Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Telly Is Trying To Tell Me Something

At 3.30pm today (Tuesday), I switched off my telly and put on a pair of skinny jeans. Yes, you read right. J-e-a-n-s: Jeans. I bet no one can remember the last time I wore a pair of jeans. Hell, I bet no one can even remember the last time I'm in anything other than a skirt or dress. Then, I stood in front of my shoe cabinet for a good ten minutes. Why? Simply because I don't have any shoes that'll go with the jeans! Yes, as extensively as my shoe collection is, it is apparently not extensive as it should be. I need more shoes. Then again, I always do. Now, can you sense that telly is trying to tell me something? I should have stayed at home to accompany telly.

After much contemplation, I decided to throw on a pair of ballet flats (which I crossed my fingers and hope goes with the jeans) and left the house. Only then did I realised that I've been back to my sunny island home for a week now and, ironically, never had I once stepped out of the house in broad daylight since. I went out a couple of times and always, it was during when the rest of the world (of no-life working people) is asleep. The Sun was, of course, shining brightly (too brightly, in fact) and immediately, I should know better than to continue my journey. The Sun and I aren't exactly best friends; the almanac indicates it clashes with my melanin. Now, can you sense that telly is trying to tell me something? I should have stayed at home to accompany telly.

Next, the bus arrived at the bus stop before I did and I had to run for it. I hate running and worse, running for buses. It is, in my humble (not) opinion, that running for buses is one of the unglamorous things a girl can ever do. If I wasn't already running late ('cos of shoe decision; and no pun intended here), I would have most certainly waited for the next bus. Upon sitting down, it hit me that I had left my cell phone at home. Yes, my cell phone: a girl's best friend. No, wait. Diamonds are then a girl's best friend. Let's see, if I have a diamond encrusted phone, does it mean the phone is my best friend because of the diamonds or are the diamonds my best friend because of the phone? But, I digress. Now, can you sense that telly is really trying to tell me something? I really should have stayed at home to accompany telly.

Well, the only reason I left the comfort of home was to deposit some money into my bank account. Standing in front of the atm, I realised I don't have my atm card or my account number (which was in my cell phone). I can't believe my luck! Lousy luck, that is. I bet you can't either. I knew by then I really really really should have read the signs and stayed at home to accompany telly. Telly is sooo obviously trying to tell me it wants my company real bad.

Late evening, I met up with Qiaojing, Ying and Weihao for pool. It was great fun. We always seem to have endless lame jokes to share during pool. I haven't laughed so much and so hard in three months. I don't know if it's the filthy unfiltered air or the dust-saturated felt that turned us into lame ducks all of a sudden. One thing I know for sure though, I can always count on my best friends (although, too, made of carbon, but not as desirable as diamonds) to make my day.

I just read that the stars say, "More than anything else, you need to connect with people who make you happy today".

I did. And I'm glad I did.

The Cookie Is Always Right

I'm sure most of you know what a fortune cookie is, no? If you have watched enough tv (like I do), you would. Anyway, all ang mohs assume all Chinese know. If you're Chinese and you don't, it will make no sense to ang mohs. Why? Ang mohs are served a fortune cookie each after a meal at the Chinese restuarants in USA and thus, they simply assumed all Chinese have a cookie after each meal.

Anway, this is not about ang mohs, Chinese or USA. This is about my very first fortune cookie.

I received it after my first meal in the States. I was so excited and decided against devouring the cookie there and then. Also, I certainly don't want to read a lousy fortune at the very beginning of my trip. So into my luggage the cookie goes. And forgotten the cookie is. That is until I'm back to my sunny island home.

Upon opening my luggage bag, I saw that the cookie had been crushed into many pieces and a piece of paper curiously peeked through. On it wrote: "You are headed in the right direction. Trust your instincts". Now, how cool is that! The cookie is telling me that I'm headed the right way, the right way being great ol' America.

The cookie is right. The cookie is always right.

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Reality Check

I just realised Qiaohui (who is Chewy's friend, and not in any way related to Qiaojing although they do share the same last name, which is weirdly coincidental, and would confuse most people, but I digress) wished me a happy 24th birthday. I told her, "I wished I'm 24 but reality doesn't allow that". She made my day though.

Speaking of reality. I must say this: "Reality is just a tequila shot away from fantasy".

Now, where's that darn bartender?

Happy Birthday To Me~

Happy birthday to me!

I cannot say this enough: "I love birthdays". Now, before anyone starts calling me old, just remember "Women are like wine. The older, the better". If you disagree, that must be because you (miserable sad sod) have not had the luxury of experiencing Arbois Vin Jaune 1997.

One thing that bothers me a lot. I don't understand why I still have people asking me what I wanna do on my birthday eve. I really don't. Seriously, what else can I be doing? Please don't tell me chilling out or some sort. That's for the ranks of no-life working people and hell no am I one of them. Not yet anyway.

So of course, it's a night of dancing at MOS. With Jessica (who else?), Kevin and Andy. I reached home at 6am. This proves Jessica and I still have got it.

We're good. I know.

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Telly Tells It Differently

Hospitals are not what Hollywood make them out to be. Hospitals are overly-glamourised on the telly. McDreamy, McSteamy and Meredith. Who isn't a fan of Grey's Anatomy? In truth, hospitals are depressing. The place upsets me, especially if my grandma is in there.

Friday, 26 January 2007

Another Year, Another Birthday

So I'm back! Just in time for my pre-birthday celebrations. The party kicked off with a night of great mambo with Jessica, Rudy, Nicholas and Nick. Oh, how I have missed mambo. Nothing can beat the same old songs with the same old drinks. If only the crowd had stayed the same. I told Jessica, "Aargh. These little kids (anyone younger is a kid) piss me off (for they reminded me how quickly time have passed). But I shall ignore them since I'm here to celebrate my birthday".

Truth be told, I don't mind the growing old part. Thank goodness one doesn't have to look older as she grows older (with the help from a jab of Botox or two). I do mind the growing up part. I still want to be obsessed with Disneyland, penguins and all things Neverland! I need a drink from the elixir of life. I'm sure that isn't too much to ask for as a present.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

What The Stars Say For 23rd Jan 07

The stars say, "Taking action helps you solve a thorny problem. That doesn't mean marching in and tossing your weight around. Physical action -- swimming, yoga, walking -- help you sort out your thoughts on the matter".

Does sleeping count for physical action?

New Cell Phone

I need a new phone. Real soon. Actually, like now. I haven't received any calls in the past three months on my cell and I think people are getting worried already. Haha.

I'm Back

I'm back.

Friday, 5 January 2007

What The Stars Say For 5th Jan 07

The stars say, "Expressing your ideas in unusual ways gets results. If you've been holding back for fear of frightening the horses, it's time to give yourself free rein. People love it when you're totally and absolutely yourself".

People don't love when I speak my mind, which is absolutely myself. I know this cos it caused me. Big time.

What 2007 Has In Store?

OVERVIEW: This year, idealistic Aquarius shines brightly (Too idealistic for many people's liking). You truly are a visionary with a high sense of purpose and an advanced way of thinking. It will be very easy for you to express your individuality and altruistic ideals. New opportunities will arise to express your true feelings and perceptions in ways that increase your confidence.

You will find that you have unique ways of earning money this year. (I know. I have decided to be a professional gift wrapper. I know it sounds weird but it's simple. I wrap gifts, so I'm a gift wrapper. Stop laughing.) You will be able to bring your visionary ideals to a personal level and attract tangible rewards that benefit your value system. Take on a more imaginative way of expressing yourself. You may choose to experiment with different lifestyles this year. (I like my bumming lifestyle too much to give it up!)

You have a tremendous drive for independence and don't like to work for other people as much as having your own business, so you may be motivated to think about how to manifest a new business. (Gift wrapping business it shall be.) Your career may take on more of a passionate way of using your intuitive abilities to get to the inner meaning of things. Your efforts will allow new resources to evolve in your life and lead to the greater good (The greater being everyone can receive nicely-wrapped gifts and ain't that such a joy?).

You will also likely be concerned with changing your physical environment. In love relationships this year, you will be very energetic and may very well attract a flamboyant and energetic significant other. Your magnetic personality will bring you a good match who will be equally giving and excited to have a whirlwind of passion, love and joy in life. (Chey! I always get this but nothing good comes out of it.)

CAREER: You have an inventive, logical mind and are full of positive energy for starting new projects this year. You would do well investigating methods of bringing potentialities to the forefront. You are easy to get along with and excel in areas of partnerships and business relationships. You have good judgment, diplomacy and tact, and are outwardly directed while at the same time being very self-reliant.

Your financial integrity is deepened in 2007, and benefits will be easily attained through influential friendships that help you accomplish your dreams (The benefits better appear fast. I'm way way way in debt now). You are socially conscious and work well with high-minded groups with strong humanitarian ideals. You love working with others and do well when you have lots of people around you. You are a natural conduit for receiving the resources you need to help you in your career; you learn more from experience than from school. Ideas are not important to you if they don't have a practical application. (So will everyone stop telling me their idea is for me to work because it's not practical!)

Marketing would be a great avenue for you to utilize your talent in finding areas that need creativity. You are good at analyzing situations and have a practical mentality with great powers of reason. Others find you dependable and know they can rely on your thought process. You focus mentally through speaking and writing. There's a strong connection between your inner awareness and your professional ambitions in the world. Toward the end of the year, your energies may be needed in compassionate services. You have a big heart and would do well in the capacity of caregiving or working with those with special needs.

LOVE: You love going out on the town (Yes yes yes!), and you need to be seen (No no no!) in order to feel connected with others. You have a very demonstrative and affectionate nature, and this year you will need to be where people go to escape the more serious realms of critical thinking. You may overwhelm others who aren't inclined toward enjoying the theatrical expression of their emotions. You need to be surrounded by people who value your playfulness and self-expression. You are at your best when you drop your concern for others' opinions and relax into being yourself.

You will experience a need to express yourself clearly and energetically to make sure your needs are met this year. You are very loyal in your one-on-one partnership and expect the same in return (Name me someone who doesn't). You enjoy all the enthusiasm in your love life and find that you can't live without this special person who brings you so much excitement and wonder. You may be somewhat of a dreamer and romanticize emotions, yet your dreams may reflect truths when you are in tune to your higher awareness.

You love travel and are likely to take many journeys (Is this a hint that I might go back to great ol' USA?). Around autumn, you are excited by a harmonious relationship and find that what's nice on your own is especially nice with another. In marriage, you will have the chance to balance your energy. You easily share your sensitive and caring nature, which is very devoted and loyal. You value kindness above all else, based on the foundation you likely had growing up in a calm and beneficial home environment. You have a strong need to share your philosophy of life with someone who has emotional sensitivity in the subconscious realms. Buckle your seatbelt, Aquarius!

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

What The Stars Say For 3rd Jan 07

The stars say, "Complete the details of your project -- you're much further along than you think".

All right, I shall be a professional gift wrapper from now onwards.

Occupation on namecard shall read "Gift Wrapper".

I like my new job already.

Tuesday, 2 January 2007


I always knew I would meet you
Even in my dreams I dreamt it
Then one day I found you
It was love at first sight
You showed me things I never knew
You told me things I never heard
You taught me things I never learned

I gasped for air
I curled my toes
I was blown away

I want to thank you
For all the lovely memories
They are now in a locket
Forever stored in my heart

You may think it's rude
I left without saying goodbye
After eight hours in the cold
I wasn't thinking right
On hindsight I'm glad I didn't
It would be a teary goodbye

You won't miss me
But I'll miss you dearly
Goodbye, New York New York
- Wynnii Lu Qiuling

What The Stars Say For 1st Jan 07

The stars say, "Being bored is choice. Put more effort into connecting with others".

I have my tv. No worries.

Monday, 1 January 2007

Anything For Christina

Yes, I admit it. I was one of those crazy people who stood in the freezing zero degrees coldness at Times Square for eight straight hours for the New Year countdown. No meals, no drinks, no toilet breaks, no nothing. Thighs were aching, feet were in pain, fingers were numb and brain was threatening to shut down as each hour went past. It was very well worth it though.

That's because...


Yes, Christina Aguilera!!!

She was just less than 20 metres away from me. Maybe you haven't heard, Christina is my favourite singer. It was a very very pleasant surprise because I had no idea she would be performing. It's more than a dream come true. I was contemplating overstaying illegally in USA so that I can attend her concert in February but I don't have to risk a record now. There is a Santa after all. :)

Oh, did I mention I was on national television (ABC)? They were filming us for a good 30 seconds. We were at the front row and had plenty of screen time on the LCD displays of Times Square as well.

But what's that compared to watching Christina performed?

I never thought I could love New York more. But I have.