Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Sevilla by Compañía María Pagés

So here I am at the Esplanade for the third time in 10 days to catch yet another performance. I should really be given a privilege card or something.

Chewy commented, "Why must we always have a crazy person sitting behind us?"

The crazy person she's referring to is this woman who really, in my words, "needs to get out more often". She was so excited, it's as if she has never watch a live performance before. The dance number was good but not that good. She clapped and screamed and stood up at the end of the performance like she's never ever going to leave. I told Chewy, "It must be because she didn't watch the Russian ballet".

The show:
When she turns, the sweat beads swirl to the ground.
When he turns, the sweat bead twirl to the ground.
I can almost smell it.

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