Sunday, 27 September 2009

Surprise~ - The Sequel

Engagment with Weihao came to naught. *bawls*

That bloody bastard has betrayed what we have since nine-years old (and in a weak effort and desperate attempt to conceal my age, I insist that was ten years ago). To think I've wasted my youth on him - the lines which I cannot erase, the cellulite which I cannot rid off, the greying roots I cannot cover (whoever said 19-year old can't have grey hair!), AND the sagging ass which I cannot lift.

Has he forgotten the happy times we spent freezing our fannies off in Spain or the time we spent $150 to learn to bake macarons or the time we rocked out on Guitar Hero trying to master "Damnit" or the time we celebrated his birthday with groping and kissing or the time we discussed how stupid he's going to get or the time I tried to give him away or the many times he had to be the unwilling chauffeur or the time he was initiated into our group? Okay, maybe I won't classify all these as happy times but still!

He said he has found The One, and I'm not her. (That silly boy, will someone tell him there is no such thing as The One already?! It's a myth perpetuated by woman's magazines in cahoots with diamond companies to sell diamond rings! This leads me to wonder why Weihao is reading these mags...)

Mr Lucias Kam Weihao, you shall pay! First for my plastic surgery and then some.

While I think of revenge a plan, Weihao should listen to this song. After that, he'll realised his senselessness and regret his decision and come crawling back to me. Don't they always? Maybe the wisdom tooth theory is true!

Why is my Greece honeymoon so elusive?! I think I have to take drastic measures to resolve this can of worms. It's time to pull the guns out.

(PS: To Melisah, this is written in the name of good fun. If you are upset after reading this, you can take it out on Weihao. I suggest pinching his ears or thighs - minimal effort, maximal pain. *evil laughter* Missed the chance to meet you but I'm sure there will be another - when Weihao is NOT too lazy to drive you here for supper!

To everyone else who is wondering who Melisah is, you'll find out soon enough after reading the headlines "Failed Engagement Leads to Murder of New Girlfriend" on The Straits Times. Pull the guns out - get it? *more evil laughter*)

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