Monday, 31 July 2006

July 2006

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Wednesday, 26 July 2006
It's A Wonderful Day Day Day!
A fabulous shopping trip with Chewy today! Simply fabulous, dah-ling!

We were shopping at Raffles Place. Whoever knew there are so many things to buy! I thought no-life people will do no life stuff such as chilling out only, so I expected there to be just cafes and bars and a big grass patch.

Boy Boy, was I wrong. The no-life people are chilling out on the grass patch. Should I start calling them sad-no-life people instead then? (HEY! Which idiot threw the rotten cabbage at me!)

The Spoils The Spoils!!!
Two pairs of lovely pointed striped shoes, one pair of yellow buckle round toe kitten heels pumps, two red plaid leather belts, two metal flower-shaped rings, one chiffon baby blue top, one cotton plaid belt with crochet strawberries and lastly, three pairs of brass earrings. Now, that's what I call "It's in the details".

I saw this really cute red mini armchair. It has a silly smiling frog plushie that seems to be shouting "Buy Me!". Buy the armchair, NOT the frog! Duh~
Yes, it's true. I'm happiest when I spend money. Then again, who isn't?)

Sing along with me! It's a wonderful day day day!

Sunday, 23 July 2006
New Dior Toy. I like.
New Toy!

New Dior Toy!

New Fabulous Dior Toy!

New Glamourous Dior Toy!

New Kickass Dior Toy!

New OTT Dior Toy!

New Dior Detective Chic!

Now, make a SMART guess how many do I have?
*Hint: This comes in two shades.*

Thursday, 20 July 2006
Chewy's 23rd Birthday Blast!
Chewy celebrated her birthday at Costa Sands chalet, Pasir Ris and Zouk over the last two days (18th - 20th July 2006).

A picture says a thousand words.

These pictures must say a few hundred thousands then.

Happy Birthday, Chewy!!

If anyone agrees these pictures speak a few hundred thousand words, then you must really have sucked in Math. One Picture = One Thousand Words. Six Pictures = Six Thousand Words. Where the hell does the few hundred thousand words come from?

Sunday, 16 July 2006
This I Want!

Manolo BlahnikPatent leather peep-toe pump, US$535
Christmas is soon. This is on my wishlist! Anyone?

Monday, 10 July 2006
Another Horror Movie. Horrible Movie To Be Exact.
I was again forced to watch a horror movie a few days ago. It's Campus Ghost Stories. Now, the title really sends chills down your spine, no? The thing is I didn't get a say in the movie cos Chewy and Junyao made all the decisions on their own. Hmm...

Anyway, I was sitting on the edge of my seat for the first 45 minutes cos I was thinking the movie must be damn scary. I keep praying that I wouldn't scream cos my scream will definitely scare the hell of out everyone else.

After one hour into the show, I was getting restless. What the hell is wrong with the movie? The ghost stories don't happen on campus! DUH! Hellooooo!! If the title is CAMPUS ghost stories, it gotta happen on CAMPUS, no? AND the ghost stories are supposed to be horrifying, no? This one is horrible.

It was a complete waste of my time, money and energy. You two better refund me my money. But the thing is now, I can say I sat through an entire ghost story and I didn't scream. Level up. Yeah~

(Qiaojing, see! You're working and ain't got no time to accompany me, so I have fill my time with these lousy activities. Quit already!)

Friday, 07 July 2006
The 'No Life' Life
Qiaojing finally found a job and she has decided to embark on a new journey of her life. Together with Chewy and I, we went for a farewell dinner. Farewell to her life.

Now, Qiaojing will have a 'no life' life after she starts working. Qiaojing, please do not call me to ask me to go chill out k. I don't do no chilling out. And ever since Qiaojing started work on Tuesday, I feel so weird. Now, I cannot just call her anytime I like and say "Let's go swimming" or "Let's go eat ice cream". Even Chewy's too busy with tuition to keep me company. And now that I cannot go clubbing anymore, the 'no life' life is creeping up on me as well!


Will someone buy me a baby penguin to keep me company? I want a baby penguin!! I promise I won't feed Ah Boy to the baby penguin.

Sunday, 02 July 2006
Ladies and Gentlemen, I know I keep saying I have graduated. Now, it's offical! Convocation was on 1st July (that's yesterday). What a good way to start the month!

It's really weird that only four people from my class turned up. What's wrong with the rest? Don't they wanna go up and collect their hard-earned cert?

I'll have more pictures soon. I really need to get my a** moving and get those graduation show pics edited and uploaded.

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