Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Miss Lim At It Again

The infamous Miss Joey Lim Qiaojing strikes again!

She called me just and started talking without hesitation. I couldn't comprehend a single word and went "huh?". A few moments later, she said, "Oh shit! I called the wrong person again". Immediately, I said, "Hmmm....." loudly.

I can only imagine the blush on Miss Lim's face. Nice try, Miss Lim but "How's your day at work?" isn't going to save you any grace.

This girl is leaving for Europe in a few days' time and yet, she's still thinking of me at any given moment. I have this feeling that I will get calls in the middle of the night and all I would hear on the other side of the phone is sobbing and the words "I knew I shouldn't have come here without you".

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