Thursday, 29 May 2008

Puppy Penguin

I have a puppy named Penguin in my DS.

If I have a penguin in my DS, I'd name it Puppy.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Weekly Obsession

I think I'm going to start an obsession post.

This week's obsession: Entourage - TV show
Last week's obsession: Mango Mogu Mogu - Drink
Two weeks ago's obsession: Gossip Girl - TV show
Three weeks ago's obsession: Weeds - TV show
Four weeks ago's obsession: Dirty Sexy Money - TV show

Last month's obsession: TTS Hospital - Lousy place
Two months ago's obsession: Class - School
Three months ago's obsession: Yu Sheng - Food
Four months ago's obsession: NDS - Toy
Five months ago's obsession: Birthday celebrations - well, birthday celebrations!

Saturday, 24 May 2008


I am a tv addict and I am not ashamed to admit it.

I can stare at the tube for eight hours non-stop. I just require some Coke and Calbee.

Ask me what I have been doing for the past eight hours. Go on, ask me. *grin*

Martinis Buffet

After my paper, I met up with Qiaojing, Jacqueline and Jaslynn at Orchard before heading to No. 5 Emerald. We found a place where we get to drink our fill of martinis! Hooray! Qiaojing is overjoyed that she doesn't have to make me some now.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Pen, Paper, Stone

I have only attended 10 weeks of lessons and suddenly, I have to regurgitate six hours worth of materials. Reminds me of penguins.

Pen and paper exams are here! Run, Wynnii, run!

Golden Dior

I have got a new Dior toy again! All the way from HK! *beams*

I'm trying to make a 'D' with the ribbon but am not having much success.

I'm spending money on things I don't need again but I'm loving every minute of it!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

What the Stars Say 17 May 2008

The stars say, "Even if you don't understand all of your deep feelings, you should not hide them".

Surely, you're not asking me to flog Ah Boy!!!

DS has character

My DS was acting up yesterday when I tried to load some themes into it. Today, I fixed it! Woohoo~

Yes, I agree. My DS has character.

Another First

I watched Accuracy of Death with C last night. I have always maintained "I don't watch movies I don't understand, except French ones". Takeshi Kaneshiro was definitely worth me breaking the rule. How can anyone be so gorgeous? It's almost a crime!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Mario Shroom

Annie knew I was a tad (yes, just a tad) obsessed with the Mario mushroom and when she went back to HK this time round, she 'dong' this for me. She got it on her first try! It's going with my NYC fire hydrant on my wallet. They make a nice pair, don't they?

Lucky her, or should I say lucky me! :)

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Speaking of Bintan

Speaking of Bintan resorts...

At a certain Bintan resort,
Wynn: Where is the nearest shopping mall?
Girl at concierge *gives me a one over*: There is no shopping mall here, mdm.
Wynn: What!? What do you mean?
Girl at concierge: Sorry but there is no shopping mall here, mdm.
Wynn gasps and feels faint.

All is Fair

At a bridal event which Qiaojing and I arrived at, only to find it had ended, another of those Wynnii's brilliant ideas struck.

Wynn: You know what!
Qiaojing: What?
Wynn: This is actually the best place to find a guy!
Qiaojing: Huh?
Wynn: Think about it. These guys are here because they are ready to get hitched. They are not commitment-phobic, like some guys I know. That means I won't waste my time with some stupid guy who will freak out on the aisle!
Qiaojing: They are here with their girlfriends, you know...
Wynn: Hey! All is fair in love and war!

Qiaojing dragged me out of the place before I could bat my unlined eyes and pout my un-glossed lips at any of them!

All I got out of the event was a goodie bag (filled with useless coupons for Bintan resorts) which is supposedly free but I paid good money for it. ($22 for the unattended event, $20 for cab there, $20 for Carl's Jr lunch, $20 cab back. Damnit!)

And I didn't get any numbers! Qiaojing has ruined my future!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Give Me Back Qiaojing!

I think it's either someone kidnapped Qiaojing or someone kidnapped the Qiaojing. My intuition tells me it's the latter.

I just knew that the Qiaojing I met last night has got to be an impostor.

Here's proof to back me up.

1. At 2am (I repeat, 2AM), Qiaojing said she wanted to go clubbing while Ying, Weihao, Qiaojing and I were having drinks at Coffee Club.

I hate to say that I'm having drinks when there is no alcohol content in them. It just doesn't seem right. Great, now that doesn't sound right. (Sounds like I'm from AA or something.. but I digress)

2. She did a tequila shot. Alone. Didn't even ask if I wanted one.

3. She stood in the way of ski-cap (long story) to see how ski-cap will react to his path being blocked (Long story. If you must know, ski-cap is a ski-cap-wearing-sliding-to-dancefloor-and-back-to-entrance guy in Boiler Room).

I hate to say it but usually, only I will come up with such ideas..

4. She didn't scold me for having my eyes glued on the 34238324" in Boiler Room.

5. The most damning proof. Qiaojing said she didn't want supper after clubbing! This is Qiaojing we are talking about!! The one who'll drag all of us at 5am to go supper with! And now, she says she doesn't want supper! No freaking way!

To the kidnapper out there!

"Please give me back Qiaojing! I will miss her messages in which she calls me hubby (the ones which are supposed to go to her boyfriend but instead, she sends to me). Please, I implore you! I'll offer Weihao in exchange."

Yes, of course, Weihao is not mine to give away but who's stopping me? Lalala...

On another totally irrelevant note... Given the current no MTV situation in room, I finally caught Madonna's 4 Minute in Boiler Room. *beams*


Wynn: So are we going clubbing or not?
Ying: Sure, we can go Coffee Club
Wynn thinks she should swing a club across Ying's head and knock some sense into her.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

I Should Be Happy, No?

The following actual event happened in Zouk on a fateful Mambo night.

Guy (Gylleann's friend's friend): How old are you?
Me (turns around to find Gylleann's friend's friend standing next to me): Don't you know it's taboo to ask a girl her age?
Guy: Then can I guess?
Me: You can but I'm not telling you if you're right.
Guy: I think you're just 22 or 23.
Me: I'm very flattered.
Guy: Oh, so you must be older then.
Me: If you say so. How old are you then?
Guy: 24.

This could explain my constant "I need a drink" line throughout the night.


The following actual event happened in the cab queue outside Zouk on the very same fateful Mambo night.

Guy (from nowhere): I wished I drove.
Me (turns to find Guy (from nowhere) standing next to me): Good thing you didn't. You're in no condition to drive.
Guy: Where are you headed?
Me: Woodlands.

Guy went to a cab which has 'AMK' on display and told cabbie to take me home, only to have cabbie tell him to get lost.

Guy wandered back to queue.

Me: Woodlands and AMK aren't exactly very near to each other. He won't take me. So where are you headed to?
Guy: Ulu Pandan.
Me: Where the hell is that?
Guy: You don't know where Ulu Pandan is! Do you know Sixth Avenue? You know Goh Chok Tong?
Me (rolls eyes): Yeah, I'm so impressed (gets into cab and rolls eyes again).

I have two guys hitting on me in a single night. Tell me, why am I not happy about it? Aargh.