Saturday, 28 February 2009

Piece of Cake

One month after my birthday, I remembered the real reason why I didn't get a cake on my birthday. Mummy used to be the one who always buys my birthday cake. She knows how much I love birthdays, especially mine. Remember the wrongly-spelled Winnie the Pooh cake from last year? Then she'll wait patiently for me to return home to blow the candles out and make the same old yearly wish. I wished I had made a different wish last year, then perhaps she might still be around. Guess I can't have my cake and eat it too.

Friday, 27 February 2009

What the Stars Say For 27 Feb 2009

The stars say, "Take time to evaluate your dreams -- you'll soon see some clear patterns emerge".

Travel travel travel. Pattern as clear as glass to me. Yeah!!

Everyone Needs

Speaking of Ken, I came across this two weeks ago. I chuckled.

Ghostie Frosties No More

Ghostie frosties no more ghostie!

I would say thank you but that would not be me. Just ask Ken.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Inaugural Girls' Night Out a Success

Girls' night out nearly turned out to be a disaster with the overspilling snacks and usual tardiness. However, all's well that ends well.

The chick flick was hilarious. The unhealthy snacks were delicious. The company (Joey and Jac) was fabulous.

What more can a girl ask for?

"Some drinks perhaps?" I assumed Jac would ask.

It's Not Me, It's You by Lily Allen

I refuse to get anymore involved in your own meaningless conversationS. Ain't my fault you ain't got no mind of your own.

Just Because X 9999999999999999

"To think I actually have to write this... Just because Weihao and I went travelling together DOESN'T mean we are together!! How many times do I have to explain this exactly? Give me a number, someone!" X 9999999999999999 times

Ladies and gentlement, there we have it! 9999999999999999 times should be just about right to set the record straight.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Jaslynn's Happy Birthday!

So the girls celebrated Jaslynn's birthday last Friday. Yes, the girls. *wink*

And just in case anyone is wondering, Jaslynn is twenty-something. Just like Joey.

Happy birthday, Jaslynn dear! Hope the long wait for the complimentary champagne was worth your night.

Psst Joey, I still didn't tell anyone you're twenty-seven!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Wedding Belles and Bells

I am yakking with Jessica, Joey and Ruth online. Guess what.

They are ALL talking about their wedding plans.

Jessica: Dinner, Joey: Photographer, Ruth: House.

I need to find either younger friends who aren't getting married or older friends who already are!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Corporate Slavery for All

Joey joined the corporate slavery organisation today. Welcome, Joey!!

Three weeks will pass with blink of an eye. You have me to keep you company on skype daily, so make that half a blink of an eye.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Underneath It All

Slumdog Millionaire. Love story underneath it all.

And We Have A Winner!

It must be a new record. I caught five different movies this week!

Bride's War. K20. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Slumdog Millionaire. Valkyrie.

Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest was sooooo much better than Butler.

Better accent.
Better lines.
Better better better costumes. Butler must has limited budget which would explain why the actors are running around almost naked all the time.
Best of all. I only paid $17.50.

Slumdog Millionaire

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Monthly Breakdown of 2009 - Updated

A month-by-month horoscope guide, courtesy of Wicked!

LOVE: You’ll see the positive side of things and will feel more serene. Try to devote more time to your partner or you may be reproached.
WORK: You’ll need to make a choice which will have an impact on your future career. The Stars advise you to follow your instincts and inclinations - then things will be fine.
HEALTH: Try to watch what you eat as you risk putting on a little weight.
Wynn: Ah! I did put on quite a bit of weight already! Maybe I should start paying more attention to this horoscope stuff.

LOVE: Your self confidence will help your relationship with others. You’ll find a way to improve communication with your partner.
WORK: You will be far too stubborn so control yourself as a superior could reproach you heavily for this.
HEALTH: You are prone to catching a cold, probably due to the way you dress.
Wynn: Haha! Yes, wearing dresses in the 2 degree cold must be why.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

What the Stars Say for 18 Feb 2009

The stars say, "Friends are not always easy to please, but who says you have to please them anyway?"

Interesting interesting interesting.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Just Because

To think I actually have to write this...

Just because Weihao and I went travelling together DOESN'T mean we are together!!

How many times do I have to explain this exactly? Give me a number, someone!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Last One

When I saw what you declared on fb, the pain radiated through and through. It was as if I never existed. One teardrop. The last one.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Yong Quan and Alexis' Big Day

A big congratulations to Yong Quan and Alexis on their nuptials!

Photos courtesy of Dingyang.

Joey's Birthday Party

The drawl-ing English accent nearly killed the Butler. Then it's off to our usual hangout.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Hola Espana~

23 JAN 09

Clockwise from top right
Magnificent building. Magnificent building. Magnificent building. Magnificent building. Magnificent building. Magnificent building. Magnificent building. Magnificent building. You get the drift.

Whatever do you mean I have to name all the buildings?

Fine, here are the ones I can remember. St Joseph Market. Venetian towers @ Plaza Espanya. Head of Barcelona sculpture. Columbus Barcelona Colon. Hola Espana~~

La Ramblas. Port Vell. Barcelona Colon. St Josep Marcat. Fantastic temperature. Huge Iberican Ham. Fresh strawberries. First tapas dinner with Joan and Weihao. Patata bravas is my fav! Wynn @ Macs, of course!
For dinner, I endured a 20-minute walk in my heeled-boots.

24 JAN 2009

Clockwise from top right
Lovely p√Ętisserie. Casa Mila. Nou Camp stadium. Broken tree branch. Wynnii @ PansandCo. Fallen tree branch (It was a windy, windy day). Weihao and Wynnii. Magnificent building. Hospital de Sant Pau. Magnificent street. Casa Mila. Dragon Gate. Pretty little Hotel Vincci room.

Casa Mila. Sagrada Familia (They will never finish this so everyone will come back again and again). Wynnii and Weihao at Barcelona FC vs Numania live! Watching Messi and Henry in action~ Why didn't I insist on going to Old Trafford and watch Man U play while I was in London?

25 JAN 2009

Plaza Espanya. Fira Barcelona. Magnificent building. Magnificent building. Magnificent building. Why, Weihao, why stand here and take picture? Poor purple scarf saw the world for the first time but was lost an hour later :(

Eventful Hike to Parc Guell (in random bits)
>1300m uphill walk. Fallen trees everywhere. Closed park. Climbed fence into park. Cut hand. Bleeding hand. Climbed many more slopes. Breathtaking view.

Parc Guell
Loving the mosaic everywhere. The sweat and blood (literally) for this park is worth it. Cute gingerbread house.

Tapas @ Tapa Tapa. Exterior of Casa Mila. 0.5L of Erdinger. More Iberican Ham. Exterior of Casa Batillo. Wynn @ Macs again. Luxury Macs furnishing. Pine fruit. Bleeding hand still.

26 JAN 2009

Great Day at Tibidabo
For the ferris wheel, I stood more than 30 minutes in the windy, chilly cold for the blue tram that never arrived. It was well worth it though. Ride of my life.

Temple de Sagrat Cor
60 years to build. Lifetime of glory. Even I felt His presence.

Interior and exterior of Casa Batillo. Curve lines. Blue tiles. Stained glass. Dragon back. Fireplace with two seat - don't ask why. Lovely steak and lobster pasta dinner. Even lovelier dessert.

27 JAN 2009

AVE train to Madrid. Plaza Mayor. First taste of Iberican ham (I'm in love). Paella enough for 400 amigos! Yes, I brought the hat along for the trip. :)

28 JAN 2009

Chocolate con churros for brunch. Retiro Park. Lushless but serene. Oh ya, Happy Birthday to me!! :)

Retiro Park. Still lushless. Still serene. Snickers bar, OJ and popcorn picnic in the park. Cows invading Madrid.

Clockwise from top right
Magnificent building. Magnificent building. Magnificent building. Magnificent building. Magnificent building. Magnificent building. Magnificent building. Again, you get the drift.

Royal Palace of Madrid and its 2007 opulently gilded rooms. Plaza Puerta del Sol. Magnificent arc. Magnificent building. Magnificent crest. Magnificent statue. Dream yellow scooter.

Birthday tapas dinner with Weihao and Pablo. Best Sangria ever! Xmas tree. Temple of Debod. More magnificent buildings. Magnificent square.

29 JAN 2009

Colours amidst bare trees. Plaza Mayor. Love Prado museum. Trident.

30 JAN 2009

Opulent Vincci 66. Breakfast in bed. Quad-triple sandwich deck for Weihao. Sushi dinner and drinks with great company. No leggings in 4 degree C. Fashion has no price.

31 JAN 2009

Far far walk to closed Faunia :(. Cotton candy clouds. Dinner at Pablo's. Beer for Pablo and I. Coke for Weihao.

1 FEB 2009

Snowy morning. Rainy afternoon. Caixa Forum. Vegetable wall. Thyssen Museum. Goya. Atocha rooftop.

2 FEB 2009

Speeding train back to Barcelona. Snowy landscape. La Roca shopping. Fulfilled day.

3 FEB 2009

Museum Day
Maritime museum. Picasso museum.

4 FEB 2009
Don't ask.

5 FEB 2009
Back in SG! :)

I go to great lengths to not repeat my clothes under the thick coat. You don't expect anything less from an ex-fashion student.

Even in the 2 degree C temperature, I will not abandon my dresses. Again, you don't expect anything less from an ex-fashion student. :)

Romantic. Not.

What could be the most romantic thing that can happen on Valentine's Day? A wedding, of course! And guess what?

I have a wedding on Valentine's Day!

Oh wait, the bride's not me.

It appears the most UNromantic thing has happened to me on Valentine's Day. How can this be!!!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Ghostie Frosties

It's my third trip to the supermarket and I still came out empty-handed. I swear there is a worldwide shortage of Frosties!

What a Night (no exclamation mark)

Dark Knuts started 45 minutes late last night. And I had Spanish food again at Clarke Quay.What a night. (Noticed the missing exclamation mark.)

Monday, 9 February 2009

It's Never Enough

I got two dresses today. One would think I had done enough shopping in Spain. One would have thought wrong.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Happy Birthday, Joey!

A little kangeroo was born on this very day twenty-something years ago. The little kangeroo grew up to become a little bird.

Weird story, I know. Don't ask.

Happy birthday Joey!! Happy happy birthday Joey!! Happy happy happy birthday Joey!!

Psst, I didn't tell everyone you are twenty-seven. I said twenty-something. *wink*

Friday, 6 February 2009

Chilly Fanny

I'm finally back from the two-week long vacation to Spain. While it's nice to play dress up everyday deciding which coat, which dress, which pair of leggings etc to wear, nothing beats knowing your fanny won't be chilled daily by mother nature.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Surprising Survivals

Surprisingly, I survived the two-week trip to Barcelona and Madrid without knowing the Spanish language.

More surprisingly, Weihao survived too. (I did keep a lookout and found a good site to bury his body, if the need arises. Well, good thing there was no need. If not, my lovely coat would have been ruined by the blood.)

Most surprisingly, Qiaojing survived without seeing me for two weeks.

Some teaser pictures first...