Monday, 19 March 2007

What The Stars Say For 19th March 07

The stars say, "Today, the simpler, the better -- complexity will only cause you stress".

Roger that!

The Queen Is Back

Just when I thought I can finally sip on a cup of piping hot milo, slouch in my comfy swirling chair and take two long satisfying hours to read the newspaper on my first day of non-work, I realised mummy has cancelled the newspaper subscription! What!? Aargh!!

Just four weeks of work and nobody tells me what's going on around the house no more! It's time for me to reclaim my position in the house already. The position of Queen, that is. *evil maniac laughter*

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Charmaine & Richard

Charmaine and Richard got married today! I finally had a taste of Fullterton's wedding dinner. I love the wedding suite. It was grand grand grand! Had so much fun chatting with Gylleann, darling Kevin, Andy, Jolene & Mark and Dingyue. Dingyue was high from all the red wine but she refuses to stop. Someone really need to give that girl a lecture.

But I digress.

Many happy years ahead, Mr and Mrs Ong!

Monday, 12 March 2007

Retail Therapy Works

The only thing one can do to distress oneself is to indulge in retail therapy.

Forget about spas, massages, manicures and herbal tea. These can never bring you the instantaneous feel-good rush when you buy something which you absolutely adore. Of course the pain comes much later when you fall off your chair after receiving your credit card bill but we live for the present, dah-ling!

Imagine the joy of deciding where and when to wear that vintage red puff-sleeve empire dress or what shoes to pair with that fashion forward silver A-line babydoll dress. No matching shoes? Buy some then! (Noticed I said some, not a pair? Haha.)

More is more, I say!

I went shopping two weeks in a row and the amount I've spent exceeds my pay by a long shot already. Even Tiger Woods would be impressed (every pun intended). Qiaojing is saying this destructive behaviour has to stop. I cannot agree more, which is why I'm quitting my job soon. Hee.

Saturday, 10 March 2007

My Micro-Manager Takes It All

I have a micro-manager. She is so named cos she micro-manages me.

My micro-manager emailed me a task she wants me to complete.

In the same minute, my micro-manager messaged me over msn the same task she wants me to complete.

In the same minute, my micro-manager walks over to tell me the same task she wants me to complete.

She takes it all. She really does.

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Even I Didn't Know

Three weeks of work and three weeks of Mambo. Went to work on every Thursday and on time, to boot. Even I didn't know I'm that good.

Sunday, 4 March 2007

What The Stars Say For 4th March

The stars say, "Challenge your intellect -- for instance, a weighty book or a professional seminar".

If Eragon and Eldest (of Inheritance) combined to be a total of 1232 pages and they are both hard cover books, does that count for reading weighty books?

Oh, you meant I'm not supposed to take that literally? Darn.