Friday, 26 January 2007

Another Year, Another Birthday

So I'm back! Just in time for my pre-birthday celebrations. The party kicked off with a night of great mambo with Jessica, Rudy, Nicholas and Nick. Oh, how I have missed mambo. Nothing can beat the same old songs with the same old drinks. If only the crowd had stayed the same. I told Jessica, "Aargh. These little kids (anyone younger is a kid) piss me off (for they reminded me how quickly time have passed). But I shall ignore them since I'm here to celebrate my birthday".

Truth be told, I don't mind the growing old part. Thank goodness one doesn't have to look older as she grows older (with the help from a jab of Botox or two). I do mind the growing up part. I still want to be obsessed with Disneyland, penguins and all things Neverland! I need a drink from the elixir of life. I'm sure that isn't too much to ask for as a present.

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