Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Fortune Cookies and I

Today is my birthday again. Yeah! Lunar birthday. Mummy asked me to choose six fortune cookies.

Here are my fortunes:
1. You believe in the goodness of mankind. Why, of course! Qiaojing, when is my next treat?

2. Happy people need no particular cause to be happy. Simply because happy people celebrate birthdays every now and then. Just like me.

3. Approach someone new. You may be surprised by the warm reception. Will there be drinks at the reception?

4. Patience is the answer to happiness. Try telling me after you try to tell the financial advisor "No, I'm not interested in insurance" for the ten-thousandth time and they still don't get it.

5. You tend to spark the flame of enthusiasm in people. Oh, do I? I think you meant Puppy who goes crazy every time she sees me. No, make that berserk every time she sees me.

6. When one door closes, another will open. There's always the windows. Just ask Junyao.

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