Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Just Another Saturday

Last Saturday, Wynnii becomes Ween and vice versa. Wynn prefers her long hair to an afro though. But an afro means no need for combs which pleases Wynn's lazy bones. Hmm...

On the same Saturday, the following were overheard...
Wynnii: Do you know where is the place?
Shaun: I've got the address here. Dunlop Street.
Wynnii: Ha. I did one better. I've got a picture of the map and directions right here in my phone.
I'm almost like a walking GPS, except when I'm at Raffles Place mrt station or ION.

Ashish: Wynnii, did you lose weight or something?
Wynnii: No, I wished.
Ashish: It seems like you've lost a lot of weight and surprisingly, you look hot.
Wynnii: Thanks a lot of that, Ashish.
A insult in an compliment - I'll take it.

Joel (to Mike): So where do you work?
Mike: Diageo.
Joel (to Wynnii): Wynnii! Do you know the company Diageo?
Wynnii: Hmmm... no. What's that?
Joel: They distribute Baileys.
Wynnii (makes 180-degree turn to Michael): Hi, I'm Wynnii and you're my new best friend. *gives most charming smile*

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