Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Happy Birthday To Me~

Happy birthday to me!

I cannot say this enough: "I love birthdays". Now, before anyone starts calling me old, just remember "Women are like wine. The older, the better". If you disagree, that must be because you (miserable sad sod) have not had the luxury of experiencing Arbois Vin Jaune 1997.

One thing that bothers me a lot. I don't understand why I still have people asking me what I wanna do on my birthday eve. I really don't. Seriously, what else can I be doing? Please don't tell me chilling out or some sort. That's for the ranks of no-life working people and hell no am I one of them. Not yet anyway.

So of course, it's a night of dancing at MOS. With Jessica (who else?), Kevin and Andy. I reached home at 6am. This proves Jessica and I still have got it.

We're good. I know.

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