Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Different Perspectives

I said two drinks are not a lot.
Jac said two drinks are not enough.

Joey just laughed.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

You'd Thought Wrong

You'd thought when you wanted to celebrate your birthday, your best friends will turn up no matter what. Even in a snow storm.

Well, you'd thought wrong.

Just like I had.

You can't count on one friend.

No, make that two.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

The F Word

After weeks of deliberation, consideration, contemplation and tossing the coin too many a time, it is decided that Spain is the chosen destination. It was a close fight between Spain, Hong Kong/Macau, Sydney and South Korea.

The thing that tipped the scale was a ferris wheel. Yes, a ferris wheel.

I saw a charming ferris wheel on tv and suddenly, Vicky Cristina Barcelona came to mind! I recalled seeing a colourful ferris wheel in that movie. I love amusement parks. Note I said park, not park rides.

My favourite ferris wheel is in Ocean City, New Jersey. It is a 140-feet tall multi-colour giant wheel that sits on the boardwalk.

But I digress.

Then I remembered that after watching the movie, I had this urge to visit Barcelona. The place was beautiful!

Who'd thought my 32" love would save the day?

Friday, 9 January 2009

The Terminal

I saw the trailer for "The Terminal" just on tv. I still remember the first time I caught the movie, I was memorised. Vividly, as a matter of fact.

Given that movie was set in JFK, I had tried to take in everything - the sights, sounds and shops. Everything. I had wanted to remember the details so that if I ever get a chance to visit NYC in the future, I would know be able to say "Hey! I know that place! And that place! And that, and that too!" I love the brilliant idea of a bookstore extension in the middle of the airport. Of course, thumbs up for the great storyline and captivating acting as well. My desire to visit NYC went up by about 10, give or take a million, notches.

When I caught the making of the movie, I realised I was taken for a ride. The airport was a fake! It was all wooden boards behind the scenes. It was built especially for the movie. JFK looked nothing like that. I should have known, given it was a production of Hollywood! I should have known!

When I finally step foot into JFK for real, I didn't even get a chance to get a good look at the place. I was simply rushing from one gate to another. (On a side note, I think I spent the most time in Tucson International Airport. On another side note, I think McCarran International Airport wowed me the most with the slots machines smacked right in the middle of the waiting halls). Having said that, I'm glad I got a chance to experience a surprisingly pleasant budget flight via JFK. That is not to say I am getting onto JetStar anytime soon though.

Still, the movie brought back smile-worthy memories.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

If I Have To - The Sequel

Operation Raid Wardrobe failed. Through no fault of my own!

I'd tried. I really did!

I have a million pieces to start with and another two to add this year. This means I would need to change at the rate of every 10 seconds in order to wear everything at least once. That is mission impossible.

Told you resolutions are promises that can't be kept.

Qiaojing, Ying, I really tried!

Monday, 5 January 2009

Butter, Bread and Jam

In a more than two-hour jam on the CTE this morning, my bread and butter is being munched away with each jump in the meter.

Monthly Breakdown of 2009

A month-by-month horoscope guide, courtesy of Wicked!
My thoughts to be updated at a later time.

LOVE: You’ll see the positive side of things and will feel more serene. Try to devote more time to your partner or you may be reproached.
WORK: You’ll need to make a choice which will have an impact on your future career. The Stars advise you to follow your instincts and inclinations - then things will be fine.
HEALTH: Try to watch what you eat as you risk putting on a little weight.

LOVE: Your self confidence will help your relationship with others. You’ll find a way to improve communication with your partner.
WORK: You will be far too stubborn so control yourself as a superior could reproach you heavily for this.
HEALTH: You are prone to catching a cold, probably due to the way you dress.

LOVE: Be careful as others could take advantage of your kindly ways. Your partner’s confusing behavior will worry you.
WORK: Your courage will help you overcome a difficult challenge. Knowing that you love a good challenge, your superior will suggest increasingly difficult/ ambitious tasks. Weigh up carefully the risks and promises.
HEALTH: Take some time for yourself and dedicate some time to things you’ve always wanted to do - this will be an excellent way for you to take your mind off things.

LOVE: You’ll tend not to boast, even when you achieve commendable things. Involve your partner more in dreaming about a future together.
WORK: You’ll worry at the idea of taking on a new project as you’ll feel you lack the means to do it. However, you’ll get there in the end.
HEALTH: You could be prone to headaches due to excessive mental strain. Go to bed early.

LOVE: Faced with your partner’s continual requests, you’ll feel confused. The Stars advise you not to run away - just face up to the situation.
WORK: Change is on the cards. You’ll need to adapt to the new directives so that you don’t hinder the situation.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you go out with friends to unwind and this will help take your mind off things.

LOVE: Try not to be so stubborn and behave in a more rational way. Don’t hide the truth simply ‘cos you want to avoid an argument with your Partner.
WORK: Your ambition will mean you are pushing yourself to your limits and this will take a great effort. Evaluate just how far you can go or you’ll be disappointed with the results.
HEALTH: High and low temperatures and mood swings aren’t great for your body - try to get a balance.

LOVE: You’ll have the right intentions towards your partner but he or she could misunderstand you anyway. Try not to wait for any surprises and focus more on simplicity.
WORK: You’ll be stubborn and will want to do everything your own way. You’ll be loathe to accept advice from others.
HEALTH: Look after yourself a little better, especially your throat as this could give you problems.

LOVE: You’ll realize you’ve found someone who shares the same interests as you. The Stars advise you not to rush things as you usually do.
WORK: Think carefully about a decision if you want to avoid negative consequences. Somebody could take advantage of a moment of uncertainty.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you take a trip to forget day to day problems which are getting you down.

LOVE: You’ll feel the need to spend more time with friends. You’ll experience a period of monotony and tension with your partner.
WORK: You’ll need someone trustworthy to whom you can delegate part of your job. You are reaching your limit so start teaching someone exactly what you do.
HEALTH: Try to case aside any negative or worrying thoughts. Go ahead with more optimism.

LOVE: Your partner will find your behavior irrational and will want an explanation. Before you explain, try to clarify things in your own mind.
WORK: There are heaps of opportunities around but you are still complaining. What you need is the courage to grab them - go for it. Just take the first step and the rest will come naturally.
HEALTH: The Stars suggest you consume more dairy products.

LOVE: You are afraid you are not worthy of your beloved and won’t act spontaneously. Be more self confident as others will pick up on this.
WORK: Your original ideas will bring brilliant results. Watch out for hidden problems and evaluate carefully the pros and cons.
HEALTH: Try not to lift heavy weights as your spine is very sensitive at the moment.

LOVE: You’ll spend a great deal of time on your hobbies but should devote this time to your partner.
WORK: Many positive events. Your intuition will be noticed and you’ll get great satisfaction when you realize just how effective your ideas are.
HEALTH: This is a period of edginess and intolerance. Try not to get down and be more optimistic.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

If I Have To

Someone: What's your new year's resolution?
Me: I don't have any.
Someone: You have goals for the new year right?
Me: I don't have to make them my new year's resolutions.
Someone: Oh, you should have them. Have three, at least. One easy to achieve, one difficult and one not too easy.
Me: New year's resolutions are promises people can't keep. They don't work.
Someone: Not really. This year, mine are this and that and this, on top of that and this (most common I've heard being to lose weight)..............
Me (thinking to myself): How did I get myself in such a situation?

If I HAVE to have a new year resolution so that a two-way conversation can commence and not stop pre-maturely when I exhibit my most dis-interested look, here is it (this will please Joey and Eugina, albeit for merely three seconds).

I shall wear each piece of clothing in my wardrobe at last once this year.

It's an easy resolutions that is difficult to maintain and not too easy to begin. It fulfils all three level of difficulty. I think I'm getting better at this resolution game already.

On a separate and irrelevant note: Yes, a two-way conversation is idiosyncratic. Ain't it an idiosyncrasy to ask about new years' resolutions too?

Saturday, 3 January 2009

A Step At A Time

Speaking of steps, with 1-for-1 baking classes at Palate Sensation, I can finally my mini steps towards mastering my baking skills. *sends knowing wink to Lucias Kam AND Joey Lim*

You think you're getting away with this eh, Miss Lim.

Friday, 2 January 2009


I think I have OCD. Don't ask why. I said don't ask! Do not ask!

To top that, I think I have ADD. Don't know why. I haven't got a clue. Huh? What was I saying again?

Wrong Again

So I've been told again that I appear to be very independent. Nobody gets it, do they?

Thursday, 1 January 2009

One of the Girls

Weihao: What do you usually do for Christmas?
Wii: I sleep cos I am out clubbing the night before with the girls.
Weihao: But I didn't club with you last year.

Finally, finally, finally! Weihao admits he's one of the girls.

Weihao, the first step to any problem is acknowledgement. Now, only eleven more steps to go.