a crew of 20 is reduced to a mere two - Maria and Sidi. With two, what can we expect?

The subdued, controlled dance steps of Maria brought us back to basic. Last year, it was about pleasing the audience. This year, it's about new discoveries. It's not about fanciful footwork but footwork itself. The dance steps were mellow but very evolved. Strangely, how did the pair of sneakers on Sidi find their way on the same stage with a flamenco dance performance?

Then it's dance meets visual art when Sidi worked magic with his hands with amazing sand drawings! He started off with Adam and Eve, and then moved on to everything else. There was a good question about 911 - "?" literally.

A low-lying light with a jersey-silk screen projected larger-than-life images which is very a la project runway. With clever light and curtains placement, one dancer become three. Ingenious!

Suddenly, dance is not simply dance anymore.

If you walked into a Maria Pages performance expecting Maria Pages, you'll be sorely disappointed. Just like I was on Friday. But that doesn't mean I'm disappointed with the performance, I was delighted to see something different, although I do miss the energetic flamenco dance moves.

Maria Pages has turned a new page. No pun intended.

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