Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends

Like my fathers come to pass
Seven years has gone so fast
Wake me up when September ends

Here comes the rain again
Falling from the stars
Drenched in my pain again
Becoming who we are

As my memory rests
But never forgets what I lost
Wake me up when September ends

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends

Ring out the bells again
Like we did when spring began
Wake me up when September ends

Here comes the rain again
Falling from the stars
Drenched in my pain again
Becoming who we are

As my memory rests
But never forgets what I lost
Wake me up when September ends

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends

Like my father's come to pass
Twenty years has gone so fast
Wake me up when September ends
Wake me up when September ends
Wake me up when September ends

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Driving for Points

Couple of lessons into my driving course and I haven't knocked anyone down. I was told "an adult is ten points and a kid is five". I must start accumulating points. I do get to exchange some freebies with the points, don't I?

Someone tell how how many points I need to get a penguin!

Plastic for Plastic

Turns out it was a blessing in disguise that my engagement with Weihao fell through.

Evidently, that guy has told Karen Loo that he would date her if she is single at age 30. AND guess what?

He told me exactly the same thing!

That promiscuous bastard... He is so gonna have to ready his plastic for my plastic!

P/S: Karen is happily married now and Weihao credits himself for that. He said something along the lines of "because of what he told her, Karen was motivated to find someone". I'm thinking more along the lines of "stupid Weihao cursing me to be single at 30 and he is obliged to ask me out because he's my best guy friend".

Note: Of course Weihao knows when I say bastard, I don't mean bastard. I meant bastard. ;)

Monday, 28 September 2009

Rochester Goes Poof Again

Stalker dear claimed it wasn't she who rejected my invitation for the F1 Rocks concert but it was I who didn't invite her. I remembered clearly that I asked over the phone and she told me to bring a **** instead.

Now she is saying, "I'm going to insist you didn't invite me to go to the concert. Sob. I'm not bringing you to Rochester liao. We can go CCK Gardens. The backdrop also has got lotsa greenery too".

Rochester goes poof again. This cannot be true!! I wanna appeal~

Not Just Some Party

When I have to bring Jessica out to celebrate her birthday, I can't bring her to just some party. So I pull out all stops and brought her to THE party - Amber Lounge specially created for F1.

We arrived in style (needless to say, really) and not long after we stepped into the lounge, we were invited to a table by some investment bankers. What is it with me and bumping into these huge egos everywhere? Well, if I get to rest my feet, I am sure not going to reject the invitation.

The boss who paid 10k (the big ego just can't resist letting this piece of oh-so-boring info slip) for the table was trying to charm Jess to no avail. 
"Help me!" she whispered loudly into my ear.
"We're going to the ladies" I told the boss as I took Jess' hand and lead her out of harm's way. Talk about saving a damsel in distress! 

The Moet flow freely through the night and I meant that literally. For that kind of money, I'm surprised Moet wasn't used for flushing the WC.

What a fabulous end to Jess' birthday celebrations and fabulous F1 weekend. She's happy, I'm happy.

You wished you were there.

PS: Cheers to Alexis for tix and Weihao for the crazy-taxi-like ride. And to Vernon, beat that. ;)

I've Got Mail!

The corner of a postcard peered from beneath the pile of bills, letters, mailers and other junk. I pulled it from the stack and I froze. A postcard with penguin from London. I smiled. How could I not?

It's a start to a happy week! :)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

But We Are Clubbing!

Wynn: What are the chances you'd drive Jessica and I to the party?
Weihao: Hmm... I'm lazy.
Wynn: You're the designated driver.
Weihao: Only when we're clubbing.
Wynn: But we are clubbing! Jessica and I are. Just that you're not.

Wynnii 1 - Weihao 0

Surprise~ - The Sequel

Engagment with Weihao came to naught. *bawls*

That bloody bastard has betrayed what we have since nine-years old (and in a weak effort and desperate attempt to conceal my age, I insist that was ten years ago). To think I've wasted my youth on him - the lines which I cannot erase, the cellulite which I cannot rid off, the greying roots I cannot cover (whoever said 19-year old can't have grey hair!), AND the sagging ass which I cannot lift.

Has he forgotten the happy times we spent freezing our fannies off in Spain or the time we spent $150 to learn to bake macarons or the time we rocked out on Guitar Hero trying to master "Damnit" or the time we celebrated his birthday with groping and kissing or the time we discussed how stupid he's going to get or the time I tried to give him away or the many times he had to be the unwilling chauffeur or the time he was initiated into our group? Okay, maybe I won't classify all these as happy times but still!

He said he has found The One, and I'm not her. (That silly boy, will someone tell him there is no such thing as The One already?! It's a myth perpetuated by woman's magazines in cahoots with diamond companies to sell diamond rings! This leads me to wonder why Weihao is reading these mags...)

Mr Lucias Kam Weihao, you shall pay! First for my plastic surgery and then some.

While I think of revenge a plan, Weihao should listen to this song. After that, he'll realised his senselessness and regret his decision and come crawling back to me. Don't they always? Maybe the wisdom tooth theory is true!

Why is my Greece honeymoon so elusive?! I think I have to take drastic measures to resolve this can of worms. It's time to pull the guns out.

(PS: To Melisah, this is written in the name of good fun. If you are upset after reading this, you can take it out on Weihao. I suggest pinching his ears or thighs - minimal effort, maximal pain. *evil laughter* Missed the chance to meet you but I'm sure there will be another - when Weihao is NOT too lazy to drive you here for supper!

To everyone else who is wondering who Melisah is, you'll find out soon enough after reading the headlines "Failed Engagement Leads to Murder of New Girlfriend" on The Straits Times. Pull the guns out - get it? *more evil laughter*)

F1 Rocks~

F1 Rocks concert was awesome last night!!! So awesome that the word "awesome" is not awesome enough to describe its awesomeness.

The evening started with meeting the Peas in person but that was no biggie. *waves hand dismissively* Then DJ Havana Brown got my adrenaline pumping with her super hot bod (and music - the music being secondary). "She's the reason why girls turn lesbian. At least I would for her." I told Jessica.

Black Eyed Peas' energy got the crowd jumping off the ground and Beyonce brought the house down with her multiple costume changes and powerful vocals.

Finally, Jessica and I caught the Peas in concert. Woohoo~ We've missed them every single time they're here, I wonder why. For Beyonce, I had to stand on a slope with my killer heels. Yes, wearing heels to Fort Canning isn't the smartest thing to do but I'd rather be unsmart than unglam. Haha! The calves are exactly not thanking me for that workout though.

After the lights went off, I walked barefooted to the National Museum for a brief after-party because the feet were screaming "Take these 3" off right this second or we'll give you the mother of all blisters, Miss Lu!" I know, I know what you are going to say. "But isn't walking barefooted unglam?" Well, not if you walked like you own it. You just have to work it, baby. Shaun did offer to piggy-back me but the last thing I want to do is to squash him to death and get charged for another murder - one trial is all I can about to afford a lawyer for now. Also, he must have not known what I did to the weighing machine after it indicated my actual weight on the scale. Let's just say the machine never saw daylight again.

There is, however, one thing that could make the concert beyond awesome - I'm writing in to the organisers to suggest building an air-conditioned dome over Fort Canning next year so nobody has to perspire like they took part in the StandChart marathon.

The night was made sweeter by my super duper awesome camera. I knew the 10X zoom will come in very handy at concerts! (You wished you had seen these live!)

I believe I've mentioned the tix to this concert were free. *waves hand dismissively again*

Note: Joey, Weihao, Chewy and Desmond rejected my invitation to this concert. They must be feeling the piain now.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Guess What Day Today Is

Some twenty-seven nineteen years ago, a girl who will grow up to adore pink and yet, miraculously, is to become one of Wynnii's closest friend uttered her first cry on this very day. Wynn ain't no fan of pink as most are aware of, but only for this girl, Wynn is willing to wear some pink. 

Happy birthday, Jess!!! 

I can't wait for Sunday to come and for you to be jumping with joy when I present you with your surprise! :)

You have no idea how hard it is to keep the surprise a secret. I believed I have told almost everyone I know about it and made them swore on Michael Jackson's grave that they won't let the cat out of the bag, even those who have no idea who you are. Haha.

Also, Jess, we need another movie soon~ I'm jealous you're are shooting vids with the Goldies!

As we always tell each other (complete with hand gestures)...
I love you.
You love me.
We love each other.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

I wanted to knit one of this! But that was before I saw the knitting pattern.

Feet (Make 4)
With CC2, CO 9 sts.
Work 2 rows in stockinette stitch.
Decrease Row [RS]: K1, ssk, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1.
P 1 row.
Work these 2 rows once more.
Next Row [RS]: K1, ssk, k to end.
Work 2 rows even.
BO rem 4 sts.

After seeing the above, I nearly fainted. That is for the feet? Just the feet? You know what, I love penguins but I'm not crazy enough. (Anyone who says I am can zip it - I know I am but there is no need to announce it to the world.)

If anyone (crazy) is willing to give it a go, pattern's found here.

One Lucky Girl

I always say "I always believe I'm very lucky".

Don't believe me?

Over the last two days, I have won tickets to Fame Gala Premiere, won tickets to meet the Black Eyed Peas, won tickets to F1 Rocks concert, gotten free tickets to F1 race finals and free tickets to F1 race after-party.

It all started with a pair of tickets catch Anja Schneider at Zouk that I won two weeks. Her music's not quite my cup of tea and I skipped that. Also, I don't really dig Zouk on a Friday. And of course, I was too lazy.

You know how they say if you want something bad enough, you'll get it sooner or later?  I smell a free trip to Japan!  And one more to Australia~~

At this point in time, I most probably should just casually mention that I'm meeting BEP in person!! Oh yeah! *jump jump jump jump*

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Fakin' It

Yesterday, I tweet "Ah Boy (aka The Cat) broke his leg! He was trying on a pair of my gladiator sandals and couldn't get them off; struggled and fell..."

Turns out Ah Boy didn't break his leg. He was just faking it to gain sympathy! I was actually nice to him for the whole day. This cat is getting too smart.

And you thought him trying on the sandals was smart.

Thou Art Wendy

I am suddenly named "Wendy" by new best friend.

Not a fan of the name but heck, new best friend works for company that distributes Baileys - he can call me whatever he wants.

Just Another Saturday

Last Saturday, Wynnii becomes Ween and vice versa. Wynn prefers her long hair to an afro though. But an afro means no need for combs which pleases Wynn's lazy bones. Hmm...

On the same Saturday, the following were overheard...
Wynnii: Do you know where is the place?
Shaun: I've got the address here. Dunlop Street.
Wynnii: Ha. I did one better. I've got a picture of the map and directions right here in my phone.
I'm almost like a walking GPS, except when I'm at Raffles Place mrt station or ION.

Ashish: Wynnii, did you lose weight or something?
Wynnii: No, I wished.
Ashish: It seems like you've lost a lot of weight and surprisingly, you look hot.
Wynnii: Thanks a lot of that, Ashish.
A insult in an compliment - I'll take it.

Joel (to Mike): So where do you work?
Mike: Diageo.
Joel (to Wynnii): Wynnii! Do you know the company Diageo?
Wynnii: Hmmm... no. What's that?
Joel: They distribute Baileys.
Wynnii (makes 180-degree turn to Michael): Hi, I'm Wynnii and you're my new best friend. *gives most charming smile*

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Right to be Wrong by Joss Stone

I've got a right to be wrong 
My mistakes will make me strong 
I'm stepping out into the great unknown 
I'm feeling wings though I've never flown 
I've got a mind of my own 
I'm flesh and blood to the bone 
I'm not made of stone 
Got a right to be wrong 
So just leave me alone 

I've got a right to be wrong 
I've been held down too long 
I've got to break free 
So I can finally breathe 
I've got a right to be wrong 
Got to sing my own song 
I might be singing out of key 
But it sure feels good to me 
Got a right to be wrong 
So just leave me alone 

You're entitled to your opinion 
But it's really my decision 
I can't turn back I'm on a mission 
If you care don't you dare blur my vision 
Let me be all that I can be 
Don't smother me with negativity 
Whatever's out there waiting for me 
I'm going to faced it willingly 

Repeat ***

Rochester Goes Poof

I have this feeling that you're a player. I don't have the patience (you already know that) for games.

Aargh! There goes Rochester.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Smitten Mittens

A triplet of mittens for two - the double mitten at the centre allows two hands to fit inside.

Cute! Stalker dear wants to learn to knit. I can make her knit one for us!

Source: Aneeta Patel -

Another (Excuse to) Party!

Jessica's birthday is coming up! We're painting the town red. Nice.

I have a huge surprise for her which is going to rock her world. She's going to dump Vernon for me after. Even nicer. ;)

Something's Amiss

If she is easy on the eye, has some good amount of grey matter, is pretty decent company, can take a joke, and she is single - there must be something amiss in the equation, ain't it?

She did warn you.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

More Balloons

I watched The Ugly Truth and I so wanna go onto a hot air balloon ride right now!! Reminds me of UP but only of the balloons.

In my opinion, the plot moves too fast for the characters to discover each other before falling in love. The two main leads hated each other to the core - they are what the other party hate to see in themselves! They had one dance and suddenly, they fall in love?! Just one dance!? Heck, I want that one dance that does the magic for me too. I have my dancing shoes on. Now, where is my nemesis? Sometimes, I do sound like an 85-year old jaded unmarried old lady who lives in a house with 20 cats, don't I? Ha.

The balloons were the saving grace of yet another over-romanticised Hollywood film.

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Stalker dear called. Wrongly. Again. 'Nuff said.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I'm getting engaged to Weihao tomorrow.

How did that come about? It was a conversation that went off-tangent and somehow, it led to my essential engagement to Weihao.

He doesn't know it yet though. Imagine the look on his face when he finds out!

Make Up for Smaller Things

At a certain unimpressive art exhibition that displayed plastic F1 car moulds and some afterthought beads glued onto canvas which "looked like they were done by a seven-year old" (Shaun's words, not mine), a certain I'm-a-private-banker-and-I-love-to-travel-and-I-am-going-so-many-places-this-year-Egypt-yes-for-the-second-time-and-counting-down-the-New-Year-in-Kyoto-where-the-hot-Japanese-babes-are-and-oh-ya-I-know-the-owner-of-the-art-gallery-and-I'm-here-for-the-French-babes-artistes-who-did-these-art-pieces-that-cost-about-$10,000-each-which-is-not-a-lot-since-I-managed-millions-of-dollars-for-my-rich-clients-and-it's-not-easy-managing-rich-people's-money-but-my-clients-trust-me-with-their-100-million-dollar-portfolio-and-I-make-so-much-money-and-yes-there-are-a-lot-of-retrenchment-in-the-company-but-the-goods-ones-stay-yes-that's-me-and-here's-a-picture-of-my-gf-who-will-not-be-going-to-Japan-with-me-yeah!-and-(since you didn't ask, I'll tell you anyway)-in-my-free-time-I-hang-out-at-Changi-Village-for-the-nasi-lemak-and-the-special-treats-because-I-think-town-is-so-boring-and-another-reason-I-hang-out-in-the-East-is-because-I-live-in-Tanah-Merah-in-a-landed-property-and-have-I-mentioned-that-I-work-whatever-hours-I--want-because-I'm-a-private-banker bore me to no end.

Oh, just shut the fuck up already.

I'd thought watching my toenails grow would have been a better use of my time.

Why do short some people always have such inferior complexity issues and the innate need to tell tall tales?

Didn't Christina sing...
You're just a little boy,
Think you're so cute, so coy
You must talk so big, to make up for smaller things
You're just a little boy
All you'll do is annoy
You must talk so big, to make up for smaller things

On a side note, I have new found hatred for dwarf vertically-challenged bankers who are all talk.

Pregnant Models

Giselle is pregnant! Adriana Lima is pregnant! Karolina Kurkova is pregnant! Hedi Klum is pregnant! Okay, Heidi, no surprises there.

Uniquely Singapore

Last night at a gathering of the nomads and transients, a German said to me, "You're funny even though you're not drinking".

I know I have a unfathomable great sense of humour. I know our repartee is not a by product of alcohol intoxication - on my part, at least. I know you don't get that a lot in Germany.

Welcome to Uniquely Singapore.

Note: If you're from Singapore Tourism Board and reading this, my account number is 928-173-000.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I had a random dude messaged me on FB asking me why the battery for his Lenovo laptop keeps "dying". Do I look like tech support or customer service?

Oh ya, and are you sure you weren't trying trying to use a Dell battery on the ThinkPad?

What the Stars Say for 15 Sept 09

The stars say, "Don't get too fixated on a certain concept. There might be a much easier approach".

Totally forgot to read what the stars have to say for some time now! Oh no, have I missed the day the stars are aligned for me to find the concept of Prince Charming? Wait, isn't Prince Charming supposed to find me instead?

The Delicate Art of Mooching

Crashing with family or friends? Etiquette experts weigh in with 13 tips on how to be the perfect houseguest - you know, the kind that hosts invite back. 

Read more over here.

Perfect! :)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Guys, Cars and Wives

Someone just told me that he's upset because of his wife. His wife is his car and his car has a broken signal light cover. WHAT IS IT WITH GUYS AND CARS AS WIVES?

I Want

I told Joey that the next guy who asks me out on a date, I'd tell him to bring me to Rochester.

Didn't they say "Ask, and Ye Shall Receive"?

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Unwelcome Reminders

On 22 July, I tweet "I read couples going on round the world trips together and I'm that bit jealous. It's nice that they have a companion. Should I find one..."

Two weeks go, someone told me that travelling alone is one of the most sucky things. "There is no one to share the joy of the moment with."

Last week, I met someone who travelled with his family for more than a year.

So I get reminded again and again that I'm in this alone. Boo.

After All These While

E said, "Both of us have lost something dear to us. That's why we know material needs are just material needs. We just want to be happy".

Oddly, we finally understood each other after so many years.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Less = More

Jessica chopped her locks off! She must have read about Boy Toy and got so upset that she is taking drastic measures to grab my attention. Yes, she must have.

For the Kids

Turns out Boy Toy regretted his decision and is "giving me another chance" because "it's good for the children".

"I'm glad you still have the kids in your heart."

So we have dates for marriage counselling set up for the rest of the year. I'm sure we are going to work out whatever differences we have and give it another shot at this marriage thing. At least I am till I get my honeymoon trip to Greece.

Marriage is hard work, they don't say.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Poor Fanny

Fanny is still hurting from the TWO jabs at the doc this morning. My poor fanny.

Wives and Concubines

Why do guys like to call their cars "wives"?

Do it mean if I marry a guy who owns a car, I become a concubine? Can I demand he get rid of the car so I can be the wife proper?

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Guess Who I Met? - Part 2

By proxy, I know the guy who has the best job in the world! *jumping like a little girl who, by proxy, knows the guy who has the best job in the world*

Guess Who I Met?

I met a Mormon at a social event today!! *jumping like a little girl who met a Mormon at a social event today*

Monday, 7 September 2009

Happy Birthday, Shaun!

Happy happy birthday to Shaun - the latest entertainment in town for moi! Oops, he won't be happy to hear that.

When all the celebration dust dies down, it's time to say "Hope you had a great birthday in SG!"

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Boys, Toys and Kill-joy

Last night, halfway through an almost uneventful birthday celebration at a frequented watering hole, a Taiwanese boy (whom I shall refer to as Boy Toy from this point on) came up right next to me, took my hands in his and almost immediately, said he wanted to take me home but can't marry me. I let out a chuckle and took a shot at crushing his ego by asking "Is it because of Mum?" He took the bait and declared he doesn't live with his mum and is very independent and he would marry me after all. Boys are so easy. Too easy at times.

I wonder how old he'd figured I am. He did mention he's not living with Mum and who knows, he might be looking for some maternal love. Don't they all inhabit some MILF instincts deep down?

Anyway, I must admit - it was one of the most original pick up lines I've encountered in a long time. Most would fish for my name and attempt a handshake, which will be promptly and curtly shot down either by my "Who wants to know?" or "Why do you want to know?" reply. I take no prisoners.

Others try to make small talk with most unimaginative questions such as "What do you do for a living?" or "Do you come here often?" I'd much rather be fielding questions such as my views on the political economy of fiscal federalism and the dilemma of constructing a developmental state in Nigeria OR the national resistance movement and the reintroduction of a multiparty system in Uganda, both of which I totally haven't gotten a clue to and quite honestly, don't give two hoots about. BUT if one could ask such questions in such unsuspecting circumstances, I would be wholly mesmerised (read: stumped) and no doubt, would give the person my undivided attention. At least until someone else comes along and asks for my views on the rising political power of local Muslim religious leaders in Senegal. My point exactly, you only get to my attention when I'm stumped.

But I digress. 

With such assertive, albeit unnerving, confidence of his, I refrained from giving Boy Toy the tight slap and middle finger he well deserved. He proceeded to swirl me around and tease my hair, right in front of my friends who were overcome with disbelief. (Later that night, they said they couldn't believe I didn't kick Boy Toy where it hurts most. But, people, I'm not a fan of violence or believer of getting my hands dirty - I'd get someone else to do the job.)

Boy toy unbashfully asked where I would like to go for our honeymoon. "Paris?" he suggested. "No, I don't like Paris. How about Greece?" I offered. "Let's go to Greece for our honeymoon then." 

At this point in time, it came as a surprise to me that Boy Toy still has my attention. Boy toy continued to put his moves on me - getting me alone by putting himself between my friends and I, complimenting me on my earrings, pushing my hair out of my eye, offering to buy drinks, the works. Boy toy really has it down to a T. He must have done his research. And yes, I do know the moves you guys have up your sleeve. Ha.

(On a side note, here's a funny video on how NOT to put the moves in a girl.)

After a while, Boy Toy said he gotta go and chat up other girls. Boy, is Boy Toy greedy or what?  

“Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms — greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge — has marked the upward surge of mankind.” - Gordon Gekko

Boy Toy must be a fan of Gekko's. Then again, it's a smart move on Boy Toy's part, really. Getting out before I get bored. And I appreciate his honesty, in a queer way.

The provocative night ended with me telling Boy Toy "I make the rules", and leaving him standing under the LED lights alone, wishing he didn't push my buttons too far with his incessant teasing.

Truth to told, I give Boy Toy 10 points for originality and another 10 for being the first person who gets my digits under such circumstances.

Today, the phone beeped and I received the most "devastating" news. Boy toy wanted a divorce and his dog back. "Only if alimony is paid" I texted back. He threatened to throw me out of the house and didn't reveal more when I asked what the grounds of divorce were. I'm sure he couldn't think come up with any, given I haven't had the chance to be a lousy wife who can't cook, can't clean but can attract the roving eyes of other boy toys. Oh wait, or was it he couldn't because he doesn't know my name and thus, can't serve the divorce papers?

It appears that I am headed to Greece for my honeymoon alone. That was one quickie marriage and a whole lot of beguilement. Boy oh boy toy.

Ordinary Day by Dolores O'Riordan

This is just an ordinary day
Wipe the insecurities away
I can see that the darkness will erode
Looking out the corner of my eye
I can see that the sunshine will explode
Far across the desert in the sky

Beautiful girl
Won't you be my inspiration?
Beautiful girl
Don't you throw your love around
What in the world, what in the world
Could ever come between us?
Beautiful girl, beautiful girl
I'll never let you down
Won't let you down

This is the beginning of your day
Life is more intricate than it seems
Always be yourself along the way
Living through the spirit of your dreams

[repeat chorus]

Down, down...

The girl reminds me of a scene out of Little Red Riding Hood. I'm such a sucker for red accents.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

We Are Not Invincible

Article by Carlo
This is not an attempt at fear mongering, just a simple reminder to be careful.

As a Canadian living in Melbourne, the recent death of Canadian backpacker Cain Aguiar hit a little too close to home. The rising level of violence in this city, both in frequency and severity, is cause for concern.
It seems standard now to open the Monday newspaper only to read about a big brawl, bottling, or stabbing leading to hospitalized victims and worse, as in this case, ending in death. Last week Cain, while drinking by himself at a local pub, was attacked by three men, allegedly because he was talking to a woman known by the three accused.It seems standard now to open the Monday newspaper only to read about a big brawl, bottling, or stabbing.
As Cain lay in a hospital bed on life support, his sister set up a Facebook group for others to join and offer their support and well wishes. Unfortunately, the group theme had to be changed from “hope” to “rest in peace” when the family made the impossibly difficult decision to turn off the life support. 

Remember, you’re not at home. 

While this sort of thing can easily happen at home too, it’s safe to say that we are more vulnerable on the road. We don’t really know the area we are in, we don’t know the culture, and we let our guard down a little. After all, we are supposed to be relaxed, having a good time and trying new things.

The case of Australian Britt Lapthorne, who was found murdered in Croatia late last year, serves as an example where “toning it down” would probably have led to much different results. Partying it up and getting out of hand is one thing at home, but abroad it’s a whole different ball of wax, where we stand out and can be more easily taken advantage of.

When you’re in a foreign country, be aware of your surroundings and err on the side of caution. We’re not invincible.

Safe travels everyone.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Happy Birthday to Ying!

Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

To Ying! To Ying! To Ying!

Pics to come later after Stalker dear pass them to me - who knows when. Ha.

Update on 28 Sept. Finally, the pictures arrived! I forgot what Eugina and I were pretending to do in the bottom right pic.

Diana's Getting Hitched - Part 3

Look at Diana's gorgeous smile on her wedding day!

Will Little Boots Kick Lady Gaga's Ass?

Little Boots - One part Gaga, one part Madonna, many parts pop-py.

Even Chewy asked "Is that Lady Gaga?" when Remedy's mv was playing on telly.

Meddle by Little Boots

I remember all the things she did before
I remember all the times she cried
I remember all the things you promised her
And no one heard
I remember all the times you lied

Don't meddle with her heart
Meddle with her mind
Meddle with the things that are inside
You don't know what you'll find
You don't know what she hides
So don't go messing with her heart
Or messing with her mind
Or messing with the things that are inside
You don't know what you'll find
You don't know what she hides

She still remembers like it's yesterday
She still remembers you so well
She still remembers all the things you swore forevermore
She still remembers but you won't tell

Coz she's a mixed up girl in a mixed up world
And you know she don't mean any harm
So please understand if you take her hand
And get much more than you bargained for

[repeat chorus]

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Major Health Scare Turn Null

Random stuff about my stay at Thomas Medical Centre about a month ago. This took long enough.

I got upgraded from a 4-bedder to a 2-bedder. You hear of upgrades on airplane seats, hotel rooms, but hospitals? This must be a first.

On the first night I was here, I dreamt of staying in the hospital and the nurse asked me to help with the bleeding wound of the lady who was in the bed next to mine; penguins (no idea how they fit into the picture); Chewy reprimanding me for not studying for my exams, then me sitting for my exams and really worried I didn't study for my exams; I was at a Chinese restaurant and there were HUGE fishes on display in front of the restaurant and of course, I'd refused to enter. The dream was going oh-so-well till I felt a tap on my arm. "I need to take your blood pressure and temperature, mdm". Then I awoke. So I dreamt of being in the hospital while in the hospital. Very queer.

Over the course of five days, I have four different roommates. I'm feel like a long-term guest.

I lay on the op bed wondering if the OR (Operating Room. Duh.) lights crashed down on me midway through surgery, would the doc let me live but be disfigured for my life or just turn off the machines so I won't have to live a life of solitude?

This time, I made sure I had my extra blanket before they cut me open.

"London" was my last word before I passed out on the OR bed while the doc told me to dream of my next holiday destination. I had think I'd pick NYC or San Frans.

I was talking to Linguinii and I stopped short of feeding her some regurgitated food. Yes, I was on something called morphine.

I asked Joey if she wanted some morphine. Good things are meant to be shared. And that was the morphine talking.

I am not used to some cheap hospital pillows. I want my $98 pillow that doesn't give me backaches!

They kept feeding me non-stop. I feel like a lab rat, waiting to be experimented on as soon as I grow fat.

I had pancakes for breakfast on my last day in TMC. Pancakes - my second favourite breakfast after Frosties cereal. Good way to end an otherwise dreaded stay.

I Have A New Stalker

It has come to my attention that someone from my previous life (read: ex-bf) actually takes time out from his busy schedule to read this blog of mine. On a daily basis. Then he proclaims he stalks me. My oh my, I never realised!

I must report him to his gf so that his gf can make him cut off all contact with me. Oh wait, someone has beaten them to be the butt of that joke already.

When It Matters the Most

Trip to Bangkok with Sissy came to naught. Plans change. That's life. I headed to Bintan for a weekend instead. Much needed break. One would wonder why I need a break when I'm having one from work. There are stress-inducing stuff outside work and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you need to get a life.

Too bad I don't have pictures of me kayaking. My arms are still aching!

Will update more later.

For more pics, have a look here.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


$9 trillion! How does one (country) spend $9 trillion! $9,000,000,000,000 - that's 12 zeros. The number doesn't exist! Even in Lala-land.

Ray by Aimee Mann

Ray, as of today, I can't say things will ever be the same
And that could be a shame.
'Cos though I think I know another lonely exile when I see one
And you appear to be one.


I'm playing it down 'cos I could really be found if you've got it to spare.

I'm playing it cool but it's terribly cruel 'cos I oughta be there.

Ray, what can I say?
You don't know me, it's just wishful thinking to keep myself from sinking.
And hence, no evidence to support any theory I have founded
If you could understand.

And so...

I'm playing it down 'cos I could really be found if you've got it to spare.
I'm playing it cool but it's terribly cruel 'cos I oughta be there

'Cos you're as bad off as me...

Ray, can we repay ourselves for days that we've lost through indecision
With one of recognition?
If so, then here I go, 'cos some things you know...
And some you just believe in and hope it comes out even.


I'm playing it down 'cos I could really be found if you've got it to spare.
I'm playing it cool but it's terribly cruel 'cos I oughta be there.

I oughta be there
I oughta be there

Maybe It Was

Supposed to catch Cinderella on Ice at the Esplanade. Plans vanished into thin air with the cessation of sweet nothing whispers. *poof*

Then today, I read Cinderella didn't make it to the ball. Evidently, her prince charming disappeared too. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise I didn't get around to buying the tickets.