Friday, 28 August 2009

Women Are Like Cats

Most interesting quote of the month - "Women are like cats. That's why I don't pursue. I let them come to me".

At It Again

The chronic overpacker is at it again! Doing what she does best - overpacking.

Let's give up it for Miss Wiinii. Oh wait, I think she deserves a standing ovation this time round.

Blank Accusations

She racked her brain for words scathing enough to convey her opinion of their actions. When nothing came to her, she settled for the one unanswerable accusation. "Men!"
- Dallas Schulze

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The 5 Deadliest Travel Fears (And How To Defeat Them)

Photo: hkoppdelaney  
J. Raimund Pfarrkirchner writes that these are some of the deadliest travel fears. 
#1 - Fear Of Leaving Things Behind
#2 - Fear Of Not Reaching The Destination
#3 - Fear Of Losing Our Security
#4 - Fear Of The Unknown
#5 - Fear Of Opening Our Minds

My greatest fear? Come on! Need I spell it out?
It is, of course, fear of not having enough clothes or having to repeat my clothes. God forbid if I should be seen in the same outfit more than twice in a month! 
My fear of not having enough pictures of a trip comes in a very close second. ;)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Bed and I

Weihao sent me this with this message attached "So after you get your walk-in cabinet, you might consider getting a walking fridge, so that you can really stay in bed for good".

He knows me too well.

Say Goodbye by Year of the Rabbit

Tiny lights dance inside his eye
They dance with the care of snowflake flies
They talk all day and whisper all night
Is that anyway to live?

Say goodbye
Accept this fate without any anger
Say goodnight
Turn out the light and close the door on your way out

Tiny voices inside his mind
They sing with the whine of Christmas time
An empty letter he could've left
Is that anyway to die?

Tiny lights dance inside his eye
They dance with the care of snowflake flies
They talk all day and whisper all night
Is that anyway to live or die?

[Repeat chorus]

I Do

I would get married for the sole reason of having this on my wedding cake!! Too cute!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Sometimes, I Dream

Whenever I catch Austin Stevens on telly, I dream of the day I am attacked by a giant anaconda.

Just as the muscled constrictor is about to wrap me in its deadly grip, Austin will appear like a knight in shining armor on his unicorn and sweep me away with his toned arms. With his deep-set eyes staring into mine, he takes me in his arms and says tenderly, "You're safe with me now, my dearest Wynnii". "Oh Austin, you saved my life!" and I lie my head against his defined chest.

And we live happily ever after.

Austin can ride on a unicorn if he wants to. It's Austin Stevens, for crying out loud!

Chewy's Theory

"If you want to have friends, you need to drink."
- Chewy

Now, don't we all know how to make friends already.


I have 12211 spam messages. They either love me that much or hate me that much.

Friday, 21 August 2009

I Like

I like my point-and-shoot. Thank you very much.

As much as I think I will look super cool with a DSLR though.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Dead to Me

You don't call.
You don't write.
Oh, you can't 'cos you're dead.
Dead to me anyway.

What the Stars Say for 20 Aug 09

The stars say, "Your feelings for somebody could be changing now. If you are honest with yourself, you could begin to understand that the time has come for you to change the status quo. Someone's demands may also make you feel you need more freedom just to be yourself. Do not be afraid to bring up subjects that you may have been avoiding, or to ask for more respect from others now."

R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Aretha Franklin

(oo) What you want
(oo) Baby, I got
(oo) What you need
(oo) Do you know I got it?
(oo) All I'm askin'
(oo) Is for a little respect when you come home (just a little bit)
Hey baby (just a little bit) when you get home
(just a little bit) mister (just a little bit)

I ain't gonna do you wrong while you're gone
Ain't gonna do you wrong (oo) 'cause I don't wanna (oo)
All I'm askin' (oo)
Is for a little respect when you come home (just a little bit)
Baby (just a little bit) when you get home (just a little bit)
Yeah (just a little bit)

I'm about to give you all of my money
And all I'm askin' in return, honey
Is to give me my profits
When you get home (just a, just a, just a, just a)
Yeah baby (just a, just a, just a, just a)
When you get home (just a little bit)
Yeah (just a little bit)

Ooo, your kisses (oo)
Sweeter than honey (oo)
And guess what? (oo)
So is my money (oo)
All I want you to do (oo) for me
Is give it to me when you get home (re, re, re ,re)
Yeah baby (re, re, re ,re)
Whip it to me (respect, just a little bit)
When you get home, now (just a little bit)

Find out what it means to me
Take care, TCB

Oh (sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me)
A little respect (sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me)
Whoa, babe (just a little bit)
A little respect (just a little bit)
I get tired (just a little bit)
Keep on tryin' (just a little bit)
You're runnin' out of foolin' (just a little bit)
And I ain't lyin' (just a little bit)
(re, re, re, re) 'spect
When you come home (re, re, re ,re)
Or you might walk in (respect, just a little bit)
And find out I'm gone (just a little bit)
I got to have (just a little bit)
A little respect (just a little bit)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


UP got my mood UP! I was laughing so hard in the theatre, I think the person next to me thought I might be having a seizure.

I want many colourful balloons! Nice balloons always make me happy.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Look Who Was at Hort Park

A lone 2-hour walk in Hort Park sprang some surprises on me. Beauuuuuuutiful flowers in colours of the rainbow, needless to say. Curious red bench calling out for my company. Paper flower gift from an unexpected encounter. Is that a Venus flytrap I see? I thought I was in Wonderland (think Alice).

On top of everything enchanting, there was a pair of penguins waiting at Hort Park for me!

Delightful surprises await when you stop to smell the flowers.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Saturday, 15 August 2009

How to Plan a RTW Trip: 10 Tips for Traveling around the Globe

Thinking about taking a RTW trip? That’s round-the-world, of course! Maybe you’ve read about women who’ve literally traveled around the world for months or years at a time. In my case, I knew two who had actually done it, so that helped get me motivated to plan my own RTW trip. I traveled through fourteen countries in ten months and met many more solo female travelers who were on similar journeys. If you’re inspired to take a RTW trip, here are some starting points to get you going! - Beth from Wanderlust and Lipstick

Navigating Wanderlust and Lipstick is like being a kid in a candy store. I don't know where to start. But that's a good problem to have.

Friday, 14 August 2009

The News

I called to deliver good news.
The news didn't get delivered.
A fight ensued.
Now, that's news.

Finally, You Can See What I Was Up To In USA

29-31 Oct 06 LA, SD2-3 Nov 06 TUC5 Nov 06 All Souls Parade7 Nov 06 SF Union Sq

7 Nov 06 SF2 Union Sq, FishM Wharf8 Nov 06 SF Coit Tower8 Nov 06 SF2 Ghirardelli, Pier 399 Nov 06 SF Lombard9 Nov 06 SF Muir Woods10 Nov 06 SF Union Sq11 Nov 06 SF Lake Tahoe12 Nov 06 SF Ocean Beach, Twin Rocks12 Nov 06 SF Castro, Mission13 Nov 06 SF Alcatraz19 Dec 06 TUC Winter Haven23 Dec 06 NYC Rockerfella23 Dec 06 NYC 5th Ave, Grand Central24 Dec 06 NYC Times Sq225 Dec 06 NYC ChinaT, WTC25 Dec 06 NYC Ferry, Laundry26 Dec 06 NYC Woodbury27 Dec 06 Philly, DC28 Dec 06 DC29 Dec 06 NYC Liberty29 Dec 06 NYC Top Rock30 Dec 06 Cent Park, SOHO31 Dec 06 NYC Times Sq Countdown23 Nov 06 Vegas, Baby24 Nov 06 Vegas Thanksgiving24 Nov 06 Vegas Hotels6 Jan 07 LA7 Jan 07 Disneyland7 Jan 07 Disneyland Parade7 Jan 07 Disneyland Pooh8 Jan 07 Adventure Park9 Jan 2007 LA -SF via Ragged Pt10 Jan 2007 SF11 Jan 2007 Reno12 Jan 07 SLC13 Jan 07 Vegas13 Jan 07 SLC14 Jan 07 Vegas La ReveAfter a looooooooooooong time, make that two years and seven months later, I can finally post pictures of my USA trip. 

Looooooooooooong story involving messy divorce, messy adultery and messy communications skills. You must so intrigued to hear to scandalous story eh. But that'll be another story for another time. Now, let me show you what I was up to in great ol' America!

To view photostream on flickr and skip the looooooooooooooong boring story, click here.  (You'll have to sign in to be able to view full size pics.)

[This is one looooooooooooooong short story. No, really.]
Yes, I have been delaying this for the longest time. Well, it’s not exactly my idea of fun when I have to write something that details one of the most embarrassing moment of my life (happened 29 Oct 2006). Trust me, you’d delay writing too. Here goes nothing... 

28th October 2006, Saturday (Singapore)
Finally got my flight booked two hours ago. Yes, less than 24 hours before I am supposed to take off. So, it's set in stone. I'm leaving tomorrow. Now, I just need to get my ass away from my game and start packing. Start packing, Wynnii!

Met up for dinner with Qiaojing and Ying last night. Qiaojing (I don't think she realised it) keep asking, "What am I going to do when you are away?" See! I'm sitting right in front of her and she misses me already! I won't be surprised if Qiaojing decides that she missed me too much and flies over to see me. She knows Jessica is now my number-one obsessr since she forgot to return my calls three times in a row and now, she's panicking (at the same time, plotting to get her spot back).

Jessica is now pondering who else she can mambo to every Wednesday night. Miss Fung, you know what? We could buy a web cam each and ta-dah! We can dance together already! Bloody brilliant, no? (Psst, Jessica, Qiaojing is plotting against you now. Don't say I didn't tell you.)

Tinsteltown, here I come!

Start packing already, Miss Wynnii Lu!

29th Oct 2006, Sunday (Singapore) 
Arrived at airport at 2pm (Erik gave me, Chewy and mummy a lift. Thanks, Erik.). More than eager and excited to be heading to the land of opportunities. The land of freedom. The land of consumerism. The land of everything upsized. No, make that Supersized. The land of cold freezing winter.

Transcript of what happened at the check-in counter.

Check-in crew (CIC): Good afternoon, mdm.
Me (THE Idiot): Hi. Here’s my ticket.
[You’ll be enlightened in just a moment why the word ‘idiot’ is the perfect noun.]
After a minute or so…
CIC: What time is your flight, mdm?
The Idiot: 4pm
CIC: All right. (proceeded to type on this computer)
The Idiot: I want an aisle seat, please.
CIC: Mdm, which flight are you booked on?
The Idiot: SQ38
After another few minutes…
CIC: Mdm, my computer doesn’t show that you’re booked on this flight. Your ticket shows here that you are booked on the flight for 29th Nov.
The Idiot gasped. I had booked the 29th flight. Yes 29th. But of Nov! It’s only October now!
The Idiot: What? Oh no, I booked wrongly. Oh shit.
The Idiot panicked and turned to Chewy, who was two feet away, and started blabbing.
The Idiot (to CIC): I made a mistake. Is there any way you can get me on this flight? My friends are waiting for me in LA now.
 CIC: I’ll check for you, mdm. Only one traveller, right
(These are the usual deadly words which translate to “You’re an idiot and now, you’re holding up the queue. I really don’t have time to entertain you imbecile who cannot be bothered to check your booking properly. I will pretend to type away on this computer so that you’d think I’m really helping you check for available seats. One idiot down, three hundred more to go.)
The Idiot: Yes, only one.
(As cliché as this sounds, I wished a hole would really open up in the ground at this very moment and swallow me whole.)
After, yet, another few minutes…
CIC: Mdm, the flight is fully booked…
The Idiot: Oh no!!
CIC: and I don’t have any aisle seats. I have a seat in the middle row though. (I’d bet he’s trying to give me a heart attack for causing the hold up.)
The Idiot exclaims: I don’t mind. I don’t mind, so long I’m on this flight. Thank you. Thank you so much.

At 3.45pm, the Idiot got her boarding pass and proceeded to the entrance of departure hall. When it rains, it pours, I tell you.

Of all days, my red tide must start today. Of all freaking days!!

And of all times, I must get the worst cramps this time round.

Guess what, of all the boarding gates, mine has to be the furthest!

Like I said, when it rains, it pours. I was clutching my tummy all the while into the departure hall. Have I mentioned the flight is at 4pm? Oh yes, I have. Finally, I decided I cannot make it on my own. To cut the long story (and embarrassment) short, I got driven to the boarding gate on a buggy to avoid delaying the plane further.
What a way to start to my trip eh. It’ll be one hell of a ride, I can just feel it.

The last thing Chewy text me was “Take care. Please try to keep yourself alive till I get there k. Missing you already”.

Yes, Chewy. I’ll try.

29th Oct 2006, Sunday, 12am (Singapore) 
The temperature is -65°C outside the plane. Imagine that! Nice and warm inside the plane. Well, it had to be nice and warm for the $2400 I spent. I had Ben and Jerry’s with dinner. Watched Pirates of the Caribbean III, John Tucker Must Die, Cars (I vaguely remember someone burning a copy of this for me. I don’t remember watching the show though. Weird.) and Barnyard. I was served snacks, like, every fifteen minutes! I saw Dior lip gloss in the Kris-Shop catalogue. I wanna order one hundred million of them but they don’t have enough stock. No, really.

29th Oct 2006, Sunday, 5pm (USA) 
Yeah! Finally! I made it to Los Angeles! After 16 hours. Hollywood, here I come! The glitz! The glamour! Hey, where are the stars? Where are the glitz and glamour? The LAX airport is in bad shape. I thought it’ll be all modern and nice and huge. I arrived in a small little hall and there was only a small snack store. I was baffled. Have I landed at the wrong place? Did the CIC send me to Kenya instead? All right, maybe the good stuff is outside the airport. I thought wrong. The place is not like what I’d imagine. Come see it for yourself. I guess I just wasn’t in the heart of the city. *chants: Things will get better. Things will get better."

Had dinner in a Malaysian restaurant and off to the inn. Quality Inn was nice. Better than most hotel rooms in KL I’d stayed in. Huge bathroom. Two queen size beds. It’s only US$50 a night. Dirt cheap.

Since my purpose here is to bum, I must, of course, sit myself in front of the telly the moment we arrived at the inn. The election was around the corner in the USA; there were ads where the two parties would bash the other on telly. When will we ever have that in Singapore?

I had my thermals, long sleeve top, long bottoms and two pairs of socks on and I was still cold in my sleep. I need more clothes. More importantly, I need more shoes! I always do.

30th Oct 2006, Monday, 7am (USA) 
We (seven of us, to be exact) went to Universal Studios today! It was expensive! US$44 and this is after discount. Gosh. We spent the whole day there. Well, we had to make sure we got our money worth. The tram ride took us past Wisteria Lane! Did I just hear you asking “What’s Wisteria Lane?” WHAT? Are you, like, from the 50’s or something?

Dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Asian food again! Aargh. I’m in America! I wanna eat greasy, fattening, trans-fat infused, genetically modified food! Drove to San Diego after dinner. They drove, actually. I was just enjoying the ride. Another nice inn (Ramanda Inn). Another good night rest.

31st Oct 2006, Tuesday (USA) 
Breakfast at Jack in the Box and off to the world famous San Diego Zoo we went. It’s US$33 for a normal ticket and US$22 for a discounted one. Being world famous and this expensive, it better be good. I guess they are famous for having panda bears. Well, if I have a zoo and I have pandas and I have to pay China a million bucks yearly for the pandas, I would say my zoo is world famous too. Final verdict: I like our zoo better.

After the three hours zoo visit, we headed to a shopping mall for lunch. Make that a gigantic shopping mall. Vivocity, please stand aside. Lunch/dinner was an out of the world affair at The Cheesecake Factory. They have the largest serving I have ever seen in my life. An enormous platter with five pieces of fish and a huge bed of fries. I don’t think I have ever seen a bigger plate of fish and chips in my life. How do they expect people to finish the food? While the guys were deciding on desserts, I made my way to the boutiques. Wasted no time!

I was overwhelmed. Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie and Fitch, Bath and Body Works, Coach, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Ruehl, Charlotte Russe. You name it, they have it. The boutiques are super-sized as well. Nice, very nice. I only managed to visit these few stores in the span of 30 minutes. Not too bad eh.

Now, make a smart guess what’s my first purchase? A pair of cosy white knitted shoes to protect my feet from the winter cold. Yes, that’s how I justify the buy. I’m trilled!

A long five hour drive back to Tucson. Slept slept slept on the journey back. Before heading back to E’s home, we went to Walmart. Walmart Supercenter, to be exact. It’s opened 24 hours, seven days a week. Wicked! Bought this big box of Frosties (my fav cereal) and milk. The box is really big! It’s like ten times the size of the large Frosties in Singapore. Okie, fine, I exaggerate. Only two times but still! I’m loving the super-sized everything already.

Cold night. I hope I can survive this winter.

1st Nov 2006, Wednesday 
Woke up early in the morning. Had my Frosties. Sat my butt in front of telly the whole day. There are many many many episodes of Gilmore Girls. I love it!!!

E gotta cook dinner, so he drove me to Foothills Mall for me to do some window shopping. The Old Navy store is huge. Then again, what isn’t here? Haha.

4th Nov 2006, Saturday

Today, I realised I got sunburned. My face hurts. I look like an old lady. Must be because of the days I spent at Universal Studio and the zoo. I have never gotten sunburned in sunny Singapore and only a week here, my face’s blistering all over. Aargh!

A one and a half hour drive to Phoenix (capital of Arizona State). Shopping shopping shopping. *beams*

I should really be staying in to avoid scaring little kids with my peeling face. Ha!

5th Nov 2006, Sunday
Still staying at home the whole day to watch telly. Shiok. Damn shiok.

I have been here for a week already and I haven’t had McDonalds yet! How can this be happening? I didn’t fly 17000 miles to eat Chinese food! I want McDonalds!!

I am glued to the telly everyday. There is so much junk on telly. I cannot tear myself away. Seriously.

6th Nov 2006, Monday 
Flying to San Francisco tomorrow! I need to switch off the telly and start packing. BUT I can’t… It’s like heroin. You can’t just quit as and when you wish.

7th Nov 2006, Tuesday
Arrived at the Tucson airport at 6am. Freezing cold. Landed in SFO at 10am. Took the BART (train) to downtown San Francisco. When we came out of the underground station, we were in awe. The place is nice! Tall buildings everywhere. Electric buses. Underground trains.

Like two lost birds (I don’t know why I used ‘birds’, it just popped into my mind), we took some time to figure out how to get to the hotel. Cabs are really expensive here so public transport is the best way to get around. The MUNI bus ride costs US$1.50 (and is valid for transfer for up to an hour). Good thing there’s a pass that cost US$21 for seven days or getting around would bankrupt us before we even do any shopping.

After unloading our luggage at Mithila Hotel, off to Union Square we go to explore downtown San Frans. Good thing the hotel is a short bus ride to Union Square. The Muni buses stops at every block (grid layout for San Frans) that means no unnecessary walking for me, much to my delight.

One of the very first boutiques I saw was a three storey Forever21 store (above Powell station). THREE freaking floors of racks racks rack of clothes clothes clothes. Can you believe that?! There’s Macy’s (many storeys in a huge building), Saks Fifth Avenue (many storeys in a huge building), Bloomingdale’s (again, many storeys in a huge building), Nordstrom (yet again, many storeys in a huge building), Disney Store, Anthropologie (three storeys), Gap (three storeys), Abercrombie & Fitch (two storeys), H&M (two storeys), Urban Outfitter (three storeys). Everything really. I bought the cutest coat (and many more other things) from Forever21. It’s an empire jacquard black coat with a gathered collar. It’s too cute to be true. Buying a too darn cute coat is the best way to start a trip, I’d say. Okie, fine, enough of the fabulous cute coat.

Too bad they ran out of this golden jacquard coat which I absolutely adore as well. The sales staff told me they might have some in stock within a few days, so I have decided to drop in daily to make sure I get my hands on that coat.

Then of course there’s the famous San Francisco cable car. The operators had to turn the cable car around manually at the end of the line! Way medieval and wicked! It’s US$5 per trip but the MUNI pass covered it.

Walk walk walk explore explore explore Union Square. I must mention this: there is an elevator in the Coach boutique! An elevator. Well, God forbid if the customers have to tire their feet to climb ten flights of steps eh.

Rode the cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf in the evening. There’s a chocolate store with heaps of chocolate and the moment I saw it, Qiaojing came into my mind. Qiaojing, I have ten pictures of the chocolate store just for you.

I love how the cable car is king on the road. Every other vehicle had to give way to the cable car, even the limousines. The roads here are really interesting. It’s as if this city is built on a mountain and they have to carve the roads into the mountains. Some roads are so steep you’d think the cable car will fall backwards anytime!

I was so tired after all the walking that I fell asleep as soon as I hit the sack.

8th Nov 2006, Wednesday
Had breakfast at an old school diner, Lori’s Diner (Sutter). You know those with red seats and jukeboxes? Yes, those type of diners. It’s like a dream come true. I always see them on telly and for the longest time, I wanted to visit and authentic one. Now I have. I can die happy. No wait! I can’t die happy till I have gone to New York.

After breakfast, E went crazy. At 10am in the cold morning, he made me climb up three millions steps to get to Coit Tower. Okie, I have to admit it was worth it cos I get to see the whole of San Francisco from up the tower but he’s really crazy. We were huffing and puffing when we reach the top. Whatever did I do to deserve this torture early in the chilly morning?

Headed to Pier 39 to take pictures of the lazy sea lions. I didn’t think there’s much at Pier 39 till I saw the carousel. A carousel! My fav! Chewy knows a secret about the carousel. The ride ended all too soon. In the afternoon, we went to Ghirardelli Chocolaterie, a chocolate ex-factory. Again, heaps of chocolate. Don’t worry, Qiaojing. I’ve saved some for you.

Waited 45 minutes in the cold for the cable car!! There was a long long long queue and the cable cars are just standing around. Well, not standing per se, more like parked around. Well not around per se, more like in a line. I’m sure you get what I mean, you smarty-pants. A cable car comes around every 15 minutes when it’s peak hour! What’s up with that?!

Had pizza by the slice at Blondie’s Pizza (Powell). It’s great. Mega huge slices of hot piping cheese pizza is the best thing you can down in the cold. Gosh. I never like cheese so much before. Wanted to catch a movie but it’s US$10 a ticket and US$10 for any combo set. Aargh! Don’t they have cheap entertainment around here?

Yep, I did go to Forever21 to ask about the coat. They don’t have it yet but I’m not giving up. Better luck tomorrow.

9th Nov 2006, Thursday
Today, E rented a car and we drove down famous Lombard Street. It’s a winding street that is steep steep steep. Then we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge then to Muir Woods then to Sonoma then to godforsaken long winding narrow road (This road took us more than an hour. There was no civilisation in sight! We thought we were lost for good and great, we’ll die there and nobody will ever find us.) then to San Jose then to Napa Valley then to Napa Premium Outlets. It was a long long long drive.

Anyone, in his or her right frame of mine, would be wearing comfy and sensible shoes to Muir Woods but no, not me. I was wearing my boots. People must now think I’m crazy to be trekking in boots. Oh well, if your mantra is ‘Ai Shui Mai Mia’, as mine is, you’d be trekking in boots too.

I saw a pair of gorgeous Miu Miu shoes at Barney’s outlet. It was just fabulous, dah-ling! However, it, being Miu Miu, was beyond my budget. Aargh! I want that pair of shoes sooo bad. In the end, l settled for a picture of me wearing the shoes. To make up for the lack of gorgeous shoes, I had McDonald’s. FINALLY!! The Filet-O-Fish was packed in a box, like how ours were 300 years ago. I’m lovin’ it!

10th Nov 2006, Friday
Again, I went to Forever21 to enquire about the golden jacquard coat. They have it! They have it! I got it! I got it!

E’s friends (three of them) flew in at noon to join us today. Went to Fisherman’s Wharf again to take pictures and to fully explore the place. Then to Pier 39 we went. A huge Christmas tree was up at Pier 39 already. Then we went to Chinatown (two blocks from Jackson). It was like any other Chinatown: messy, unclean (I shall refrain from using the ‘d’ word) and rundown. Why do all Chinatowns have to be like that? The Chinese don’t live like that everywhere! I wished someone would take the effort to clean up the place a little. I hate that people think Chinese everywhere live like that.

I haven’t mentioned this. There are public restrooms, well in the public. It’s a huge cubicle that looks like an oversized telephone booth. It has a giant sliding door and it’s self-cleaning and it doesn’t cost a cent. Interesting eh.

E and I headed to Jean Shelton Theatre (Sutter, between Powell and Mason). While waiting to catch musical Shopping, I saw a nail spa above the Jean Shelton Theatre. Since there’s 45 minutes before showtime, I decided to get a French manicure. It’s only US$12 for a French manicure. Love my newly polished nails!

The comedy musical was, of course, comical. I should really be in it though. It’s shopping, for crying out loud. It’s what I live for! It’s second nature to me! No, make that first nature!

11th Nov 2006, Saturday
We drove up to Lake Tahoe today. The roadsides were covered with snow. The trees were covered with snow. The mountain tops were snow-capped. Scenic is not enough to fully describe everything. We had planned to go skiing but the gondolas (cable cars) were closed for maintenance till 17th Nov! WHAT! YOU MEAN WE DROVE FOR OVER THREE HOURS FOR NOTHING! We were resigned to fate and made our way down. Halfway down, we past this snow-covered area. Of course we had to get out for pictures and snow fight. The snow had to be at least two inches thick! Look at my name in the snow! I made it and then my boots and socks got all wet. It was freezing but it was well worth it.

Went to Gilroy Premium Outlet in this chilly night. I didn’t buy much stuff. Hmm… the cold must have gotten to me. I need my shopping mojo back!

12th Nov 2006, Sunday
Today, we drove around the neighbourhoods. Visited Ocean Beach (the waves were massive!), Mission, Castro (famous gay district), Twin Peaks (where you can see the whole of San Frans too), Maiden Lane (where Marc Jacobs’ boutique is!). The San Frans Zoo is near Ocean Beach but nope, they didn’t want to visit. Hmff!

Seen above the body butter section in The Body Shop in Castro “One of your fantasies should involve definitely involve cream”. Wicked!

There was a lady singing opera on Maiden Lane. Singing beautiful opera (i) on the street (ii) without microphone (iii) with only a cd player (iv) out in the cold. She’s good, really good, really really really good. I have a clip of her. Ask and ye shall receive.

I had the cutest cupcake today. The patisserie has the most lovely (yes, I know the word is ‘loveliest’ but do I care?) cakes that looked too darn good to be eaten. I would post a picture just to make you drool and want to hate me for having eaten such a tasty cupcake but I do want you to continue reading.

Most interesting thing I saw today was *drums roll* a couple out for their, I believe to be, daily run. With a pram and dog in tow. Yes, dad was pushing pram while jogging and mum had dog jogging beside her. Why why why?! Isn’t it ironic? You risk catching a cold while jogging for your health in the chilly morning. Couldn’t the people have just stayed indoors to do yoga?

13th Nov 2006, Monday
10.30 am, I was at Alcatraz. I believe Frank Morris, John and Clarence Anglin did escaped and they did make it. They are somewhere out there.

It was raining cats and dogs when we got back. When in Rome, do as Romans do. When in San Frans, do as San Franciscans do. You just go about doing your usual stuff, and yes, that means jogging in the rain too. We ran in the rain and I was totally drenched by the time we reached Bubba Gump at Fisherman’s Wharf (had to run a good 400 metres and up a flight of steps to get to the restaurant. In the rain, can I add?). The restaurant was practically empty but the host said, “Let me see if they have a table”. What!? Is he blind or something? Then he made us wait 10 minutes for a table in an empty restaurant. Yes, this can only happen in great ol’ America.

Spent 20 minutes in the restroom trying to dry my socks. In vain. I hate soggy socks.

Good thing lunch made up for the lousy weather. Lunch was heavenly! I love the fish & chips! Then again, when have I ever dislike fish and chips? Wait, I have. It was supposed to be a nice dinner with him but the fish and chips didn’t turn out as well as I’d like them to be, just like things between us. But that’s another story for another time. I don’t want to bore you with boring details like how he never held my hands when we crossed the road, how he never put his arms around me when I was in pain, how he never care to ask if I wanted a r/s. Wait, didn’t I say I don’t want to bore you. Let’s not start then.

Instead, let me start on desert. Ever heard of chocolate chip cookie ice cream? It’s literally a gigantic chocolate chip cookie with a gigantic scoop of ice cream. I cannot believe such a thing exists and I didn’t know about it. Everyone must try this in their lives, at least once, or you’ll be living in vain and that’ll be really sad. And I don’t want no sad friends.

The rain started from 11am and stops at, never. Yes, I’m still gripping about the rain. Bad weather delayed all planes at SFO and instead of connecting at Phoenix (which would mean we have to spend another night at San Frans), we are connecting at Vegas. Vegas! The lights of Vegas were so dazzling and glittery. I saw the Strip! No, not the Brazilian wax, you perv. Then there I was, at the Vegas airport. There are freaking slot machines right in the middle of the freaking waiting areas of the freaking airport. This must take the cake eh.

22nd Nov 2006, Wednesday
9am in the morning and the cell phone rang. Too early, I thought, and so I ignore the call. Nobody should be calling me anyway. The caller hung up and I cheered silently while pulling the blanket over my head. Then the phone rang again! Gosh, who can be calling so early in the morning?! Unknown number. Picked up. Hello? Guess who it is? It’s none other than dear Qiaojing. She thought it’s 11am here already. Good thing I’m 14812km away or I’d gone over to her place to strangle her. No, really.

Qiaojing: Hello.

Me: Hello. What’s up? Why did you call me?

Qiaojing: Nothing lor. Just calling you to tell you I miss you.

Me: Haha. Okie. Do you want to fly over to visit me then?

Qiaojing: I can’t cos I have to work. Why don’t you fly back instead? It’s easier that way.

Me: Ya, I think it’s easier if I fly back.

Qiaojing: Okie, nothing else liao. Just wanna tell you I miss you.

I think it must be really hard on Qiaojing to not see me for a few days, let alone three whole months. You poor thing. Don’t worry, I have lots of chocolates for you k.

Caught Happy Feet at 1.05pm. Ticket cost US$7.50 while the nacho combo cost US$10! I saw a mum with four kids, each having their popcorn and drink combo. It’s US$5.50 for a child’s ticket. That would mean mum had just paid US$79.50 for a movie! Gosh, that’s SG$123! Now, parents in Singapore had better stop complaining about expensive movies already. Guys too! If you (are a guy who) cannot be generous enough to pay for a girl’s movie ticket, you are really wasting her time. These few dollars speak volumes about you, really. I’ve been there so take my words for it.

At 7pm, I was all packed and ready to set off for Las Vegas tomorrow!

23rd Nov 2006, Thursday 
At 5am, we were out of the house and in the car and on our way to Vegas. There’s a one hour difference between Arizona and Nevada. That means when we drove past the state border, I became one hour younger! How delightful~

After a long 6 hours drive, we arrived at Sin City. Viva Las Vegas! Vegas is a city of casinos, gambling and sins, or so I have read. As we drove down Las Vegas Boulevard (otherwise known as The Strip), I opened my mouth in awe. Boy boy boy, was I impressed. The casinos are freaking titanic! They are really very very impressive! I couldn’t wait to visit all of them. The day view sure is different from the night view I saw 10 nights ago.

We walked through MGM Grand and guess what. They have a Lion Habitat with three real live lionesses in it. Whoever heard of that!? Lionesses in a casino. I bet Terry Lanni just woke up one day and said, “We should have lioness in the casino. Yeah, why not? Just for the heck of it!”

Next, I visited The Venetian. They have freaking gondolas in the freaking hotel. No, make that freaking outdoor and freaking indoor gondolas in the freaking hotel. I don’t have to visit Venice since the exact replica is here. I’m starting to love Vegas already. I can now understand the fascination with this city.

Walked over to Wynn Las Vegas next. Wynn is short for Wynnii! It’s my casino! The hotel was grand, magnificent, luxurious, posh, majestic, royal, lavish, et cetera. I ran out of words. Well, you don’t expect nothing less from Wynn. I would know.

Have I mentioned there is a Ferrari dealership and a Ferrari showroom and a Ferrari boutique inside Wynn? Yes, inside the hotel. A showroom with a flaming red Ferrari for everyone to ogle and drool at. I wanted to buy a box of pencils for US$15 but I figured I can never bring myself to sharpen and use them, so I didn’t.

Bellagio is one grand hotel too. The Jean-Philippe Maury Patisserie has the world’s largest chocolate fountain, which once again reminded me of Qiaojing. White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate flowing endlessly makes a chocoholic’s wet dreams come true, I tell you. The chocoholic I’m talking about is, of course, none other than Qiaojing. Qiaojing, I wished you were here with me! There are so many things (namely, chocolate) which you’ll love. I think I shouldn’t mention the four-storey M&M’s store located just opposite Treasure Island Hotel. Opps, I just did.

Visited New York-New York! It’s the BEST (but I’m biased. Haha~)! There’s a roller coaster ride that goes around the casino on the outside! And there are people, make that crazy people, taking the ride on freezing cold nights! Whatever were they thinking? An ego boost for the guys, perhaps? Males… Had dinner, make that nice hot dog and Coke dinner (but again I’m biased. Haha~), at New York-New York.

24th Nov 2006, Friday
It’s Black Friday! At 6.30am (I must repeat, 6.30AM) in the morning, I’m in the car (forced to wake up by E) and we’re heading to the outlet mall already. You think 6.30am in the morning is crazy and ungodly early to be going to the mall? Well, you thought wrong. When we arrived, there are people leaving. And these people had bags of shopping bags with them! They arrived at, like, what? 5am? It’s insane. It really is. The queue outside Coach is about 100 metres long. These people are standing in the cold, waiting. Waiting to spend money. This can only happen in great ol’ America, I tell you.

Well, if I’m up and at the outlet already, I might as well. Might as well shop till I drop. Left with bags and bags of shopping bags. I got a Stella McCartney yoga mat and bag!!!

We went to watch Fantasy, a topless show, at Luxor. Well, it’s Sin City! If you don’t indulge now, when can you?

25th Nov 2006, Saturday
Saved Caesar’s Palace for the last cos it’s the biggest and we needed half a day to cover it. It’s a place for the rich and famous, really. There is nothing but expensive high-end luxurious boutiques and the biggest Victoria Secret store yet. Then we headed to Aladdin for some serious shopping at the 170 shops. Then we headed to Paris. The hotel-casino, silly. If it’s Paris Paris, I would be jumping for joy for a good twelve hours. No, really.

The hotel lobby has these divine chandeliers and the paintings of Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette and well, some other people I cannot recognise. Haha~ The cafes make everything so quaint. Had an extremely delicious ham and cheese croissant, clam chowder and Coke. Then I had one of my fav deserts, a strawberry tart with plenty of real strawberries. It’s, of course, divine.

Now, I don’t have to visit Paris, Cairo, Rome and Venice (the real ones) since I’ve been to Vegas. Viva Las Vegas, indeed!

26th Nov 2006, Sunday
A long seven and a half hour drive and we’re back. Dinner at IHOP (International House of Pancakes). I realised I have this thing for strawberries. When did that start?

29th Nov 2006, Wednesday
The rash kept me up all night. I itch all over and it’s unbearable, so finally I went to the hospital to seek treatment at 8.30am in the morning (I left the hospital at 1pm. Yes, 4½ hours of waiting for treatment for a rash). To think I have never been to any hospital for treatments in Singapore. The cold freeze almost killed me before I arrived at the hospital. To say “It’s cold” is an understatement. It’s freaking chilly and the strong wind makes everything worse. You know the phrase “Sends a chill down one’s spine”. Now, I know where and how this expression comes from.

I was informed there are three possible causes for the rash. First, it’s an allergy. Second, it’s a viral infection (E told me they tell this to everyone, regardless you have a fever, running nose, tummy upset. Or rash, apparently). Third, it’s a fungus infection. This fungus is indigenous to South Arizona and since it’s very dry here, the fungus won’t grow in my lungs but will cause a rash. The fungus might grow when I go back to Singapore where it’s moist, I was told. Gosh!! It’s just a rash, people! I just need some cream, for crying out loud.

Apparently, they must make sure I don’t have to fungus in my lungs and guess what they did. They X-RAYed me!! I cannot believe this. Whoever heard of anyone going for an x-ray for a rash. Then they drew two test tubes worth of blood. For whatever blood test they are going to do. I have an appointment with the dermatologist in a week’s time for a check-up. Rash, people, rash! Not cancer, not fungus, just a simple rash. Is there a need to torture me like this?

Total bill? US$432.92. Yes, you read right.

And this is NOT the final bill because they have not done the blood tests yet. Now, I wished I had just amputated my legs and arms to relieve the itch cos it’s gonna cost so much lesser.

Come to think of it, maybe they are trying to give me a heart attack. Then I will be warded and the bill can be inflated 3000 times. Hmmm… are the hospital and the CIC in cahoots? You remember the CIC from 29th Oct, no? Then never mind.

The hospital doesn’t have a pharmacy and thus, I had to go to Walgreens to get my medicine. Whoever heard of a hospital that doesn’t dispense medicine?! Well, I guess you should know by now how inefficient the people here are. The pharmacist needed 45 minutes to prepare the medicine. Hello?? How difficult can it be to just count the tablets and put them into the medicine bottle? It’s not as if you have to conduct a science experiment to obtain the pills.

Decided to lunch at Shogun. Again. We have this unhealthy obsession with the Japanese food they serve. Or it could just be that it’s cheap and good. I was pretty high by this time. The medicine is making me very very very drowsy. All I wanted is to just close my eyes and sleep. I dipped my sushi into the sweet sauce. Haha~ And in my drowsy state, I actually swallowed some avocado without realising it. Ewwww!!

Just took medicine 15 minutes ago and now I’m feeling d r o o o w s y…

1st Dec 2006, Friday
It’s December already! The nights are getting colder and colder. The days too. 18 more days and Chewy will be here. Can’t wait!

Going to Coach to buy stuff tomorrow cos E has a 25% discount voucher. Yeah~

2nd Dec 2006, Saturday
How did the shopping go? I heard someone ask. I would post a picture and say “Let’s just say a picture speaks a thousand words”. But the picture would scare the hell out of you. So, let’s just say then I came home with five paper bags from Coach and two paper bags from Victoria’s Secret. Make that big paper bags.

Told you shopping is my first nature. Believe me now, don’t you?

4th Dec 2006
Hiya! Yes, I'm still alive and kicking. Much to the dismay of some, I know. Tough luck.

7th Dec 2006 Thursday
I cooked dinner today! I did, I’m serious! Minced pork with egg and Oven baked chicken. I’m very pleased with myself. Let’s hope no one gets a tummyache.

To Miss Joey Lim and Eugina Koh, I know of your plans to go clubbing this 22nd! And of course, without me. How dare you two! You will not have fun without me, I tell you! HMFF!! It just ain't the same with me~

8th Dec 2006, Friday
Well, no one had a tummyache. Yeah~

Went to La Encantada for more shopping at Coach. Shopping for other people, actually. Bought a nice leather pouch though. The staff at Coach must think I must really loved Coach or I’m just plain crazy. Spending over US$2.4k over two weekends. I bet they’d think it’s the latter. Great.

Then dinner at Firebird’s. Really scrumptious shrimps and fries. I love the food here but not the hour-long wait.

9th Dec 2006, Saturday 
Went to a street fair today down at 4th and University Blvd. I saw the popping of corn the ol’ fashion way. They turned out round and really cute. They were damn tasty.

I had a turkey leg that weighed 1.5 pounds! It’s mammoth! I had to hold it with two hands. When I sank my teeth into the juicy, tender grilled meat, I felt this immerse amount of joy I couldn’t explain. I’m not kidding. I should feel guilty but nope, I wasn’t the least bit.

I love street fairs!

9th Dec 2006, Saturday
Eragon will be out on 15th Dec! This movie is based on a best-selling book, Eragon. Duh. The book is amazing! Then again, which book with dragons and a boy/girl and evil and a desert/mountain isn't? Haha~

Have I mentioned this book was written by a 15-year old and it was his first novel? Still, you'll want to devour the book in one sitting, I tell you. A good read makes anyone's day, I daresay.

Interestingly, the author, Christopher Paolini did not have anything to do with the making of the movie. Maybe he's too busy writing the third instalment to the trilogy.

Well, the male lead isn't exactly what I'd imagine him to be. I expected someone more dashing (he is afterall a a dragon rider and hero) but I think this guy has a face that really epitomised the mixed emotions he should be portraying in the movie. He's all but 19 and this is his first movie, so I'll bet he'll only become cuter by the day. Saphira didn't turn out how I thought she looked like too. Rachel Weisz is the voice talent of Saphira. It'll be interesting to hear a dragon with an English accent.

The female lead is pretty though; but I have an affinity for redheads (so I might just a little bitty biased). She's 31 but she sure doesn't look like it! I guess the beauty of Hollywood is you never ever grow old. No wonder everyone wants to be an actress. I would kill for immorality too. No, really.

This is going to be one hell of a good movie. Can't wait!

10th Dec 2006, Sunday
The big move is today. Moved to a new house in the same estate. I like the new apartment better. There are more people here and it doesn’t seem so isolated. It’s weird I care about how many people they are here cos I don’t even go out. I stay at home all day long with my beloved telly. Maybe when Chewy arrives, we’ll go out.

11th Dec 2006, Monday
I microwaved a burger and I nearly burned the whole house down. No, really.

13th Dec 2006, Wednesday
I’ve been watching the first two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy these two days. God knows how many pieces of tissue papers I’ve used. Don’t doctors ever go home? Do they really work 48-hour shifts? It’s insane. How can they ever have a family like that? They don’t get to spend any time with their family. Why do parents want their daughters to marry doctors? Do they know their daughters will be all alone at home day in and day out? Do they really want that? Or is it just the bragging rights they want? But what do I know.

I have this craving for KFC but they don’t do deliveries here. Aargh! I wanna eat fried chickens! I’m putting on at least 5kg from all these nice tasty botox-injected food but I’m not complaining.

15th Dec 2006

Lunch at shogun again. I’m finally getting fried chicken from Church’s for dinner.

17th Dec 2006

Chewy is arriving tomorrow. She brings with her a luggage bag, a cabin bag and the freakin' chills. The weather turns into this monster with clouds, winds and showers.

Partly cloudy weather in Tucson. I haven't seen so much clouds since I've arrived.

"Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get" - Robert A. Heinlein

"A sister is what you expect, a shock is what you get" - Wynnii Lu Qiuling

I went bowling again today.

18th Dec 06
Chewy arrived!!

19th Dec 06
Dinner at red lobster. Winter Haven tour. There is a neighbourhood that puts up plenty of Christmas décor to compete in the best theme decor contest. It’s as if I’m transported back to Home Alone the movie. The people go all out! No expense spared. They even have traffic police directing traffic to ease congestion. Pity I didn’t go onto the hay ride.

20th Dec 06
Foothills mall with chewy, and then went bowling again.

21st Dec 06
Chewy went all crazy yesterday and spent way too much money on clothes, shoes and other stuff at Foothills Mall. I know I do too from time to time (fine, from month to month), but this is Chewy we're talking about.

The nicest thing she got was actually for me. A packet of No. 2 yellow pencils! Now, I can finally strike off another item from my wish list.

Come to think of it, my wish list has remained rather intact. Come on, people! It's Christmas and like they say, it's better to give than receive. So please have a look at my any occasion* wish list again to remind the millions of people out there that my birthday's in less than 40 days. (Whoever said you must be a friend to give gifts?)

Qiaojing, you are the only person who doesn't have to read the rest of it. In case anyone is wondering, there is a standing order between Qiaojing, Ying and I. Every year, I buy my own birthday and Christmas presents on their behalf. This way, I get exactly what I want, when I want, where I want. They don't even have to crack their brains or lift a finger, maybe except to press a few digits to transfer the money to me.

This year, I bought their Christmas present (for me) in May. Haha!

*Any occasion refers to birthday, Christmas, Chinese New Year (which my lunar birthday falls on), Hari Raya, Deepavali, Vesak Day, et cetera. *wink*

Hmmm... Yes, this is still about the No. 2 yellow pencils. Thanks, Chewy! Love ya!

On a separate BUT more important note, I’m off to New York City soon!! Can’t wait!!!

23th December 2006
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm living in uptown Manhattan, to boot.
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
Yes, of course, I'm going crazy. You'd too.

24th December 2006
The stars say, "You must not overspend right now, no matter how reasonable the prices seem to be." The stars are blind.

(I'm no fan of Paris but it seems just so appropriate, no?)
Haven't the stars heard it's Christmas? Maybe they are deaf instead. It's Christmas!! If you don't spend, make that overspend, during the most commercialised festival of the year, when the hell do you?

25th December 2006
I wore my Christmas hat down Times Square today (Christmas eve). I must have looked ridiculous but it's memorable. That's how I want New York to be. No, not ridiculous, memorable!

It's an unspoken rule that you must spend the holidays with your loved ones. I'm spending Christmas in my dream city with my favourite girl: New York City, Chewy. I know I shouldn't wish for more but I wished someone else is here too. That's how I want Christmas to be.

Merry Merry Merry 2006 Christmas! :)

26th December 2006 
You’ll only find two pictures of this day in my album. Let’s just say I was toooo busy shopping and had absolutely no time at all to care about snapping any pictures. I can’t possibly let others snatch the good deals away!

28th December 2006
Covered five states in two days, just to visit Washington D.C.: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia. But that's not the heavy point (translate literally to Mandarin Chinese).

You'd think you're spared from China-like Chinese food in USA (especially if you were to visit states not famous for their Chinese food)? Well, you thought wrong. Just like I did. Guide wanted to bring us to have salty and oily Chinese for dinner and lunch. It's like deja vu. Didn't I just do that last Dec?

Note to self: Next year, visit some place where you cannot be served Chinese food, no matter how hard they try. A good choice would be Swaziland. If I'm served Chinese food there, I'll turn vegetarian, I tell you.

How can it be that I can't escape Chinese food even though I'm millions of miles away from China? Fine, I exaggerate. It's only 7383 miles away, but again, that's not the heavy point.

30th December 2006
Was at Soho today when Chewy needed to go to the restroom and there was, of course, none in sight. I simply said, "Let's go to Prada then. A designer boutique is your best bet". You may think it's weird but that's the first thing that popped into my mind.

It turned out that, as usual, I made the right call.

Yes, the boutique is all fabulously designed with interesting parallel lanes of display and nicely decorated with colourful murals of famous ladies and brightly lit with unassuming tracklights and thoughtfully merchandised with dazzling pieces, dah-ling.It's Prada! Of course the boutique is creme de le creme.

However, Chewy only cares if I made the right call. No, wait. I think Chewy only cares if Prada loaded enough toilet paper.

1st Jan 2007
Yes, I admit it. I was one of those crazy people who stood in the freezing zero degrees coldness at Times Square for eight straight hours for the New Year countdown. No meals, no drinks, no toilet breaks, no nothing. Thighs were aching, feet were in pain, fingers were numb and brain was threatening to shut down as each hour went past. It was very well worth it though.

That's because...


Yes, Christina Aguilera!!!

She was just less than 20 metres away from me. Maybe you haven't heard, Christina is my favourite singer. It was a very very pleasant surprise because I had no idea she would be performing. It's more than a dream come true. I was contemplating overstaying illegally in USA so that I can attend her concert in February but I don't have to risk a record now. There is a Santa after all. :)

Oh, did I mention I was on national television (ABC)? They were filming us for a good 30 seconds. We were at the front row and had plenty of screen time on the LCD displays of Times Square as well.

But what's that compared to watching Christina performed?

I never thought I could love New York more. But I have.

16th Jan 2007
I have 6366 pictures as of today. This is not good. I need 10000 pictures before I can go home. I deleted at least 2000 pictures. Really shouldn’t have done that.

2nd Jan 07
I always knew I would meet you
Even in my dreams I dreamt it
Then one day I found you
It was love at first sight
You showed me things I never knew
You told me things I never heard
You taught me things I never learned

I gasped for air
I curled my toes
I was blown away

I want to thank you
For all the lovely memories
They are now in a locket
Forever stored in my heart

You may think it's rude
I left without saying goodbye
After eight hours in the cold
I wasn't thinking right
On hindsight I'm glad I didn't
It would be a teary goodbye

You won't miss me
But I'll miss you dearly
Goodbye, New York New York
- Wynnii Lu Qiuling

24th Jan 07
I’m back.

31st Jan 07
I'm sure most of you know what a fortune cookie is, no? If you have watched enough tv (like I do), you would. Anyway, all ang mohs assume all Chinese know. If you're Chinese and you don't, it will make no sense to ang mohs. Why? Ang mohs are served a fortune cookie each after a meal at the Chinese restuarants in USA and thus, they simply assumed all Chinese have a cookie after each meal.

Anway, this is not about ang mohs, Chinese or USA. This is about my very first fortune cookie.

I received it after my first meal in the States. I was so excited and decided against devouring the cookie there and then. Also, I certainly don't want to read a lousy fortune at the very beginning of my trip. So into my luggage the cookie goes. And forgotten the cookie is. That is until I'm back to my sunny island home.

Upon opening my luggage bag, I saw that the cookie had been crushed into many pieces and a piece of paper curiously peeked through. On it wrote: "You are headed in the right direction. Trust your instincts". Now, how cool is that! The cookie is telling me that I'm headed the right way, the right way being great ol' America.

The cookie is right. The cookie is always right.


[I did warn you this was going to be a looooooong story.]