Monday, 8 October 2007

The Logistical Problem

Qiaojing, Ying and I went for dinner at PS Cafe, Dempsey Road.

While on our way there,
Me: I have decided. We are going to USA next Oct end.
Qiaojing and Ying (in unison): Okay!
I was shocked! They just readily agreed!
I had expected plenty of protests which is why I stated upfront "I have decided" to emphasize the fact that this decision cannot be overturned. You know how Qiaojing and Ying have decision-making problem. Once, we spent 20 minutes on deciding where to have dinner EVEN after I've placed reservations. There was another once when...

But, I digress.

During dinner, I was outlining our trip.
Six of us (Qiaojing, Ying, Chewy, Junling, Jacqueline and I) will visit four cities:
1. NYC (for reasons obvious enough)
2. Orlando (for Disney World, yes, we don't ever grow up)
3. Vegas (for the Elvis impersonator, not gambling, I swear! -- that wasn't very convincing, I know)
4. San Frans (for three floors of Forever 21)

The trip will be 21 days long. I had originally planned for 21 vacation days but no! They wanted flight to be taken into consideration as well and that leaves us with just 19 vacation days. Nobody should count flight time as vacation time! 19 days is no enough to cover New York! No, I don't exaggerate. Read carefully: I wrote New York, not New York City. Ha!

Well, of course, we have to plan a budget. We'll have to save 15 grand each for the trip. This amount should suffice for everything from flights, accommodation, food and shopping. Ying then mentioned we do not have gambling capital. Since we are not gambling (fingers crossed), that shouldn't be a problem then. *wink*

To help ease the financial burden, we chipped eight bucks each in for 4D. That will win us 15 big ones each and ta-da! No more scrimping and saving!

The topic of shopping came up. That was when it hit me. We do have a problem! How the hell are six girls going to squeeze all their shopping finds into two luggages each (everyone knew I alone came back with eight boxes) and how the hell are six girls going to squeeze 12 luggages into a car!?!?! You shop in Vegas. You shop in New York. You shop in Orlando. You shop in San Frans. Yes, basically, that's all you can do in great ol' America. Try as we might, there is absolutely NO way we are able to load everything into a rented SUV, or MPV, or limo or that matter. Then I came up with the perfect solution! Yes, Wynnii to the rescue! We shall rent a U-haul van instead. But, wait! Where are we going to sit then?

Great, this is just great. We have not even started and we have logistical problem already. I'm sure I'll think of something by then. I have a year's headstart.

Oh ya, dinner? Dinner wasn't all that great.

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