Friday, 27 April 2007

Hair Dye & Dye Hair

I'm taking a big step into the great unknown. Now, someone tell me, when was the last time anyone saw me in any hair colour, other than dark brown, that is? Dark brown is my actual hair colour, which leads me to sometimes ask people "Then does that mean my father is not my father?" I think this confuses most (cos I'm the one doing the asking when they should be. Haha!). I mean my dad is Chinese, my mum is Chinese and thus I should have jet black hair, which I don't.

But I digress.

I have decided to get a different hair colour. I have appointed Chewy to undertake this undertaking and Chewy is someone whom I would say I trust with my life. A mistake. The task, that is. Sitting in front of my computer while Chewy wield her magic, I am regretting it with every passing minute. On second thoughts, make it each passing second. She pulls my hair in every direction possible, making me cringe in every way possible. How the hell did I allow her to dupe me into this with the line "I dyed my hair when I was in secondary school"?

Dye hair dye hair~! Hair dye hair dye~!

It better be nice~!

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