Sunday, 31 December 2006

December 2006

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Saturday, 30 December 2006
The Right Call

Was at Soho today when Chewy needed to go to the restroom and there was, of course, none in sight. I simply said, "Let's go to Prada then. A designer boutique is your best bet". You may think it's weird but that's the first thing that popped into my mind.

It turned out that, as usual, I made the right call.

Yes, the boutique is all fabulously designed with interesting parallel lanes of display and nicely decorated with colourful murals of famous ladies and brightly lit with unassuming tracklights and thoughtfully merchandised with dazzling pieces, dah-ling.It's Prada! Of course the boutique is creme de le creme.

However, Chewy only cares if I made the right call. No, wait. I think Chewy only cares if Prada loaded enough toilet paper.

Thursday, 28 December 2006
Can't Escape Chinese Food
Covered five states in two days, just to visit Washington D.C.: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia. But that's not the heavy point (translate literally to Mandarin Chinese).

You'd think you're spared from China-like Chinese food in USA (especially if you were to visit states not famous for their Chinese food)? Well, you thought wrong. Just like I did. Guide wanted to bring us to have salty and oily Chinese for dinner and lunch. It's like deja vu. Didn't I just do that last Dec?

Note to self: Next year, visit some place where you cannot be served Chinese food, no matter how hard they try. A good choice would be Swaziland. If I'm served Chinese food there, I'll turn vegetarian, I tell you.

How can it be that I can't escape Chinese food even though I'm millions of miles away from China? Fine, I exaggerate. It's only 7383 miles away, but again, that's not the heavy point.

Monday, 25 December 2006
That's How I Want It To Be
I wore my Christmas hat down Times Square today (Christmas eve). I must have looked ridiculous but it's memorable. That's how I want New York to be. No, not ridiculous, memorable!

It's an unspoken rule that you must spend the holidays with your loved ones. I'm spending Christmas in my dream city with my favourite girl: New York City, Chewy. I know I shouldn't wish for more but I wished someone else is here too. That's how I want Christmas to be.

Merry Merry Merry 2006 Christmas! :)

Sunday, 24 December 2006
The Stars Are Blind
The stars say, "You must not overspend right now, no matter how reasonable the prices seem to be." The stars are blind.

(I'm no fan of Paris but it seems just so appropriate, no?)

Haven't the stars heard it's Christmas? Maybe they are deaf instead. It's Christmas!! If you don't spend, make that overspend, during the most commercialised festival of the year, when the hell do you?

Saturday, 23 December 2006
New York New York! (edited)
I'm in New York City!

I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm living in uptown Manhattan, to boot.
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
I'm in New York City!
Yes, of course, I'm going crazy. You'd too.

Thursday, 21 December 2006
No. 2 Yellow Pencils!
Chewy went all crazy yesterday and spent way too much money on clothes, shoes and other stuff at Foothills Mall. I know I do too from time to time (fine, from month to month), but this is Chewy we're talking about.

The nicest thing she got was actually for me. A packet of No. 2 yellow pencils! Now, I can finally strike off another item from my wish list.

Come to think of it, my wish list has remained rather intact. Come on, people! It's Christmas and like they say, it's better to give than receive. So I am posting my any occasion* wish list again to remind the millions of people out there that my birthday's in less than 40 days. (Whoever said you must be a friend to give gifts?)

Qiaojing, you are the only person who doesn't have to read the rest of it. In case anyone is wondering, there is a standing order between Qiaojing, Ying and I. Every year, I buy my own birthday and Christmas presents on their behalf. This way, I get exactly what I want, when I want, where I want. They don't even have to crack their brains or lift a finger, maybe except to press a few digits to transfer the money to me.

This year, I bought their Christmas present (for me) in May. Haha!

My Any Occasion* Wish List

Break the Bank List
1. Burberry Trenchcoat (size 0)
2. A trip to the Big Apple, New York (which I'm giving myself!)
3. Baby penguin
4. Laptop
5. Digicam
6. Diving equipment (I can't go diving without these! Why do you think I've been delaying the diving trip?)
7. Cell phone (Nokia 7710, 7380 or N73)
8. Ferret (perfect companion for Ah Boy)
9. YSL Muse bag (preferably in white)

Break Nothing List (cheapskate, you)
1. Yoga shoes from Nike
2. Adidas Jisho Mary Janes
3. Tier cake server (to go with the English tea)
4. Parasol (to go with the tier cake server)
5. Battery-operated kerosene lamp (there is such a thing)
6. Tickets to Madonna, Christina's concert
7. Pottery lessons
8. No. 2 yellow pencils (which Chewy got for me!)
9. Dior bangle (S/S 2005 collection)
10. Dior Play lip gloss (Christmas 2005 limited edition collection)

When all else fails, just get me Borders book vouchers. It'll go into my annual $230 book-grabbing shopping trip.

Here's a look at the list of What NOT To Get For Me
1. Cosmetics
2. Accessories (unless, of course, they are studded with diamonds)
3. Hair accessories
4. Stuffed toys (enough is enough with the Pooh bears already)
5. Chocolate from Godiva, Royce (incredibly, I am not a fan)
6. Apple anything e.g. Ipod, Nano, Shuffle, Mini (The only apple I like is the Big Apple.)

*Any occasion refers to birthday, Christmas, Chinese New Year (which my lunar birthday falls on), Hari Raya, Deepavali, Vesak Day, et cetera. *wink*

Hmmm... Yes, this is still about the No. 2 yellow pencils. Thanks, Chewy! Love ya!

Sunday, 17 December 2006
Chewy's Invisible Luggage
Chewy is arriving tomorrow. She brings with her a luggage bag, a cabin bag and the freakin' chills. The weather turns into this monster with clouds, winds and showers.

Partly cloudy weather in Tucson. I haven't seen so much clouds since I've arrived.

"Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get" - Robert A. Heinlein

"A sister is what you expect, a shock is what you get" - Wynnii Lu Qiuling

Friday, 15 December 2006
What A Burger
Four nights ago, I microwaved a burger and nearly burned down the whole apartment. No, really.

Saturday, 09 December 2006
Eragon Is Out 15th Dec!
Eragon will be out on 15th Dec! This movie is based on a best-selling book, Eragon. Duh. The book is amazing! Then again, which book with dragons and a boy/girl and evil and a desert/mountain isn't? Haha~

Have I mentioned this book was written by a 15-year old and it was his first novel? Still, you'll want to devour the book in one sitting, I tell you. A good read makes anyone's day, I daresay.

Interestingly, the author, Christopher Paolini did not have anything to do with the making of the movie. Maybe he's too busy writing the third instalment to the trilogy.

Well, the male lead isn't exactly what I'd imagine him to be. I expected someone more dashing (he is afterall a a dragon rider and hero) but I think this guy has a face that really epitomised the mixed emotions he should be portraying in the movie. He's all but 19 and this is his first movie, so I'll bet he'll only become cuter by the day. Saphira didn't turn out how I thought she looked like too. Rachel Weisz is the voice talent of Saphira. It'll be interesting to hear a dragon with an English accent.

The female lead is pretty though; but I have an affinity for redheads (so I might just a little bitty biased). She's 31 but she sure doesn't look like it! I guess the beauty of Hollywood is you never ever grow old. No wonder everyone wants to be an actress. I would kill for immorality too. No, really.

This is going to be one hell of a good movie. Can't wait!

Thursday, 07 December 2006
Ain't The Same Without Me
Miss Joey Lim and Eugina Koh, I know of your plans to go clubbing this 22nd! And of course, without me. How dare you two! You will not have fun without me, I tell you! HMFF!! It just ain't the same with me~

Monday, 04 December 2006
Hiya! Yes, I'm still alive and kicking. Much to the dismay of some, I know. Tough luck.


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