Sunday, 25 October 2009

Boy Toy Gone Bad

In a different room at a frequented watering hole on the same Friday night, Joey and I were trying to ration our $50 cash very carefully.

Overheard at the bar...
Wii (to Joey): What do you want to drink?
Joey (almost rolling her eyes): What can we buy with $50?
Wii (to waitress): How much does a jug of Long Island cost?
Waitress: $58.
Wii (cursing under her breath for not having enough money and almost tempted to ask the waitress if she would consider taking $50 for the jug since Wii is sorta regular at this particular club and should really be entitled to certain privileges, no?): How much does a jug of Whisky Green Tea cost then?
Waitress: $26.80.
Wii (delighted at her consumer's surplus): One Whisky Green Tea, please.

Let me backtrack a little to explain how Joey and I managed to get ourselves into such a predicament...

While depositing our bags into the lockers, Joey and I were contemplating how much money was a good amount to bring along. "I'm not going to drink a lot" I promptly declared as I was resolved to stick to my two-drink rule (which was, however, later thrown out of the window cos I got bored -- I'll come back to that later). Joey was very hesitant about just having $50 cash but she went along with it. And that explains why Wii was almost squealing with delight when she heard the price of the Whisky Green Tea. Gosh, that sounded pathetic, doesn't it? But really, do I care?

Anyway, some 25-minutes later, I was bored to death trying to figure out if a certain girl dancing on the platform is truly a girl or girl-in-question. Also, it doesn't help that there weren't any lookers in a far-too-young crowd. On top of everything, the DJ could do with a change of CDs. (I daresay Jessica's dad has a more awesome playlist in his iPod. Jessica's dad is one cool dude who used to watch SATC and I can just imagine Jess' jaw dropping when she reads this.)

When Jac arrived to join us an hour later, we headed to the dance floor, and my my, do we spot a familiar face. Joey and I gave each other a knowing look accompanied with a grin and mouthed the same words in sync. I heard someone call out "Wifey" and next thing I knew, I was being pulled away. Then I found myself in the arms of infamous Boy Toy, and am staring right into the face which escaped a tight slap some weeks back. The night was about to take an interesting twist...

Boy Toy: Wifey, I haven't seen you in a while.
Wii: So who's that girl you're with?
Boy Toy: Just a friend.
Wii: Just a friend. Is that what you tell people what I am as well?
Boy Toy: No. So what have you been up to?
Wii: Same old. Work and stuff. So what no good have you been up to?
Boy Toy: Just travelling.
Wii: Hopefully, not to Greece without me*.
Boy Toy: I thought we were going to Paris!
Wii: Nope. Anyway, I need to get back to my friends.

It appears that I have a habit of walking away from Boy Toy. Treat them mean and keep them keen. ;)

I headed back to a table where I started chatting with a guy friend who popped his St James cherry. (For the uninitiated, it means it's his first time at St James.) Out of nowhere, I saw a shadow beside me.

Boy Toy (to my friend): Excuse me. Are you her boyfriend? I'm her husband.
Wii went GASPED! Boy Toy should thank God that he didn't have to leave St James in an ambulance for Wii wasn't holding a beer mug in her hand.

I can't believe the audacity of Boy Toy!

Then again, wasn't it his impertinentness that snagged him my digits in the first place? I wasn't in the mood for any unremitting teasing and also, my ride home had arrived. So, I left St James, leaving everyone to wonder why Wii didn't go back home with her husband...

On a relevant note, this song comes into mind when Boy Toy is around.

*Greece seems kinda a stale joke but still, it tickles a few funny bones.

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