Wednesday, 30 August 2006

August 2006

Thursday, 24 August 2006
I Am Determined
I have a life!

I may be working but I'm determined to have a life. I'm determined to not turn into one of the many of millions of sad working people out there. So this week, again, I mambo with my sister and some friends.

Work will never stop me from mambo-ing and having a life!!

The next morning I had to drag myself out of bed. Today, I'm still nursing my flu and cough. It was well worth it, trust me.

Mambo next week, anyone?

Thursday, 17 August 2006
Family Greet And Meet
It's 12.39pm now. Lunch time. For the rats, that is. I just saw a teenage rat running about.

I've met the toddler, the father and now, the son. I've met the whole family. Shall we all take a picture together for memories' sake?

Great, just great.

Wednesday, 16 August 2006
Get Grooving, Miss Fung
After chilling out with Chewy, Qiaojing and Ying at Q-bar last Friday, I, yet again, must announce that chilling out, just like working, is sooo NOT my cup of tea. I just cannot sit and stare at them for three hours! Or it could just be that Q-bar sucks. BIG time. Details of suckiness are boring, so let me just say Q-bar sucks. BIG time.

To make up for the trumatising chilling out session, I have decided to go Mambo-ing with Miss Fung tonight! (Miss Fung is also known as Jessica also known as my number four obsesser. Miss Fung, you really have to work harder to get to the top. Tip: You should try sleeping with the boss. Hmm.. that would be me. Now, this would make it so much easier, no?)

Yes yes yes, I have to work tomorrow but nothing will stand in my way to party with my beloved Miss Fung! (Except for cute little cuddly penguins, of course. Well, the only way they can stand in my way is if they are in the queue outside Zouk, which won't be happening anytime soon, dah-ling. If THAT really happens, Miss Fung, I'm afraid we're just not meant to be. Or it could just be Qiaojing sabotaging our dance date.)

Miss Fung, I have hence proven my love for you. To prove your love for me, you have to

Get into the groove
Girl you've got to prove your love to me, yeh
Get up on your feet and step to beat, girl what will it be?
Yeh, you got to...
Get into the groove
Girl you've got to prove your love to me, yeh
Get up on your feet and step to beat, girl what will it be?

Get grooving, Miss Fung.

Qiaojing (also known as my number one obsesser), please give me a morning call at 7am tomorrow. Thanks a million. I love you too. Everyone wants a piece of me, I tell you.

Friday, 11 August 2006
I saw a freaking big rat (no pun intended) at my workplace just now.

Notice how I didn't use the word "office"? A sub-container doesn't qualify to be addressed as an office. An office has pretty walls and nice glass windows and cushion roller chairs and 19" LCD monitors and people to eat lunch with and working air-conditioner and digital FM radio tuner and clean toilets and inkpads that doesn't need no re-filling (Stupid inkpad keeps getting all my fingers inked. Aargh!).

But I digress.

Yes, so about that rat. It was climbing up into the false ceiling. Up, yes UP. Whoever heard of that?!? Rats aren't supposed to do that, they are supposed to be crawling on the floors. Actually, I think I like the former better. Ceiling is good. Up and away.

I bet Ah Boy (which my sister imagines to be a tiger cub) will run away in fear if he sees the rat. It's too freaking big to be called a rat. It's a Rat-zilla. To think I thought I could bring Ah Boy here to help. Ah Boy is again deem useless again, yet again.

Now, I wonder how the people do it in Fear Factor? The noise that the rats make is more than enough to send shiver down one's spine already! AND the tail! The long tail!! The long black tail! The long black pointed tail! The long black pointed scaly tail! Don't get me started. Oh wait, I just did already.

Have I non-chalently mentioned that I tendered my resignation already? I know. I know. It seems just I just started work but hey, at least I'm getting my life back. And (this is important) I don't have to reject Miss Fung when she asks me to club. Do you know how painful is it to get rejected by someone you love? Miss Fung, I still love you k.

Jaslin, you don't have to come all the way here to lunch with me already. Haha~ We'll do lunch at someplace where there are actual offices around. Then I can again laugh at the people for not having a life. *evil laugh*

Now, I don't have money to go New York. RATS!

Thursday, 03 August 2006
The Start! The Start!
Qiaojing and Weihao were so sweet. They text me in the morning of my first day of work (2nd Aug) to wish me luck. Secretly, I bet they are secretly happy that I'm working and secretly, they are secretly glad they have more people going down with them. Secretly, I'm secretly giggling cos I'm only working for three months before I fly fly fly away!

Chewy, too, was very sweet. She came over and accompanied me for lunch. Now, you would expect your own sister to be supportive of your work and gives you encouragement, no? My dearest Chewy saw the workplace and the first thing she said to me was, "Wynnii, you should quit now".

Well, the workplace is pretty bad. It's a yard where they manufacture concrete and construction stuff. It's dusty and the toilet!! The Horror! The Horror! I don't even know how to begin with the toilet, but I think it's sufficed to say in my one and a half day of work, I have not used it once. Not even once.

I've been warned that the lizards (read: my greatest nemesis and fear) and rats roam freely in, YES INSIDE, the container. I shall bring Ah Boy to eradicate all of them. At the same time, Ah Boy's bushy tail could help sweep all the dust away. Killing two birds with a stone. Ah Boy's usefulness just upped a notch. Yeah~

You could try to imagine how a container workplace is. Yes, I work in a container. Actually, it's not even a container. It's a sub-container cos I only occupy one room. Now, sub-container sounds like submarine eh. If only this place is as wicked.

FYI, wicked is the new word for cool. Cool is so passe, dah-ling. Just like Spring/Summer 2006, dah-ling. We're approaching Fall, dah-ling. Please keep up with time, dah-ling.

I just had to do that. Once a fashion student, always a fashion student, dah-ling. Haha~

Btw it's Junyao's birthday today. Happy Birthday, 3SG Huang Junyao! Hope you had a great time today.

Tuesday, 01 August 2006
This Is For New York
1st August 2006

Huh? What's going on? Just yesterday, I went for an interview. Tomorrow, I'm starting work. Huh? What hit me?

Great, just great. Now, I'm going to embark on a three-month no-life life. This is for New York. New York, you better not disappoint me. I'm going to work for you, Big Apple.

*sings* New York, New York~

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