Monday, 12 March 2007

Retail Therapy Works

The only thing one can do to distress oneself is to indulge in retail therapy.

Forget about spas, massages, manicures and herbal tea. These can never bring you the instantaneous feel-good rush when you buy something which you absolutely adore. Of course the pain comes much later when you fall off your chair after receiving your credit card bill but we live for the present, dah-ling!

Imagine the joy of deciding where and when to wear that vintage red puff-sleeve empire dress or what shoes to pair with that fashion forward silver A-line babydoll dress. No matching shoes? Buy some then! (Noticed I said some, not a pair? Haha.)

More is more, I say!

I went shopping two weeks in a row and the amount I've spent exceeds my pay by a long shot already. Even Tiger Woods would be impressed (every pun intended). Qiaojing is saying this destructive behaviour has to stop. I cannot agree more, which is why I'm quitting my job soon. Hee.

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