Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Plastic for Plastic

Turns out it was a blessing in disguise that my engagement with Weihao fell through.

Evidently, that guy has told Karen Loo that he would date her if she is single at age 30. AND guess what?

He told me exactly the same thing!

That promiscuous bastard... He is so gonna have to ready his plastic for my plastic!

P/S: Karen is happily married now and Weihao credits himself for that. He said something along the lines of "because of what he told her, Karen was motivated to find someone". I'm thinking more along the lines of "stupid Weihao cursing me to be single at 30 and he is obliged to ask me out because he's my best guy friend".

Note: Of course Weihao knows when I say bastard, I don't mean bastard. I meant bastard. ;)

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